American College (and education system) is a scam

The First 12 grades of schooling is to prime you up and brainwash you into thinking that you need 4 more years of schooling. I mean, isn’t it convenient that the ‘free’ trial of schooling stops when you become about 18 years old? When the state recognizes you as an ‘adult’?

It’s like they planned on you being of a ‘legal’ and ‘recognized age’ to consent in amassing more retarded financial decisions after indoctrinating you on dumb shit like triangles and the ‘Mitochondria being the powerhouse of the cell’. Yea, they don’t teach you how to be a sovereign citizen, they don’t teach you how laws work, nor society, nor government, nor freedom, nor the difference between just and unjust taxes. It’s almost like the first 12 grades were a day care to pretend that you’re learning something before pressuring you like a used car salesman into getting a student loan financing.

Everyone pushed you into that higher education shit. They wanted you to be ‘successful’. As if the American Dream relied on some collegiate degree. So the Student counselors, in their naivety and ignorance, pushed to try to find ways for you to ‘finance an education’.

Because your trial period is up, and they’re trying to kick you outta the nest.

You know, Higher education, at one point, was free and then some racists didn’t want black people to have a free education during the social movements. So now everyone suffers paying for college. You can thank racism for that.

Yea, College in America used to be free. That was back when America used to be great, minus the racism, sexism, fascism, and all the other bad -isms that are still around today. Yea, if you just focused on the great bits like you learn in history class, then it sounds really great. Pilgrims were totally friends with Natives. Totally.

Lets talk about Admissions,

To enter into college, you have to sell yourself short.

You literally have to make your life story as interesting or as disabled and arduous as possible. As if you’re a fucking puppy looking to be rescued that’s cute and worth saving.

People up their disabilities, their tragedies, their traumas, all to celebrate how hard they have it just to get some scholarship handouts or grants. Because you’re ‘needy’.

College entry is a privelege contest, to see who has less.

Basically to see who suffers more.

Excerpt from words casting spells through dumbfuck juice;

Here’s a cool find;

Lady claims she was poor,
Gets scholarship,
Turns out, she wasn’t poor enough,
Or poor at all actually,
Loses scholarship
>My face when

This really is a ‘whose chains are dirtier’ slave contest. It’s disgusting.

And that’s because College is stupid expensive for no reason.

Instead of hiring more professors and building more chairs, they limit their shit and keep knowledge hidden. Like, why. Wouldn’t you want a more enlightened society?

Professors selling you bad bookussy;

Besides traumatizing you with words I made up, Professors upsell their books and it’s pretty clear by now that most College textbooks are a scam,

You go to class, read a syllabus and it says you need to buy a book that you won’t read anyway. All for three lines of text that means nothing to you or your education. And you’ll forget about it after you graduate, and you’ll also not even use the degree you get or don’t get. It’s great.

Who is selling this book? Typically it’s that professor. You know, the one who doesn’t care about you like you’re a dime a dozen. That professor had some debt from college, so he leaned in on a scheme from his fellow professors. Make a book and make it a requirement to buy it. It’s the oldest scam in the book next to the book about prostitution, (what was it called Karma Sutra Geisha Back door girls 5?)

Boom, profit. He forced impressionable college students into buying books for hundreds of dollars because it was in a pseudo non-binding but seemingly authoritative enough syllabus. Just to make poor college students financially cuck themselves and simp for this professors’ retard brain.

Oh no, people are reselling his book. What to do now?

Easy, make a new edition every year and require the students to have the latest edition. Only change the numbering of the problems, and some lines of text. BOOM, profit.

New revisions that change nothing, maybe a spelling thing, and yet it’s the newest revision. So professors require you to buy the newest Revision of THEIR book. It’s like selling utensils and plates at an all you can eat buffet, and you still paid to get in.

Oh, the best part is that the resale value that goes to shit faster than the depreciation of a car driving off of the lot. It depreciates faster than spoiled pussy after sipping on feminism dumb-fuck juice. Faster than a used Maserati flying off an interstate highway because of speeding while trying to do coke but it exploding into a white cloud on your windshield making visibility shit with 70 mph winds. You know, relatable stuff.

So you essentially get a reference material you’ll probably never use and you can’t fence at all. Just collecting dust or being thrown away.

While you’re at college,

They make parking impossible and they up their own campus security to issue more parking tickets. The amount of money parking tickets have generated for a college, is more than enough to build a large ass parking garage (which is not cheap).

And, you know, I’m not a lawyer, but these ‘parking statutes’ seem unenforcable and unconstitutional. But the Colleges and Universities work with the local pigs to get the buy off on the city to make it ‘law’, because the city wants a cut of the vig. Your life doesn’t matter, they don’t care about your parking nor your education, they just want your money.

Not to mention that colleges also charge for parking passes. Like, okay.

Some colleges require your to live onsite for your first freshman year. So you have to pay room and board into their establishment. No choice, no option, good luck.

The whole thing is a scam, including,


On the bright side, the food is usually good and included in a pass or something. Yet that’s how colleges get you.

They really up their food game, which bypasses your psychological filters. Food has always been a constant in your life, and now you have good food.

