UN’s WFP ‘plan’ for Lord Elon

So, some shit went down where a guber-international pseudo government has a director talking smack to a billionaire. Great.

Anyways, this is hopefully the final update in the debacle, I doubt it. But here is Part 1 and Part 2 of this -so far, three part series.


The WFP director replied to his comments on November 2nd and followed up with a ‘plan’ to utilize the 6.6 Billion dollars.

To which the director then continued with simple math and a ‘simple snapshot of plan’;

Lmao, if I show you my plan on how a hundred bucks will solve world hunger, would you give me $100?

Here’s my plan;

1 (me) x $100(your money) = $100

That’s what that math looks like, real shitty.

Also to note, he states that an “Extensive detailed plan to follow in days ahead” Well, okay then?

If you click on the ‘plan’

It goes to this page;

and it turns out-

The plan is shit;

It consists of two tables, one table saying 42 million people need food;

And another table saying how much money will go to the top ten countries in need;

(IPC phase 4 means people)

Yup, 2/3rd of the donation goes to food, 1/3rd goes to Cash and Vouchers. . .

So that table concludes that a broad unit of ‘Food’ will be used to provide this model and methodology. Such a great plan.

Two Fucking tables, for 6 Billion dollars. . .

Holy fucking shit, I can make 4 tables with vague numbers and shit not being explained. Nor how the pricing and actual logistics of anything goes down to the people. I deserve to have $13 Billion dollars for my potential.

Look, this is obviously retarded and not a real plan of any substance other than, “we take money”, “here is number of people who need food”, and “here is money and food given to number of people”.


You’re on a quick track to fucking up a real $6 Billion dollar contribution to help 42 Million people.

The plan is also manipulative in writing;

And it has some shit word choice; which is basically guilt tripping idiots with low Emotional Quotients to fall for a Guilt Scam.

“Do NOT FORCE US to make that choice.”

There is no force, literally just provide the plan with how things work and how much money goes where. Literally, that’s all you need to do.

Don’t cop out by saying “there’s ten years of open books”, just provide the plan.

“I look forward to showing you how we do it. Maybe you can show us how to do it better.”- WFP Director

*WFP Director Then proceeds not to post a Detailed Plan on Twitter.*

Lmao, this fucking clown world is never-ending in entertainment.

The Nobel thing;

They try to brag about being Nobel Laureates. . .

“There is a reason why we are Nobel laureates” Like, you’re going to tell the RICHEST person in the world that heads Three innovative Revolutionary Promethean Technology Companies that have revolutionized and revamp Electric cars, Boring Literal Fricken Holes in the Earth for transportation and logistics efficiency, and Privatized Space Travel resulting in a bunch of people reigniting their interests in space exploration and giving a goal post for people?

Great Lord Elon also is in charge of some scary AI tech-neaural-link and some Star Link Satellite system that gives ISPs and governments a run for their money, while also theorizing the promise of Wifi for almost the entire world. That’s beyond philanthropic as fuck. Imagine that, affordable wifi for everyone? (if it happens, of course).

He was also involved in the Pay Pal mafia which revolutionized online payment systems and transactions.

But yea, let’s talk about ‘Nobel laureates’ like it’s better than this guy whose revolutionized humanity and made a lot of money from it.

Also, side note, Lord Elon fucked over a good deal of Wall Street Greedy Hedge Funds and other idiots through Tactically utilizing market equity and short exposure and other things with regards to Tesla. This is just a side note. I’ll write an article on it later, it’s pretty devastating in terms of financial damage, that’s why Tesla is evaluated at the price it is to this day.

Here is the peanut gallery;

To the whole WFP Director’s ‘simple plan’

Time for me, an Idiot, to audit the WFP;

“So are our independent evaluation reports, audits & annual global/country performance reports. The last 10 years are all on http://wfp.org. Feel free to look them up – we’re an open book.”

Okay, first off, a direct link to their website to say it’s an audit is fucking shit.

