How to be Spiritually Poorer Materialistically

Alright, so first, we must define Spiritual Materialism.

Spiritual Materialism is the idea of hoarding experiences as if they were materials. You know how people always talk about that time they did X or Y or ‘back in highschool’ or ‘as a three time world expert’ or ‘It is because I took 30 grams of mushrooms’ and they talk about their experiences as if they have something better than you. That’s the idea that they hoard experiences as moments as if they were tangible things, and then they become programmed to bring up the most relatable experience as if it’s a tool that they just Go-Go Gadget to talk over you and belittle your experience by ignoring it instead of Go Go Fuck yourself-ing away. Yea, that sort of insufferable banter.

There is a sort of consumption or integration of things that you actually need to do to be whole with yourself. That’s typical spirit mumbo jumbo stuff you’d learn if you spoke to a shaman or -like- opened a fortune cookie you’d get from that Chinese restaurant if you weren’t actively committing hate crimes against Asians. What? You don’t do that, I can’t be the only one, like, statistically speaking.

That’s why being promiscuous and sleeping with randos or killing multiple people aimlessly and senselessly creates a lack of closure. I’m not speaking from experience, I’m just saying that it’s down right confusing. To do a bunch of stuff and have a bunch of experiences that you don’t integrate makes you fuck with the chaotic energy preventing integration, meaning you won’t reach a good state of stability or ‘oneness’ or ‘wholesome’ based on doing retarded shit.

And if you couple Spiritual Materialism with Runanubandha (Which I refuse to explain to you, that’s a hint- so you should look it up), Then you get some pretty interesting shit. Basically you become conflicted and twisted within your body and yourself because you have a Fuck-Shit Stack of Experiences to go through.

It’s like being a Japanese Tsunkondo, and buying a shit ton of books but never reading them, tearing out some pages, and then frankensteining them into a new book. That’s what you’re doing with spiritual materialism. Just hoarding shit. Just hoarding your experiences and never integrating them, and just carrying all that baggage with you. Like stocking up on a fuck ton of food for a camping trip, only to never take a bite of food and have that shit spoil and rot three days later. Like, you must really love pinecones and collecting more food to rot in your bag. You sick fuck.

Well with the Tsunkondo thing, you might feel smarter being in a room full of books, but really, you’re just you in a room full of books. And that feeling will give a false sense of inflated ego resulting in an obviously denigrating Dunning-Kreuger effect.

Meaning you think you’re better when you’re really not.

The Point of this post is;

What this shit post is supposed to be about is that you gotta realize that your experiences don’t make you better than other people. No one gives a shit if you climbed the higher mountain or podium for some shit event like table tennis. You having greater or lesser suffering doesn’t make you intrinsically better than others.

That, and you have to integrate your experiences. Your experiences are not only tools to gain leverage in society or survivability, they are also lesson books and lesson plans for your spiritual journey. Now you just need to develop pareidolia and apophenically draw metaphorical conclusions from all your experiences, tying them together to some sort of connected one-ness. This will ensure that you realize that you exist or something.

You get the idea, or don’t, who cares. You were meant to know it or not, so stop gambling your sleepless nights on some mad ramblings From the glorious I, le shit poster, giving alms for the contemplative thinker. If it’s not for you, then it’s not time yet. Idk, maybe You’re just built different.

In Closing,

If you know how to get poorer, then you simply do the opposite to get richer.

Duh, It’s that easy.

Well, I’m going to keep being spiritually and financially broke, it’s like breathing out,

Eventually I’ll breath in again, or maybe I’ll just expire.

(lmao, it’s a pun if you understand what ‘spirare’ is. You know, ‘ex-spire’)

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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