Dark Pools I: A Primer to Darkness

I want to better explain Dark Pools, because people tend to go off the rails in to all sorts of things without even understanding each other. So I’m providing a no-nonsense answer to Dark Pools and more importantly, why they’re named as such. A look into the etymology and word economy. But in order to do that, I have to paint on some primer that you can eat like paste. Easy enough for a middle-schooler to consume, then it’s good enough for you.

There’s a lot to unpack here in this new series of something I’ll start (and probably forget I started), Let’s first dive into a simple brief discussion of meta-physical allegoric model representations of our discussion of energy here.

What I mean is, I’m going to use water as a metaphor for money, and then use that to describe Dark Pools (as well as various other types of pools). I’ve briefly discussed on how Money is Water and Energy, but let’s cover some of the basics;

So Water and Money,

They both can be used as a sort of similar measurable comparison, a reference for each other as to how each functions and works. It’s like comparing two people, you can see from the similarities, how the other functions. So let’s look at some of such comparisons, by taking a closer look at our ‘languaging’.

Water is a liquid and it flows. Cash is liquidity and ‘cash flows’.

Water has Current and can be in a Sea, money is Currency (Current-Sea).

There are small streams of water that are called tributaries that flow into a larger stream,
we pay monetary taxes as a form of tribute.

Water flows in rivers and streams, income streams can be both active and passive.

Ice is locked-up water that is illiquid, hard assets are tied-up money that’s illiquid.
(And liquidity of cash is a spectrum, depends on the market and if you can guarantee a buyer)

Water can rain down from above or from a hose,
just like money comin’ from my stupid decisions with a money gun at a Sleez-bah

It ain’t easy, bein’ sleazy
Just ask them night gals with them gams,
Legs for days, I tells ya

Freezing Ice makes you go BRRRRr, you know what else goes BRRRR?

Big Daddy J Pow’s Monay Printah;

I’d also talk about Water Super Soakers and Money Shots, but they don’t really help paint the picture here. . . They do help paint, just not the picture here. *snap snap* hey, focus back on this stuff, real edumacation material I’m speaking about here.

Point is,

There are plenty of parallels to draw between water and money.

Using this, we can imagine a body of water to be equivalent to pockets of cash. Where larger bodies of water would be equivalent to banks, lakes, oceans, etc.

I mean, you put your money in a bank, and water can collect at a river bank.

What is another word for a body of water? A Pool.

Think ‘Money Pool’

So what’s the difference between a Pool and a Dark Pool?

Light, duh.

Is it dark enough?

So there are Dark Pools and Light Pools (Lit pools). When it comes to money, Light pools are essentially publicly reported or publicly known pools of money.

However, it is to note, that all that is in a money pool, isn’t just money. Sometimes it’s information, or papers backing a bunch of money in a sort of ‘derivatives-I.O.U.-swap’ of sorts. Like a Stock Certificate, or even an educational Degree (seeing as knowledge is being privatized and sold back to the people as ‘higher education’).

Light is,

A sort of symbolic meaning that represents vision, visibility, having truth and transparency. Light’s the opposite of Dark or shadows, in which things bump into the night, are secret, and happen underneath, behind the scenes.

Light pools would be like;

Your Charities or Financial disclosures every quarter. Public information. Or even transparent Cryptocurrency/token transactions across a Public Ledger.

The Public news when they exchange information.

When it comes to the Stonk Market, Light Pools are called Lit Exchanges. Where public information is available in a timely manner to those that want to see it. And announcing to the world that you have a big trade before you do it, is called a Sunshine Trade. We have laws requiring public disclosure, to help balance the light, these are referred to as Sunshine Laws.

Sunshine, light, it’s all a metaphor for the speed, accessibility, and availability of the information.

Let’s talk a bit about Dark stuff;

Night Markets, Black markets, Dirty money, shadow money, Tax havens, Shadow banks, shadow governments, shadow puppets, puppet governments, shadow brokers, etc.

So a Dark Pool, could be a shadow bank, or even the amount of money in your wallet. It’s privatized information that operates outside of ‘regulatory light’ and ease of accessibility or availability of information from the ‘commons’.

