The definition of Recession has Changed because the Economy isn’t real

Economists should be Tarred and Feathered**

**This is of course, an opinion in a non-violent manner and in a way that is consensual and not inductive of any damage nor breaking any will, consent, or laws regarding the livelihoods of persons or figures real, unreal, imaginary, alive, nor dead. This is also not a call to action, and is instead an opinion on how Economists SHOULD be treated. Again, not condoning or advocating for the actual conduct, rather this is an expressive opinion at how ridiculous these fucking clowns are. And they are indeed clowns.

I mean, you gotta admit, Economists are shit.

The Economy is shit, and the bean counters are just politicizing their hot takes.

We print an ass load of money and send it to foreign countries as if NATO was actively investing in Ukraine or some shit.

Modern Monetary Theory failed Japan in the 90s, so why the fuck does America think they can do it in this decade? It didn’t work when we bailed out banks in 2008, why the fuck did we do it again? Why the fuck? Why? The Fuck? Why? Fuck!

Economists are just glorified number pushing shills.

And the true or good economists (which they are surprisingly real) are having their research thrown away if it goes against the narrative of the political campaigns or their research grant provider or whatever money funds the study.

Anyways, here’s two pictures;

Here’s someone’s rendition of some other shitposted blog post;

And they even changed Wikipedia definition and locked it. So there goes “open source”;

“There is no global consensus on the definition of recession”
-Apparently the crowdsourced free project that is no way taken over by politics

You seeing this Orwellian shit of moving the goal post and changing definitions?

Yea, atleast urban dictionary has some 2008 definitions saved;

Like they should just do what they normally do every other year, change the definition of GDP to indicate positive growth. You know, manipulate what’s in the ‘basket of goods’ and pretend everything is all rainbows and butterflies. Why the change, why lie differently?

They should just keep lying how they were throughout the last 100 years, what the fuck are they doing to my boy. My recession. Before you know it, they’ll come after my other boy, my golden child, My Depression. They are going to mangle my boy, Depression, and it’s not gonna be great.

Like, I know I make shit posts, but come on. I don’t have a four year degree studying bullshit behind my shitposts. And I also don’t consume my shitposts as if I have some holy tablets from some mountain. Sheeesh.

In Closing,

This is an opinion, and the people running the show are in denial.

Like a recession happens every five to fifteen years, with a big one every thirty, and a grand one every 100ish years. It’s like a cyclical thing. That’s just a fact, like waves on the ocean, or the sun rise and sun set.

What the fuck is the point in denying it and kicking the can?

Is it political? Is there a bigger agenda on the list?

At the end of the day, the Economy is fake, who gives a fuck?

And this my friends is why I hate myself. Because if Hating race makes you a racist, I hate economies, so I’m an economist. And if I hate economists, then I ultimately hate myself.

I hate it all. That’s probably a safe bet, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice


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