Its great that you’ve spent 30 bucks for 200 dollars of food. You really got a great deal. Pay no attention to the thousands of dollars you spent on tuition, room and board, books, passes, ID cards, Labs, etc.

Yea, that access to that sweet meal is the only thing tricking you like the rotisserie chicken at Costco.

You think you’re getting a good deal because of three square meals a day. Keep you fat and ready for the financial slaughter. You pig, you.

The Education system is structured as a pyramid scheme

Some of you have been fed this pyramid scheme since the beginning.

Priming you for this linear life of servitude starting in preschool, then first grade, then second, then third and so on.

Incrementally going up one grade. Who teaches the classes? Teachers!

What do those teachers have? College degrees!

Of course a person with a degree wants others to get one too. It makes them feel less lonely and regretful of their decisions. They can further perpetuate a lie of self denial if they convincingly gaslight other impressionable minds to do the same thing, thereby justifying their existence. Sounds an awful lot like some other groups of people out there.

School is a scam too, but that’s another topic for another day.

The entire university system is a farce. instead of being a way to invest in its population’s future, it is designed in almost every meaningful capacity to extract the wealth of families and immigrants.

It’s apparently not a right to be knowledgeable, you need a degree to “read and think”.

Here’s the pyramid,

College is a pyramid scheme- Where you buy into the next tier.

It’s all a ponzi

You have a high amount population of 1st graders,

And between 1st and 12th grade, you lose a bunch of students due to drop outs and school shootings. You know, the typical.

You got your associates, now what?
Get your bachelors!

Got your bachelors, now what?

After Masters, its your Doctors. Might as well, two more years of slaving as an intern.

Eventually, you get a select few bunch that go get their degree, and even a fewer get their Phd.

As a high priest or priestess with a fancy doctorate, you are heavily indoctrinated into the system, so much so that your identity (holding a Phd) is predicated and surrounded by the system itself. The value of your worth as a human is delusionally tied to a fancy piece of paper that people identify as.

Even if you don’t get a degree in society, you get the illusion that you’re missing out because other people have a fancy piece of paper. Therefore you identify yourself with the absence of the piece of paper. It’s fucking bonkers.

Like these are all social constructs, why the fuck do you let it (piece of paper) make you feel some type-of-way?
What kind of sad life do you live my nigga?

So now you have to force yourself to defend the very same system that predicated your systemic world view and reference point, your compass. If you don’t defend your system, then you risk losing credentials and credibility, meaning you might lose your compass that you navigate the social constructs with, and your identity.

It’s a part of that ‘ego’ that people refuse to let go.

The “education god-complex”. Anyways, here’s a tweet unsolicited from random strangers;

Like, you really can’t be a great philosopher in any realm if you’re really holding on to your ego without critical thinking. What good is a Phd without the P? What, an HD? An Honorable Doctored degree?

Working on Thesis

If you were to get a doctorate, depending on the program, you’ll have to always prove yourself and pay into a system. Yep, you pay for more shit. It never ends.

So yea, you eventually keep writing Thesis statements and renew yourself every year to maintain your doctorate. Paying an annual fee for membership.

If you don’t, then you are no longer considered a ‘real’ doctor of academia.

In academics, you have to write a thesis paper. Where you HAVE to cite other people’s work under the guise that you’re continuing a dialectic between established work. Yet in a post-modernist view, this is trash. You can’t have free thought of your own, backed by things that are self-evident or empirical evidence. Nope, gotta cite your sources. CITE YOUR SOURCES. You twat for brains.

Be careful if you cite too much, you might get hit with plagiarism.

Also, you have to tailor and publish your paper to match the political narrative.

Are Nazi’s in charge? Well, make sure you edit your brother Nietzsche’s work to bring about the ubermensch.

Are liberals in charge? Make sure you hush free speech and sex biology.

Are conservatives in charge? Make sure you squash emotional quotients and gender studies.

Basically, you’re pandering your work for mainstream garbage to cajole and stroke the egos of others in academia. Nothing new, just rehash old shit. It’s a game of political bantering posturing as liberated critical thinking. The only critical thinking that happens is by schizo posters who get shit names like ‘uni-bomber’ or builds a Temple OS or something.

A big academic circle jerk of citations and getting other people to read their papers and buy their books.

You know what’s like that but a lot more free? Religious studies in religion. Turns out, everyone there is willing to converse and debate, as long as you don’t spin up the ire of the spanish inquisition or question the papacy. Lmao.

The best part of academia, (I know, there’s a lot of best parts); they can decide to not even view your thesis. Leaving you without your continuation requirements to maintain your PhD yet still collecting your dues.

Yea, there are dues. Don’t forget, they like their money, their vig, their profits.

Because Profits over progress.

And also, at the end of it all, you could get kicked out or barred from shit. Basically Cancelled by academia. So fuck them nerds.

Doctor, Doctorate, whatever, it’s all doctored on some fancy paper to give you a writ of privilege. Like a license to think.


You know,

The whole idea of a ‘liberal arts’ degree was to liberate the mind?

