UN talks smack to Lord Elon

So this twitter thread exists, in which a UN director talks about How Elon Musk could solve world hunger or some shit.

Because an endless war on hunger is ‘solvable’ with a one time solution. Yep. Totally makes sense.

If we disregard the above, here is the twitter exchange;

So Lord Elon is willing to Solve World Hunger based on the UN making up some numbers, of course there’s a catch though;

The UN has to be open and honest in proving how they could ‘Solve World Hunger’ For 6 Billy. (If we call Millions Milly or Milli, then Billions would be Billy, right?)

Anyways, this obviously won’t go well,

I was the 555th Like-er,
5 in Thai is ‘ha’
So 555 = hahaha

But Let’s focus on something important in the original post,

A Story in three parts;

Update; WFP Damage control

Several hours after posting this article, I find that the WFP Director has been doing some damage control, this guy;

Says this in response to the original tweet;

Saying that the headline is not accurate;

And says something about assurance;

But this guy doesn’t want to post such ‘Transparency and Open Source Accounting’ on a twitter thread, instead he wants to meet in person to talk.

“The Governments are tapped out, This is why and this is when, Billionaires need to step up now on a one time basis of 6 billion dollars to help 42 million people that are literally going to die if we don’t reach them. It’s not complicated” -WFP Director

Shame the Rich for having a Space Race
Whine on CNN demanding several billion
Because demanding BILLIONS
is reasonable
Yea, let’s talk shame the rich
and use a photo of Poor people that are hungry,
No Shame in exploitation of Poverty Porn.
A critical Wealthist
Dunking on the Rich for getting Richer

Because Net Worth is always realized gains and assets that just sit in a treasure room providing absolute no benefit to economy or society being Definitely locked up liquidity and totally removed from the real economy.

Wow, the world is retarded, great.

Yea, this guy is just virtue signaling and dunking on people. Could he actually be saving people? Maybe. But if he is unwilling to show the proof of work and ‘Step up‘ by posting the math on Twitter, then I don’t trust whiney Guy;

Condescending words, much?

Well, whatever happens. If there is no maff on Twitter than this is a shit show for WFP, and a Win for Lord Elon in proving corruption or lack of accountability (for literally lacking transparent accounting).

If there is maff on Twitter than it’s a win-win for both Lord Elon and WFP and about 42 million starving people.

And let me say, as a Scammer myself, you don’t just freely give money for someone to do good in the expectations that someone will do what you want. Turns out, that’s one of the oldest scams in the book, sell you a promise, for an advanced fee scam.

Update Again, After a few more hours;

The comments responding to WFP’s Director’s Response;

Are savage;

And also this guy is whining (again);

But Let’s focus on the public opinion after a day’s worth of stewing in the Twitter cesspool;

Almost 300k likes compared to about 10k likes in response. I guess when Rich people call someone on a $6 BILLION dollar bluff, turns out, the World Organizations are the one’s holding the shit hand.

Huh, who woulda thunk?

In Closing

I personally dislike with great disdain and lament and animosity and vehement and furious frustrations of a greener shade, the idea and concept of the United Nations. The World ______ <— Insert shit phrase like Economic Forum or Bank or etc.

I hate most global organizations, especially ones that claim that their doing ‘good’ or ‘ending poverty’ or ‘world peace’ or some other shit. They just run a leeching vig collection scheme by parasitically redistributing the Wealth of Nations, so like International-socialism for nations but worse because they suck.

That’s just me on a personal note, and I haven’t fully expressed why I would come to feel that way to you, the reader. So you kind of have to take my word for it or think that I’m being unreasonable.

In other words, ciao,

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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