In a legal proceeding, the discovery portion won’t have someone just say ‘Search us all’.

Because that’s retarded and rude. The least this Director could do, is link to the actual audits.

So minus ten points off the bat, anyways I did digging and found some random audits.

I found this;

Which has a One Page section on WFP’s Financial Framework;

You don’t have to read, just skip this if you want.

Literally one page, saying that each country will have it’s own CPB (Country Portfolio budget). . .

Literally one page, for a financial framework plan.

I literally want you to know that it’s one page.

So now I have to dig for some CPB bullshit.

Well, what the fuck man? No CPB?

This is how I felt after hitting “search” and seeing the results;

Okay, let’s search CSP instead, because Fuck the Framework plan. . . I found some results, now I’m going to select the most afflicted country per the Second table of the ‘plan’, DR Congo.

Here is the Congo Country Strategic Plan;


The Revised budget had;
620,115 beneficiaries
155,141,059 Total Cost
112 million of the Total Cost was in Transfers
and 23 Million of the Total Cost was in implementation.

There were a bunch of numbers in a very small report, saying food per day break down and some other stuff.

Sure, easily spoofable and made up numbers with no other primary reports, no monthly or quarterly addages. They just revised their plan to raise total costs and shit by a lot, and a lot of footnotes explaining other things and reasons.

There’s a lot of big numbers, but we don’t see receipts, payroll, or assets or any of those relevant Tax reporting documents. So I don’t trust any of the quackery. Because I can write down numbers in a report and post it on a website. Here, 24, 526, and 204. Now you can trust me because numbers on a report on a website. (Semantically articles are reports)

I’m not going to look further, because I’m bored, and until we have the Real Budget, then it’s not transparent or true.

But that’s just me, an idiot.

Also, WFP has a US entity that basically just Wires Money From the US entity to the Global Entity.

Idk where or how that money is actually being put to use, since we don’t have a global accounting standard that keeps the UN and WFP honest with truth and transparency. So for all I know, the US entity of WFP is laundering US monies to pad investment accounts offshore by using foreign aide as an excuse.

That’s what I’m guessing. There’s no proof to prove they are or aren’t. . . Which is a pretty big deal.

Also, Instead of making a real plan and budget, WFP Director goes on CNN;


And the comments are lit;

They called this guy a Shyster, lmao. That’s quite the lingo, and that’s coming from me, a swaggy huckster borne a dollah short.

Some updates, Nov 4, a day later

Someone was able to access executive side of WFP to get their breakdown;

This shows that about 50% goes into Food and Cash based transfer, but what are cash transfers really? Idk;

Or about 25% goes to Food.

About 1.4 billion goes to ‘Other expenses’

And 1.5 billion goes to Employee costs;

It’s always clearly evident that when you deal with large sums of money, the saying ‘every penny counts’ really applies.

Because the pennies for this is in the MILLIONS.

So, ‘million pinching’ is what the level of scrutiny anyone should give to any charity.

Anyway, this lady is running for some UN seat or something and has some juicy dirt saying hte same thing but with the other organizations beyond WFP;

Also, this comment made me chuckle;

I mean, you got a point my dood,
How do you have surplus with people still dying?
And 850 Million Dollars is quite the surplus

Well, with this new information, I now feel confident into saying that the WFP and UN and other org bois are full of shit and a scam.

Also a meme recapping things for your troubles;

In Closing,

This isn’t even my article on why the UN or WFP is a scam,

This is literally a banter shit post about something that is occurring. Just my take on a completely ridiculous shit post by a World Government Organization.

And I want you to know, as someone that can spot scams a mile away, Everything is a scam. Especially these pseudo governments.

Hopefully the WFP actually posts a transparent budget instead of providing fan service on CNN or making shit tables in hopes of $6 Billion dollars. You know, for the 42 million people or so to feed to ‘Solve world hunger’ or whatever.

But why hope when you know, it’s not a safe bet?

I am going to do what I always do, stop caring,


*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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