People love the Poors

I’m here to introduce to you, a possibly shitty thing in our narcissistic society, and you should love it too!

I’m talking about Poverty Porn.

Where a bunch of not-struggling-to-survive people donate generously to a bunch of struggling-to-survive people.

God Bless Humanity,

See, these videos and movies have a feeling of ‘all is well in the world’ and ‘gives me hope’ and shit like that. It’s really perverted in the view of grace, for you to have to record your acts of kindness, for a bunch of internet strangers to be inspired by good things, to then themselves think about the world in a good way.

Totally gross.

It’s like that one Biblical saying? Jerk off with one hand as the other watches? Something like that with regards to charity, so our society is totally following that book club. lmao.

And I’m not talking about;

Videos where some girl with half a box of mox gets asked to do porn for cash,

That’s a different type of porn.

No, I’m not talking about Strippers dancing for Single. Dollar. Bills.

Nor am I talking about tipping Struggling Only Fans Just. Five. Dollars. when they struggle to get any views or content.

No I’m not talking about Jerking it off to Poor People,

I’m not talking about People Dying from Poverty
Nor the Pulitzer that was awarded for this photo

And No, I’m not talking about Wage Cucks in Society selling their time, body, and some cases, their soul to make money in this society of Money-focused and hungry loons.

Oh wait,

I am talking about that last one, let’s look at some wage cucks, wagies, and Work-Simp-Chimps as they get gifts that make them happy,

It’s like a puppy video, you feel good for the puppy in it’s cuteness, but no one ever wants an ‘old dog’. Yea, that’s the level of narcissistic society that we breed.

You know, like youtubers that gives food to a homeless person but MAKES SURE to film it and talk about how good of a person they are.

Like a haircut for free. Either you get a video and a picture or it didn’t happen;

Here’s some comments about the video above;

Hell, in some cases, People even Gaslight the unsuspecting person into Believing in God (another Scam in my opinion).

Which, I mean, if God did do it, then It’s not gas lighting, but I can’t prove either or . . . So. . .

Point is, We’ve turned ‘Charity’ and gifts into a ‘Prank’. A one off thing of an act of kindness to record on camera and spread to stroke our own ego and make society tricked into thinking it’s great.

Like a hidden camera show.

“It’s just a prank” bro, became “It’s just charity bro

Instead of addressing the real problems in society and trying to make things better for everyone through concerted efforts of sociological policies and discussion. Like, do people even want help?

All we’re doing is making people happy through material means for a bunch of likes and comments through a polaroid filter that we can obsess over as we struggle with faux-anxiety, depression, and ADHDHDHDHD because ‘Woe is me’ but ‘happy cuz help da poor’.

I guess Matter over Mind, am I right?

Some influencers are getting Called out for the Narcissistic attention seeking ‘stunts’

Yea, because a Charity Stunt is just that, a stunt.


She was Mad Flexing;

Some influencers just mad flex money to people, looking for them with disabilities and other factors,

All to peddle a Ponzi Scam like this guy;

This ‘Influencer’ is a known Scammer

Peddling money to scam people into his clickbait funnel, that is, well, Definitely Clickbait.

Also, some of these people are known scammers;

Faze whatever, Scammers and pathetic

People are starting to question the morality of this type of shit;


We had a thing back in the day,

We called Wage-cucks ‘Serfs’ because they serf-viced people

Serfs serve and provide service, that’s the orgin of the word, it’s rooted in slavery, lmao

Back then, we had something called Noblesse Oblige too.

Noblesse Oblige;

Back in the day, we had a system where the Lords had to take care of their people, it was an act of being Noble, Leadership, and they would be loyal and do the things necessary to make the lands prosperous.

Well, As a Duke, I’m here to tell you in all my Venetian Jarl-Banal-Baron-Anal glory, that this got a bit obscured along the way. (Ha, anal glory, that’s a great word combo),

The kin of a bunch of strong men, were themselves, weak. It was disgusting, and now we have a bunch of spoiled and conniving children that became nobles and aristocrats, SNOBles, these child snobs ran amok and shit and shat and pissed and moaned on society while leveraging trust and faith in their forefathers and taxed the Sun to the ground, hence ‘the sky is falling’.

All of these Snobs whom play a glorified game of ‘he said’ and ‘she said’ in order to get social points. This was called ‘politics’. I forgot where I’m going, but Charity and giving generously while looking noble and something, were Social Stunts, so the Nobles would do deeds in full awareness to cash in on social credit points to get the people on their side. Winning the crowd as the Romans would say.

So Noblesse Oblige is also the Rich Equivalent of Poverty Porn.

The ultra rich at least have some decency to do things in private.