Not to lap up the consumeristic propaganda that big oil or pharma shove down your throats to promote stupid pill mills to every patient or to upsell cat shit wrapped in dog shit.

The lack of free thinking makes liberal arts a sarcastic and satirical joke.

And now everyone aspires to climb up this pyramid scheme to be ‘special’ and get their ‘dream job’.

‘Dream Job’ That word sounds like ‘Optimal Slavery’ to me.

Good luck you special-retard-you

Yea, it’s not like the local Wendy’s isn’t looking for a bachelors’ degree and four years experience for fry cooks. Job hunting is a scam and head hunters are just grifters. Just a side note.

Oh also, some state’s require some professions to have a degree by law. So, depending on the discipline you work, you may be required to have a degree as your operator’s license to certify you that you drank enough to be able to hold this particular job. So this scam is also enforced -in part- by the state.

Anyways, here’s a bunch of stories of student debt;

Because the realist thing you’ll pick up from going to college is debt, with or without a degree.

So even if you don’t understand the message above, these stories below are more than enough to say that College and the Education system -as is- is a scam. Even if you don’t have debt, then you still paid these hucksters or someone else footed the bill when this shit could be near-free. Like what the fuck is even ‘tuition’?

That wasn’t a rhetorical question, What is ‘tuition’? Tuition is literally a vig, it’s protection money. The fact that you have to pay ‘tuition’ which means protection money or whatever -To be ‘taken care of’ is kind of a red flag. Just saying.

I wasn’t joking about that tuition being a vig.
I’m dead-ass serious, ong fr fr no cap one-hunneed (100)

And these student loan servicers, giving kids debt up to their suicides, will flaunt their profits because Profits Matter and No Lives Matter.

Slice up your arm,
Use insurance to pay your debts that you were drowning in,

Speaking of tuition, did you know the mafia likes it’s vig? I mean, Universities have more money than they know what to do with and instead of giving more education to people, they just hoard it like a fucking dragon;

And yes,
Harvard does have connections with Hedgefunds
And their money and assets are managed,
So really, it’s a hedgefund that sells papers to gullible kids

Don’t worry, they’ll spend good money on strippers and blow (like any respectable cretin would);

Also, colleges force their students onto shitty subsidized housing via financial bludgeoning is just Meta. I mean, it’s the same way on how Governments ruin cities. Shitty no-fucks-given housing.

Going to ‘uni’ is like doing a very expensive kickflip, for people who end up back where they started;

Here’s a few awesome stories;

-Last 3 terms, my electrical engineering profs have made me buy an ebook thats 100% copied from a public university of utah book. Still have to buy it because the exercises are through the app, but you can look up all the answers because utah posted them years ago. and when i say same i mean not even changed the numbers

-just bought a $70 textbook thats required only because it was written by the professor and he put all of our homework problems in it, so we couldnt do the homework without it. Shittiest ebook ive ever experienced, missing pages, he forgot to take the solutions from the professor version out for half of the problems, whole class is a joke

-Emailed a prof once asking if he could post or send me his class notes so i could perform data analysis on them. Wrote up a whole proposal, told him how i would use them, offered to sign papers saying i would never share them, etc etc, (im a computer engineering major, if that helps the data analysis make sense). He replied to my multi paragraph email with:

-“I appreciate your proposal, i decline your request” and my academic advisor said to dela with it because the notes are his ‘intellectual property’ despite the fact that they were complete garbage and copied off the internet. He also pirated multiple books for his class material and played us two full length movies (steve jobs and smth else), while bitching about HIS intellectual property

-Source; go fuck yourself. (Internet)

Here’s s’more stories;

If you haven’t guessed it by now, I keep a stash of ‘college debt woes’ under my mattress like vintage pornos that I can fap to. It’s because I’m a heathen and society is collapsing, and I fucking get my rocks off to this shit. Obviously -not obviously-.

In Closing,

Given that the main function of universities these days is filtering and signaling, the best move is to get admitted to Stanford and then drop out.

-Naval Ravikant

Elizabeth Holmes dropped out of Stanford. Mark Zuckerberg and Bill gates were drop outs. Maybe Dropping out is the realest play.

I just came to trash talk education, or rather ‘the system’ as vague as that is, the usual spiel.

It has it’s uses.

It’s still a scam.

Everything is.

That’s -like- the point. – Duh.

Go to college, don’t- who gives a flying fuck. It’s all a scam and the world is in a cosmic washing machine spiraling into the infinite chaos that makes up the voidic aether. Mind me Not, Ya cunt, you’re here to live your best life in this Samsara Matrix. Cool stuff. Enjoy college, don’t, whatever. IDC. I’m here to shit post.

People who have an emotional abreaction to this piece are the one’s who got suckered into the scheme. Desperate to defend a flawed scam, those people are in denial and want other’s to follow in their footsteps to debt galore. A Sunk-Cost fallacy backing up their sorry excuse of a degree. As if their degree makes up their personality or adds prestige.

Think about it. Colleges are “for profit” and there is no debt limit to student loans. It’s blatantly obvious that College is a scam. Not all college professors are evil, and not all degrees are stupid. In fact, this is-

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice.

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