I didn’t call it Richism, because that would be akin to calling it Poorism. One-sidedly, the language we use ascribes a specific descriptor if we call one Rich or Poor. So instead of calling it one side of the wealth spectrum, I call it Wealthism to incorporate both rich and poor.

Much like Racism isn’t called Blackism, Yellowism, Redism, or Whitism.

Wealthism is more succinct. So ‘Wealthism’ it is, because Wealth is on a spectrum like any Autistic Spectrumites. Think of it like Economic-ism and hating Economies, that’s the right way to do things. I know, because I’m -obviously- an economist.

This is a philosophical shit post about finance and spirituality and other things that coherently make sense, maybe- probably not.

So, let us begin,

People shout and chant stupid mantras “eat the rich” or “starve the poor” when they really are just pointing fingers at eachother. Humans being dumb to other humans, like apes flinging poop inside their matrixed cage at the intergalactic-temporal zoo. Silly monkeys flinging word salads and dead slogans.

You can either blame the system or the person. It’s the system’s fault that we failed this person. That’s why they are homeless and poor. You rarely hear people blaming the system to make people rich. Not often would you say; It’s the system’s fault for the rich being rich. Mainly because we view being rich as a good thing, or getting rich, and then apparently you can be too rich and then people are spiteful about you being ‘filthy rich’. As if people aren’t ‘piss poor’.

Well systemically, people who game the system tend to be rich. So to a degree, the system is sort of at fault for allowing people to ascend ‘the matrix’ and become ‘masters’ in their own right. But that’s ascension finance and those discussions are topics for a later date. Point is, when someone uses the system to get rich, people ‘cry foul’ and say that the people abused the system.

People can blame the person for being poor or being rich. That person’s poor for doing drugs and spending his money on booze. That person’s rich for making business deals, embezzling funds, and insider trading.

Turns out, you don’t have to be rich or poor to do a fuck-ton of drugs. It just really helps to be rich. But a druggie is a druggie, with or without a bank account.

So when you’re poor, it’s the system’s fault, and when you’re rich, it’s the people’s fault. That’s the basic takeaway, the one-sided doomerism. Yea, I can’t make it any more retarded if I tried. People feel as if they have some pseudo sense of self-empathy when they donate to charities that launder their money into hedgefunds to gamble in the Stock Market for marginal gains. Yea, as if those hungry children in *Insert every continent except Africa* are seeing a lick of your alms you shill.

Turns out, every continent in the world has starving children. So let’s stop painting Africa like some backwards slums of the World.

You also need to understand that,

Rich people have Rich people problems and they live a lot more of an empty life too. I mean, look at this picture of a Billionaire;

It’s lonely at the top of a mountain
Just as it’s lonely at the bottom of the street lights

I mean, often times during a revolution, the rich people are blamed and hunted like they’re witches that discovered promethean technology. Burned. Ask any French person or any failed-state. They always resort to killing entire generations of wealth and families, because innocent children are also to blame simply for being dealt a good hand. It really sounds like revolutionary people are sore losers.

As a side note, the amount of people that parade being a progressive rich liberal while being a closeted conservative preaching about social justice on their yachts while being disconnected from the working class, is disgustingly high. These guys aren’t even rich, they’re insufferable. So just know that there’s a group of losers that are neither rich nor poor, and they suck.

Rich people have yacht problems and trust issues, poor people have food problems and trust issues. Just because you can’t empathize with someone’s enjoyment doesn’t mean that their problems are some how qualifiers for them to be lesser than you. You don’t have food or yacht problems? Then why would you rub their suffering in their face? You think that your suffering is greater? I didn’t know it was a competition you dumb-cunt.

Slaves who compare their chains to see whose is dirtier or who worked harder are slaves to the end.

Wake up you cunt.

Trust is always an issue. Who can you trust when they’re always after your money and your stuff? That applies to both the rich and poor, turns out, there’s no honor among thieves. Speaking of which, this article is a mugging, now give me all your money in internet shit coins, and throw them in the bag. Do it before I call the police. . .