They usually fly out a lotta glammour gals or models to show up at their mansion, sign a voluntary contract, and do a sort of mini fear factor and gambling degeneracy where girls will sort of stake themselves for the one true currency.


Sounds a lot like that hit show;

Games usually don’t include death, but do include some actual fun like a money tornado, swimming in a money pool, and all sorts of other money related gimmicks and games.

But posting poverty porn on the internet? have you no shame? Atleast try a little conservatism, sheesh. Cover up why don’t you? At least, that’s what I imagine the Rich people saying as they drink from their crystal Champagne before throwing the bottle out because your online degeneracy ruined their taste buds.


The new style poverty porn is like amateur porn when it comes to the fine exquisite taste of rich-fucks-enjoying-money.

Who cares, I was born a dollar short.

I mean,

Do you really want a Pestilent army of Saints?

Do you know how insufferable being near TWO Saints at one time is?

Like, if everyone was a real Saint, then who the fuck would be the person that ‘wasnt’ a saint?

Would they be a demon for being an average joe?

And what about the poor people, can Saintly People DECIDE to be poor, instead?

What I’m trying to say is, Saints aren’t all high and haughty as you think they should be.

I forgot where I’m going so let’s degenerate my jokes into a shitty 90’s standup Comic routine where I talk about hungry kids in Africa because Americans are too dumb and uncultured (having never left their god damned Country) to understand what the fuck is actually going on in Africa. Nor do they understand the RICH Culture of Africa. Whatever.

*insert Ethiopia Joke here*

Don’t forget about the O.G. in Poverty Porn;

Using suffering to appeal to the empathy in others to have you fork over your money for ‘little tommy’ or whatever;

UNICEF, another Scam
TLDR, they are performing a Genophage
While also performing ‘Comprehensive Sexuality Education’
To brain wash people to not-fuck and reproduce
Because, money or resources or stop-being-poor

The O.G.s

You can feel morally high as you donate and Adopt another human through fiscal shits.

It’s sort of Like the hand jibbers of Poverty Porn, where you can distantly feel good about stroking your ego as you pay some shitty Ponzi Promise while moving about your day thinking that you’re a saint or holier than your local beggar down the street because it’s all a Ruse. You have been in a secret competition for who is a better person, and you just happen to compare yourself with locals less fortunate than you, all of course without letting them in-the-know on the game, yet you still brag a smug smile as your smell your flatulency and talk with your eyes closed.

Really Smooth brained move there Karen.

Any ways there are lots of Critiques have been made regarding this type of shit, but, oh-well.

It’s just all Charity used to grapple your emotions and appeal to your pathos to get you to throw your wallet for Good-hearted-deed-Simpry that you simp for like a pair of feet pics. You want the world to be better but through some objectifiable distant means. After all, why get your hands dirty?

Ew, ‘I want to help those less fortunate but not if I have to touch em and especially if I have to Look at them’ -You probably

Here’s another look at our society;

We treat our fellow man as if some uncaged wild animal, to pose pictures with, goad, and even interact for our own entertainment. These people below aren’t even providing charity. They’re just enjoying the suffering.

I mean, look at these people posing in front of other people, as if to objectify their poverty and/or situation;

Honestly, Posing a picture and being rude to a Homeless person is shitty, but it isn’t the level of depraved that affects me. No.

You have to understand, being homeless means you get treated less than human. Sub-Human. That’s just the nature of our Society’s Moral Phisnomy, the ‘Lookism’.

Meaning that you’re not protected by the society or ‘the system’ as much as people think they are.

You see, people go missing, and there are groups of people that target homeless people, specifically homeless people that aren’t in a community or shanty.

With no one who knows about you, with a society that turns a blind eye, would anyone even miss you?

So, posing pictures next to the homeless, is not as bad as what can happen.

Trust me,

It’s a lot worse.

In Closing,

Don’t you worry your sweet little head, I’m definitely going to Purgatory, and possibly-maybe Hell, I bought reservations but they said something about not being a ‘real reservation’. So that’s a scam. I’m saying this so You don’t have to hate me. But also Hate me, please, do, it’ll make me feel better.

I will concede that Poverty Porn seems to do almost a Net Good to society, far much better than those shitty non-profit charities that collect money but don’t actually devote themselves to real charity.

So, you know, I’ll let this porn slide.

Who am I to say any of that?

Uh, the guy writing this article, you know, the one you’re reading. That’s like the whole point of opinion shit-posts, it’s for me to make up stuff, and for you to be conned, -I mean, CONvinced that I am saying the truth.

Well, I’m sorta speaking my truth,

Anyways, I look forward to Poverty Porn creating Money Simps and the future deGENERates practicing GENERosity,

Until we realize “Working for Tips is basically Panhandling with Labor”,

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice.

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