World Food Program is a joke

That’s my opinion, I actually decided to take time away from slaying a Demi-God with Apostacy to type this shit up, so enjoy the hot takes. Here are earlier works about the WFP and Lord Elon from Oldest at top to newest on bottom to the even newer shit below that;

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So, the last thing I posted said that the WFP would have a detailed official plan out later, so I kept one eye open squinting like an Asian Gook and came to the conclusion that the WFP is indeed a joke.

So much for ‘Extensive detailed plan to follow in days ahead’

What ended up getting posted is this;

There were links to ‘plans’ and this was to demonstrate ‘accountability and transparency’. . .

Which was just a reiteration of their shitty ‘plan’ from earlier;

All they talk about is buying food, and some form of equivalents, and how much of the money will go into only Those Two Things. That’s from me pouring through their shitty opaque ‘transparency’.

I mean, if you reported this ‘plan’ to a budgeting committee for a small business, they’d be like what the fuck? Like how much of this money is going to actual things that can help the poor, like advertising to help the poor, and paying for shirts made of child labor to sell to people thinking they’re helping the poor?

How much money is going into packaging? Aire fare? Gas Fees? Education?

No receipts, no justification, no analysis. Not even an estimate on how much coffee mugs they’ll buy or how many more first class tickets they’ll spend on their Directors and other high ranking members. Nope, none of that extra info.

I mean, come on, really?

You’re telling me there are no receipts or international tax standards of accounting present and available to justify expenditures when it comes to actually helping save people? Like how long have you been running this organization to not be able to audit your own practices and standards to the ability or degree of itemization of departments or entire operations in smaller amounts than millions of fucking dollars?

Like anything more finite than a couple million dollars from the previous years? What a shitty track record.

They even Reposted the same exact thing;

Their so called ‘plan’ was basically a one page sheet saying how many billions of dollars would be divvied up per country. It was completely shit.

Here is the picture magnified;


Eh, I stopped caring about other people’s opinions, because let’s face it, WFP doesn’t have a plan and doesn’t intend to solve World Hunger.

Also, apparently people are gullible into thinking that WFP isn’t grifting or Scamming people. I mean, why would anyone self proclaim themselves as a ‘World’ Organization and then under deliver on fighting starvation while also awarding themselves with a very opaque cycle of money movements?

It’s almost like some people have never been scammed before, and it shows.

Also, Hello Poverty Porn?

They literally use poster children and pictures to guilt people into appealing to their Emotions;

If you don’t know what poverty porn is, then check out this shit post;
People love the Poors

You’re a cunt (allegedly for legal purposes) for trying to take advantage of people touting a ‘plan’ to save said people and then providing a copy-pasta.

Which essentially means that you said ‘here are some poor starving people that we’re going to let die because we can’t make a plan’.

Sweet Grifters Jesus.

In Closing,

The WFP is a Joke.

I wouldn’t donate or support this Joke, it’s not even worth laughing at. There are better starving artists (comedians) than this.

Don’t support these clowns, obviously they don’t care if people are really starving and dying because they can comfortably enjoy luxuries and pat themselves on the back as people die for their inability to crunch. Some. Fucking. Numbers.

Maybe next time, don’t talk so loud and be more transparent with the numbers, yeah?

In the end, we in our society, are bantering and debating on helping people. Welcome to the richness of the first world where we can openly mock and decide on other people’s suffering from the comfort of our homes or at the touch of our finger tips. I mean, should we give this money to scammers that are going to take it and run? Or perhaps there’s some better solution? Hmmmmm.

Or say fuck it and we all die eventually?

I guess that works too,

business as usual.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice


Please prove me wrong, I don’t want the WFP to be a joke and a sham. Turns out, Starving children and poverty isn’t really something I actually want. Obligatory, Lmayo, as always.

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