*Noises of you getting mugged*

Anyways, so I was saying was-

I’ve written on how ‘middle class’ retards joke and parade over homeless people. Society at large is largely fucked, and it’s disgusting how we ‘humans’ commit monstrosities towards both the Rich and the Poor. Rich people treat poor people and humans like replaceable cogs, or hunting things for ‘game’ or ‘sport’. Poor people are sort of just in a shit end of the spectrum, getting shat on by rich, middle class, and other poor people.

I mean, we Americans make memes about first world problems. We make memes and jokes about not having Wifi spread all over our house, or being upset that we don’t have the latest iPhone. Our internal feeling of inferiority only perpetuates the existence and idea of Wealthism through a scarcity mindset. You really think you’re not good enough just because of the zeroes in your bank account?

If you’re American, chances are, you’re in the top 10% of the world. Yea, let that sink in. You rich cunt.

We also treat ‘survival’ as a TV Drama show for our entertainment. Like don’t pretend and put on pretenses that you’re not richer than others or poorer than others just because different things morally disgust you and you take offense personally.

As enlightened beings, if you’re gonna hate.

Hate everybody.

Hate the rich and the poor.

Hate them equally.

Why would you look at someone different because they decided to live on a cardboard box on a yacht? You should do what I do, and disparagingly give them glances of disapproval muddled with disgust. It’s the cynical way to equally seeing both as trash.

See, it’s a problem to be Wealthist;

Alienating the rich or poor. Seeing people as a ‘them’ or an ‘other’ is dehumanizing and can lead to very bad outcomes. If we resent the rich (or the poor) it says a lot more about us than about them.

It’s writing off people that you don’t even know. It’s judgy and prejudicial.

You, yourself, are inhabiting some part of the ivory/ebony tower of wealth. You’re higher on the totem pole than others and lesser than others as well. To hate the people above is to hate the people below, and to hate the people below is to hate the people above. It’s like hating the tower inhabitants for being on the spectrum of wealth. You’d only end up hating everyone and especially yourself.

How many people have you helped out because they were in dire need? How often were you in dire need yourself? Have you reciprocated true wealth? Do you even know the struggles of your neighbors? Yea, you’re isolated in your single story ivory tower by those paper thin apartment walls you call a “home”. That just acts as a enlarged pod to become a placated prison for the silly machinations of revolutions that some Federal Agent is getting a pay raise for inciting. You’re probably not amounting to much by being disconnected from the harsh realities of the world, the elements, and especially the elements of truth.

You know your own pain and suffering yet you deny others theirs’.

The Trees are screaming and the people hum a silent tune casting their cries for “help” in a breathless voice, yet you walk as if it’s the buzzing of a fly in the background. A tender annoyance. Cute, real cute.

I mean, do you even personally know anyone who is in the top 1% of the world?


Do you even personally know anyone who is in the bottom 1% of the world?


So you don’t know fuck about shit.

Turns out, you don’t know shit about “the rich” or “the poor”. So labeling them as an “other” IS IN FACT, Dehumanizing them and making you out to be a spiritual little bitch. Stop saying “them” as if you can lump a bunch of humans into some monolithic enterprise. As if you think you are so justly able to say ALL X people are bad and deserve to die or should be forced to have money from government hand outs.

It’s Wealthist as fuck.

How can you talk so ill about some people or issue that you are so far disconnected from? Why do you have such infinite hate to complain yet you don’t use this Hulk-like energy to actually put your world in order? Like how are you giving a fuck about minutia things from around the world over people you don’t know and people you’ve never met, yet you do not help out those above and those below?

Like you really care about random strangers? Doubt it. What, you’re going to start giving a shit about Ukranians? Albanians? You actually give a shit about random human beings from around the world all while your neighbors die and homeless die in the streets in your nearest city? Where was your care to help real humans? Just THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS? Just CHANGE MY PFP TO RANDOM FLAG/SYMBOL?

