Clown Virus; Hellenic Hell in Hellas

Alright, So, I’ve been mostly quiet on the Corona Virus shit ass, because I honestly don’t give a fuck and it’s a big scam. I had bigger fish to fry, but the amount of Scammy shit that comes out of Corona Virus shit is downright scummy, and that’s coming from me, a Scammer.

So, let’s cover some of the Hellenic Hell that’s going on over in Hellas or Greece for the Greco-Roman type English speakers.

First, let’s talk about Economic Violence;

Economic violence is violence committed to another through economic means. So if someone is dirt poor, and you were to deny them access to money by -idk- refusing to pay them, then they might miss out on a meal which is akin to monetary form of violence.

Likewise if you extort someone to force them into paying for shit they don’t need, resulting in them missing on rent or food, then that too is economic violence. Basically;

This is going to be important to keep in the back of your mind along with your vintage collection of My Little Pony dolls, your subtle insecurities, and the last person you want to fuck for sex purposes. So keep this in mind as we move along and talk about money, something I’m well versed in.

Knowing that, let’s go to Hellas

During the Plandemic bullshit, the government was providing free Covid tests and made it a requirement to go into public areas. Or more specifically ‘public closed spaces’. So anything that isn’t an essential business like a supermarket and a pharmacy or like a house.

You need Rapid test or a test to go to the bank, to go to the library, to enjoy non-essential living shits. The mighty politicians that be are trying to think of a way to block out supermarkets but they’re saying they “don’t know how to implement it”. I shit you not;

In August, the Government stopped paying for these Free Covid Tests,

Yet still in November, for the unvaccinated, they have to take a Covid Test 48 hours before going into public areas.

The cheapest Rapid Tests cost 10 Euros to perform.

(Which is great that the government cut the prices down from 40 euros)

There are some cases where rapid tests can go for 5 to 8 euros, but since we have a price fix, let’s assume that the government in it’s almighty prowess and knowledge correctly guessed the best price for the tests. You know, like an infallible government would. So we’re going to use 10 euros as the bench mark, because no-way would anyone charge exactly the highest amount they could.

Here’s reiteration. No free testing, and it’s going to cost you 10 euros a test;

Side track, a talk about pay and wages;

I get it, you probably speak in Petro-Debt-Dollars and not Euros, well here is the exchange rate for conceptualization;

Also, the average salary being ‘1,161 euros’ is a bit off from another stat;

Using this chart, you can extrapolate that a projected drop in Salary happened
Due to the 2020 lockdowns and loss of jobs, although this is speculation.
So really, the Median salary including everyone who lost their job
Would mean that the median Salary is a lot lower than ‘1,161 euros’

A good chunk of -say- a little more than a quarter of the people in Greece are hitting near that ‘poverty’ threshold;

Where half of NON-poor households report financial difficulty to cover expenses at the rate of 395 euros.

According to the article;

I don’t know the whole labor market or any of the real stats or data of Greece, but judging by some cursory glance, I can tell you that the statisticians are lying or someone is fucking lying and that things are not as great as they say they are. Idk, I stopped caring.

Back to Clown virus Testing;

Although the official requirment from the Govy Bich bois is 2 tests a week, other private establishments require a test in the past 48 hours. Because private businesses place buffers before violating Government mandates, so expect 3 or more tests a week;

They even have apps and ‘disease certificates’ to make life harder in this shit-ciety;

If we were to assume that you were to travel in public areas to go into test required areas seven days a week, then you would need to test about 3 or 4 times a week.

So about 30 or 40 euros a week, or 70 euros for two weeks (if we round out the math), or 140 euros a month. Which can also end up being 160 euros if you happen to land on the wrong day.

The minimum wage in Greece is about 400 Euros after taxes, so, uh, you’d be spending around a third or half your month’s pay on Covid Tests if you’re unvaccinated. Not including groceries, food, water, rent, extra scams, etc.

Which Means Economic Violence to force you into getting vaccinated,

So get Vaccinated?

What, why?

Here’s a fact, the vaccine doesn’t prevent someone from getting or spreading Covid. . .

So, why is the law so hell bent on fucking over the Unvaccinated when really everyone should be getting tested regardless?

Unless -of course- it’s all a scam to push people into getting vaccinated ‘for their own good’ and ‘against their will’ while also ‘violating their individual liberties and freedoms’ all to ‘build back better great reset’ bullshit.

Hence, Clown Virus.

I mean,

Do we really want digital apps to decide who and what is allowed to do who and what?

This is some draconic piece of shit future where you won’t be allowed to be free to be dumb. That’s strictly a shitty thing and violates Human Rights that have traditionally been one of the only few perks of the Western Civilization.

You know, Liberties, Democracy, Freedoms,

Shit like that, it’s obviously going to go down a dark path, a really dark path,

Speaking of dark paths,

Here’s online tweets about this;

Random hot takes;

In September, apparently there were some violent riots;

Also, here’s some police brutality for your enjoyment since we need the other side of the ‘protests’;

A jab at the EU Commission
by some bot sounding name, must be a good source

Here’s a story from my friend living through this shit right now;

This sparked the whole article, The Clown Virus,

My friend then went onto a rant about leftists being retarded or just a straw man of society seeming as how the riots and protests of the George Floyd Movement gained more traction yet ‘The days of 17N are long gone’ or something. Something about the Community suffering but the politicians and the Big Corporations remaining unscathed due to ideologies like ‘Black Lives Matter in Greece’ without goals or objective measures. You know, fucking over local mom and pop shops or something. Again, I’m not enstaunched in Greek Politikos or any of that, all I know is this Clown Virus is fucking up entire societies due to policy making, and it’s not just Greece.

When the Pen kills more than the Virus.

Does that Sound like a Hellenic Hell in Hellas?

It does to Me

In Closing,

Greece is getting fucked by the Clown Virus, the Policies and policy making of this shit. They also have a shitty and corrupt government, and their economy is consistently being trashed and pilfered. A lot of retards in power are in a scarcity mindset and it shows.

Anyone who understands Obesity Death rates/tolls and Recent 2020 Flu Season Data would be able to tell you that Corona Virus is a Scam.

Regardless of how many people die more due to car accidents or preventable lifestyle choices, we’re making swathes of policy changes in which we really demonstrate to the people that the ‘Pen is mightier’ as more succumb to debt, death, and further economic violence that reaps and sows more lives and generations in tow.

So, uh, it’s a scam bro. Just look at the world governments and the policies, and tell me that any of that genuinely makes sense. Well, hey, don’t worry, we just need to get over these two weeks to flatten the curve and rewrite definitions in dictionaries and we’ll be good to never return to normal, because we have a new normal now.

*Not Valid, Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

Side Note;

Outside of this article, I Hate the EU, the European Union,

And it is a scam. That is all.

Perhaps I’ll dig into it, but this world is all kinds of fucked to begin with, lmao.

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