Lord Elon Claps Back at the UN

So, I’ve made some updates about the post in regards to the UN talkin Smack to Lord Elon. This post is the primer, to move forward, so if you want to read in chronological order, read dat, and den dis.


Lord Elon posted this;

A Tweet in response to the WFP Director of the UN,

That link goes to an article that was about this;

a 2015 article detailing a memo/report of sexual abuse

And this report is real, why do I know that? Because the Whistleblower who reported it got suspended before then getting exonerated;

Source for sad read
Honestly it has a bunch of details

The UN’s Response was repeatedly “condemned his actions, insisting that he had breached protocols by sharing a secret internal document”

So let me get this straight, the United Nations have Organizations posed to deliver food, then rapes and sexually abuses poor, hungry, and starving populations for a quid-pro-quo on food? I would make a Cock-Meat-Sandwich joke, but It’s not appropriate because the UN is performing some sort of clandestine sanctioned pedophilia by protecting the ‘secret internal document’ of child sex abuse.

I mean, what the fuck is this global organization? Is this the UN or the Roman Catholic Church?




Interestingly enough, other people came out to post their findings on that twitter thread;

The Comment thread is gettin’ lit;

But wait, there’s more!

One even talks about the WHO;

What does the World Health Organization have to do with the United Nations???

Yea, so turns out the Globalists are all in bed with *drumroll* Globalists;

Here’s a dank meme from the comment thread;

Consider this an eye bleach for your soul, seeing as you might have stumbled upon the realization that there may or may not be a real global organization of pseudo-meta-governments running human trafficking and child sex slavery or something.

Basically this is how the WFP Director sounds like when he can’t provide a true and transparent ledger of accounting on how to ‘Solve World Hunger’ For 42 million people on a public forum such as Twitter for ALL to see.

And here is the story in four parts;

Update November 3rd, 2021;

Not shit has happened, but crickets from the UN and WFP. Maybe we give them a month or two to fudge their numbers and cook the books?

Correction, they just posted some shit about 50 minutes ago. So, uh, ‘something’ is out there.

In Closing,

I don’t know about you, -like, I don’t. No lie.

But we need more Billionaires like Elon Musk holding actual shit organizations more accountable.

I would say that Lord Elon has done more net good considering and admitting any plausible ‘bad’ he might have done other than anything else,

I mean, he literally donated Ventilators after jerry-rigging a Tesla Factory to produce Ventilators for Medical Doctors during the initial inception of the Corona Virus Pandemic. Kind of like the Factory Conversions during the war efforts of World War 1 and 2 but against the ‘War on Germs’ or Disease or whatever slogan tag line that the idiots proclaim is the new ‘bad’.

And I say ‘the idiots’ because the ones that claim it are these global pseudo Government organizations, like WHO, UN, WFP, WB, WEF, etc.

I’ll give you a pro tip, if it has ‘World’ in it’s name, it’s most definitely a scam,

And because these ‘world orgs’ are collecting a vig from the constituent governments, that means they are tax payer funded, that means you are paying into it. Meaning that your tax monies are helping child trafficking and sexual exploitation of poverty riddled populations.

And you want Billionaires to pay taxes, huh, (You Boot Licker)

What a Not so Safe Bet after all,

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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