Dark Pools VIS: Intermission

So I got distracted by other things and titles and other shit. So here’s the rundown of all I have written in this series discussing the intricacies of ‘Dark Pools’. This is a bit of a summary, so that way we can continue where my conspiracy yarn has left me. Maybe we can engage in some coherent texts or something, well whatever the outline has, I’m sure it’s riveting stuff.

Here are the previous pieces in this series;

Dark Pools I: A Primer to Darkness

The difference between light and dark is the knowledge of the information and whether it’s public and fast enough to get into as many hands as possible. Dark pools being a more private exchange or inventory of information or materials. Light cannot exist without Dark, and Dark cannot exist without Light. So you need both.

Dark Pools II: Do they Exist? A TLDR inside.

Yes they do exist.

Dark Pools III: Specific types of Dark Pools

There are a lot of different Dark Pools, each with their own nuances and structure. And people from idiots to expert (idiots) argue wrong things because they used a different type or definition of Dark Pool. Essentially people misinterpret eachother and the word ‘Dark Pool’ is too loose of a definition to accurately use it to address specifics.

That ‘Dark Pool’ is too dumb of a word to be smartly used.

Dark Pools IV: History and Possible Origin Story

Racketeers from the Robber Barons of the Great Depression Era, you know, the ones that caused the great depression, are the same people that created and proliferated Dark Pools.

All of this to use Dark Pools to Create a Racket and continue Racketeering.

Dark Pools V: addressing Conspiracies

Most of the Conspiracies about Dark Pools are real.

Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission literally said; “DARK POOLS AND WHOLESALERS ARE NOT REFLECTED IN THE NBBO”

The majority of the market trades in Dark Pools.

So the Majority of the markets aren’t reflected in NBBO, meaning that the price is fake and the Stock Market is made up and a scam with fake numbers designed to steal money from ‘dumb money’ or retail mom and pop investors.

Yea, it’s that fucked.

Dark Pools VI: So are they good or what?

In this piece, I discuss that everyone is making a Dark Pool and that they’re all competing and trading amongst eachother. Naturally a battle would ensue leading to a Dark Pool Monopoly. Meaning that our entire markets is rigged like a puppet by a giant shadow that makes up the Monopoly Dark Pool.

All of this for money.

In Closing,

Alright, now that I’ve gotten some closure and recapped some of the shit I’ve written, I will now move on to rambling about more things on Dark Pools. That way you can understand to the severity at how this game of finance is played.

And trust me, you’ll lose tons of faith in such a stupendous scam. You’d be amazed at the amount of levers and switches, but alas the SEC will say some dumb shit like “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain” or whatever.

It’s rigged honey-toots, So don’t get too much moxx in these courts. You’ll lose it all before first recess. By First Recess, I mean the next recession that we’re denying that we’re in.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice


Roman Numeral S means .5

So IIS means 2.5

So VS means 5.5

I googled it so I believes it.

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