Planned Obsolescence: F#@% Ink Printers (They’re a scam)

See, Printers are a scam, and they are a drain of your life force, your temperament, your emotional energy-span, your money, and stuff among other things.

It’s like they’re designed to be inconvenient to take up space in your head rent free as if being angry at your product is a good marketing strategy. . . But it ends up being the marketing strategy to manufacture false competition between the printer oligarchs that reign supreme on market share.

Anyways, here is this Holy grail of a video that details the scam;

The Too Long and didn’t watch recap/summary of important parts are:

-The Markup from manufacturing price to retail price for ink is ridiculous. It can be >26,065%
-Printer ink is one of the most expensive liquids in the world, at $2,700 per gallon. (That’s an artificially inflated price mind you. So printer ink has been marketed to be expensive, like diamonds.)
-Ink always needs to be replaced, or is always broken
-ink cartridges have chips on them that ‘monitor the quality of ink’ by telling the printer to stop operating, or falsely reporting low ink when you don’t have low ink. So the chips are a scam. The Chip also prevents refilling cartridges.
-Printers will break easy, so there is no real repair option, because any repair would threaten to void your warranty. So you’re kind of screwed if you want to fix a printer. Which sucks because sometimes the printer is broken on arrival or purchase. Because they break easy.
-They use software updates to break old printers. They have ‘updated driver software’ that can run your printer obsolete.
-Each print uses a little bit of cyan, so you always get low cyan, resulting in you changing out your printer cartridge even when you don’t need to.
-Even black and white prints use cyan, so fuck you.

I mean, The Onion made a funny video that accurately describes planned obsolescence via updates/upgrades. The type of shit you’d get with printers, their drivers, and their ‘smart chip’ ink cartridges.

The video replays weird, but whatever
You get the point.
The point is, they upsell you on a printer that goes obsolete
Obsolete through hardware or software or ink issues.

Yea, gotta trade in that old piece of shit and get that newer piece of shit to do exactly what your old piece of shit did but now with extra micro chips to make your new piece of shit more whiney and require you to purchase more pieces of shit accessories and services -nickel and diming you to be poorer and angry until you become one -with the piece of shits and become a piece of shit yourself. Because Fuck you, remember?

Here’s some comments about the Printer video detailing the scam;

It’s obvious that Planned obsolescence is just engineers trying to engineer how to stop humanity from progressing. Because progress is a myth, and the Engineers, Physicists, and Mathematicians are the gate keepers blocking true progress. Obviously.

Apparently sweat shop labor is more ethical and preferable than the emotional abuse you get from owning a printer;

10k subjectively agree on this

Like the inside of printer cartages is worse than a bag of chips with air;

Simply, they fill cartridges with sponges and plastic to reduce the actual capacity. Yea, In case you didn’t know, Corporations are not your friends.

Here’s some side comments from Quora;

Someone even suggested using off-brand ink that voids the warranty. Well, at least until someone said that that’s not possible anymore and that you’re a hostage;

Yea, so the whole printer thing is a scam;

So, uh, Fuck printer companies.

As far as I know, the big companies are all liable and culpable;

HP, Canon, and Epson, and probably some other shit-ass third rate names.

You ever wonder why these big print companies can spend multi millions to billions of dollars on ‘printing technology’ but never advanced or marketed into being at the top of 3d Printing?

Like there are so many 3d Print enthusiasts and the majority of them recommend Indie brands or some off-shoot startup that has like a pocket full of lint as their starting capital.

It’s because the big companies want money and they don’t give a shit about Printing nor the philosophy or ideology of printing.

In other words;

They don’t give a fuck.

Remember, Profit Matters. Corporations are not your friends.

Go look up the top 3d printers, guess whose names you’ll rarely or never find?

I say rarely, because the option is that they could be there eventually. I haven’t seen their names populate the list.

Here is this relevant comment from the Holy Grail video;

Point is, why do we have Billions invested in Printing technology, yet it still costs an asswhack to print anything from start to finish? What’s the newest printing feature? It’s not Collate. What, they use micro chips in each Print head to spastically shit out error codes? Yea, so much progress. Really great.

Why so many options?

So instead of offering copious amounts of products, they intentionally drop the release of new lines and lines of printers.

I mean, why the fuck does anyone need multiple models of residential printers? Why are there like 500 different printers?

The way I see it, you have residential printers that either do laser or ink.

And you have commercial printers that do everything else for fabrics and other shit.

Why the fuck do I need 7,630,905 variants of Residential ink printers. They should make it simple and easy, by -idk- having one go to modular Printer with attachments and recombination and such. The Forever Printer or some shit.

It’s almost like they psychologically market a bunch of printers to make the illusion of choice pin the blame and onus on the buyer and end user. Almost like they’re shoving the blame on the users, that way they could make statements that make old models shittier or obsolete.

Almost like it’s sort of planned. Like some sort of planned obsolescence.

Yea, anyways here’s lawsuits;

These companies are doing enough nefarious anti-consumer shit that people are litigating a class action against them. You wouldn’t take anyone to court unless you have a case or a good enough reason. So it’s most definitely true that Printers and shit are a huge scam, and these are the receipts in development.




If these companies’ lives had a face, I’d punch it.

So, drag these cretins into the light and give them the metaphorical or Litigatory-equivalent Office Space welcome(d beat down),

Speaking of Office Space beatdown,

There’s a reason why this exists;

This is the sweet release that helps you know that you’re not alone. Be a Bloodborne Asura and take a rage against the machine that is Printers and Printing. Because fuck the Printing system, it’s the/a matrix.

And the comments for this youtube upload are meaningful too;

Forever relevant.

In Closing,

Planned Obsolescence and Right-To-Repair issues are intersectionally crossing constantly. I mean, if you want to repair something that they intentionally break, then of course we’re going to be at an impasse.

You’re trying to save money.

They’re trying to make money.

Obviously, the ideologies don’t mesh well.

Just remember, there are forerunners and harbingers that bring the age of man through glory with Promethean Technology.

And then there’s shitty fucking printer companies and everything under the tree related to printing making it a glorified scam ontop of scams.

I mean, what are we (or you) going to do about it?

Go Paperless?

I doubt that.

But, feel free to bet on it or something. It’s not like this entire site is based on safe bets or something.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice


So there’s this type of ‘room’ that you get to destroy stuff. It’s like you sign a waiver and pay some money and destroy whatever is inside with the tools provided.

Business idea- make a destroy room where it’s only printers, and make up a back story about the printers and create a little video Starship-troopers-propaganda style. That way the customers are feeling justified in their anger and all that. People are gonna then pay to destroy said printer. Profit. Then let them destroy it while being recorded at various camera angles. Sell the footage and photos. Profit. And obviously harass printer companies by printing said photos and sending them in the mail to the printing companies. Profit.



I think Xerox might be the only alrightish printer company.

Idk, Do your research, but I don’t hear a lot of dirt or scandals.

So, Xerox is probably safe.

In south east Asia, ‘Xerox’ itself is a verb meaning ‘print’ or ‘fax’, that’s how trusted or common the product is.

So it’s probably a saferish bet than the other big corporations. But, uh, do your research.

Idk, get a laser printer or something, that’s probably a scam too. But what can you do? Not use paper? Doubt it.

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