Yea, that’s retarded. You’re ideologically possessed to disenfranchise yourself and be insufferable to those around you. Also, don’t be such a fucking hypocrite. Stop caring about people thousands of miles away when there are people dying in your own home, look in your backyard ya fuck. It’s disgusting. You don’t really care. You fucking liar.

As a reminder, No Lives Matter.

In Fact, Wealth is made up,

How do you measure wealth?

What classifies Poor? Rich? Is it a dollar amount? Is it a set basket of needs that changes ever so at the whim of some gubernational World Organization? See, you don’t even have a metric that can accurately measure wealth, or richness, or poorness.

So how do you know if someone is poorer and if someone is richer? Like truly know?

Could it be, that these words are just made up to label other people? To separate people into a ‘them’?

I mean, philosophically, does ‘rich’ even exist? Does ‘poor’ even exist?

Dualistically and Taoistically, poor implies rich, and rich implies poor. Does one exist without the other? Can everyone just be equally ‘rich’ or ‘poor’? Wouldn’t that just eliminate the idea of ‘rich’ and ‘poor’? Making it all just one, into an idea of wealth without differences?

Doesn’t that seem dumb?

I mean, imagine if you go your whole life thinking that life is all about the narrative Rich vs. Poor. That’s really sad. Sad.

You’d be living a battle fought fighting over abstract concepts like ‘finance’ or ‘fiat currency’ thinking you’re getting ahead in this world just because you have more green coupons than other people. Is any of that shit gonna matter when you’re dead? What legacy did you leave behind if not more children enslaved in using or fighting against green coupons?

The basic story of Wealth is as so,

The poor is starving from being poor; Instead of dying, they decide “why not fight for survival?”

The poor then decide to revolt and ‘eat the rich’. There is an uprising, then the rich get upset and fight for their own survival.

The rich strike down and suppress the poor. To stop being eaten, which ‘starves the poor’.

A viscous cycle.

A revolving thing.

As if knowing someone who is poor and homeless is a braggable thing to rich people. What is this, a dinner for shmucks? A table for ants?

Rich people flexing on poor people

And likewise, people pretend as if knowing a millionaire is some sort of braggable thing to poor people. “My uncle is super rich” or “I love my Grand-dad, he Buys me everything”.

Poor Kids being entitled about their Rich Patrons
(Because these kids have no net worth to themselves without their patrons)

It’s disgusting both ways.

Bragging about knowing a rich or poor person is like saying you’re not racist against ‘blacks’ and claiming that you have a black friend. That’s how it be- in the Wealthist world.

So Join me, (not in prayer you cunt)

In being endarken- uh- enlightened, yea, and hate everybody with love.

Yes, Hate them. Love that you hate them, and do it equally.

Spread that shit like bread and butter, as smooth as silk.

In Closing,

Yea, sure, most arguments are an illusion to hide the battle between Rich Vs. Poor. Like Politics, or gender, or racism, it’s just a bunch of fluff to make you ignore the Ruling Class or Rich people suppressing the poor with diversity and cultures intermixed to stumble the poor’s dirty little feet in the foot-rat-race of life.

But once you go beyond the Rich vs. Poor, you’ll realize that that too is an illusion. You’ve got to have bigger brains to avoid getting stuck in these common reoccurring karmic-traps. There’s more to this universe than the idea of rich, poor, and other anthropomorphic-centric loci type of problems.

Like, what, you’re going to focus only on Human problems? Such room temperature IQ you have.

And so,

Every time someone says ‘eat the rich’, I chant a ‘starve the poor’.

Likewise, when someone says ‘starve the poor’, I say ‘eat the rich’.

It’s the only way to maintain balance in this world.

So, do behave, and stop being Wealthist. Stop judging others for being ‘rich’ or ‘poor’. Stop judging based on the wealth of their clothing, their gait, their upbringing, their bank account, their *insert other wealth indicator*

Your Wealthism is offending me,

As a Supreme Overlord Enlightened being, I’m TRIGGERED.

Anyways, here’s a random clip totally unrelated with Bob Marley talking about Unrelated things. Totally unrelated;

And no, I’m not sorry for virtually mugging you in this article. haha,

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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