I guess when it comes to your wallet, it’d be more of a dark ‘puddle’ than a pool. Lmao.
(It’s okay fellow poor, it Is I, a poor like you)

When two people make a private transaction, and they sell drugs, use under-the-table money, hush-deals, or not report the sale on their taxes, then the two are committing a sort of Dark Deal. Few people know, making it dark, but sometimes its obscure simply because it’s not a big deal or even worth knowing.

Like how many facts are there that you simply don’t care about? For me, Too Many.

Sometimes in the Capital markets, large institutions trade assets and equities without letting the world know. This is also a Dark Deal that is done on a colloquial term called a ‘dark pool’. But it’s technically not illegal or wrong simply for being in the dark.

You see, All sorts of ‘dark’ things exist, whether something is light or dark doesn’t make it any more (or less) moral. It’s just a color, you racist.


Don’t pee and make it a yellow sunshine pool. Because that’s not how you shine some sun on a dark pool.

Not how to do things.
(this is a picture of algae, so calm down)

The Difference between light and darkness,

The difference is the availability and accessibility of the information.

Obviously, we can’t consume all of the information in the world at any point at any time, so there will always be some information that gets lost in the shadows.

We’re not omniscient gods. . . Unless. . Never mind. . . Point is, we don’t know Everything at All times and things are constantly changing. So with new information, we get a new light, a new shadow, and a new perspective.

The Availability and accessibility of the information, as well as the speed (of light) or information delay, lag, etc.

If you don’t know it, then you’re “in the dark” as they say. Obviously something isn’t lit before light gets there, so it makes sense that you’d be in the dark before light arrives. Hence the speed of information, the speed of light, also being a factor.

That’s the difference between what makes something Light or Dark.

Basically Known from unknown.

When something is ‘common knowledge’ then it’s ‘in the light’.

When something is secret, hidden, clandestine, or classified, that’s ‘in the dark’.

In truth, the world is a spectrum of light and darkness, truly a shade of gray. Like a Grayscale;

And for the majority, It’s all subjective

World is but a shade of endless grey, where the grey fog ought meet the grey skies and stretch to a silver thin horizon of encroaching darkness. Eb and Flow, as above so below, and yiddi-yadda -back to our regular programming.

Something of a Taoist Duality of light and darkness.


This thing, the Dao, Tao, Mao, Bow-Wow
lmao, Light and Darkness, Lit pool, Dark pool

As a Daoist scholar-ish I’m here to remind you of the Dao. If you meet Buddha, kill him. I’m not going to tell you why, just know that it’s totally kosher for Buddhists to kill Buddha.

You can’t really get rid of light or darkness, they are reflections and their existence complements each other in the duality of things.

In fact, for every light you shine, you also cast a shadow.

Hence why ‘Shining a light’ on an issue is colloquially the same as ‘casting shade’ on a person or thing.

What’s faster:

The speed of light? or the Speed of Darkness?

I don’t know about you but;

Just know, when two lights shine at each other, they cast each other’s shadows. It happens to flames, torchlight, flashlights, starlights, and even supernovas.

And you might say,
“that’s not the light that casts a shadow!”

Ask yourself this, does light exist without a material body to project it’s source from?

A Candle light comes from the chemical reaction of energy released from the molecular bonds of burning wax and wick, both wax and wick cast shadows.

A Torchlight comes from the burning of cloth, oil, coal, etc. all of which have shadows.

The Sun itself is a star made up of gaseous material, believe it or not, gas literally refracts and effects light. Enough gas can attenuate enough light to create shadows. Think of it like stacking really thin sheets of glass, or light shining deeper into water until it can no longer penetrate the depths, several fathoms below.

Super Novas have their electromagnetic explosion interact with other Super Novas, causing interference. Even Black Holes are technically loaded with a LOT of light, because ‘light does not escape’, it’s a fact you know. I can go on and on, basically the material isn’t so separate from the luminous spiritual.

What you should get from all of this is that for Light to exist, so does the antithesis Darkness must exist.

Words prove the Silence Exists, Life proves Death exists, and Light proves Darkness exists.

Be warned though, I’m also the kind of idiot that will Paradiastole vices into virtues, because why-the-fuck-not.

In Closing

Hey, at least you know what a Light Pool and a Dark Pool is. And you also got to learn a little bit about water and money, that’s a fairly good trade for a free shitty education.

Sure I didn’t go deep into the specifics of a Dark Pool, but this is my first shot of my rat-ta-tat-ta gat that will rattle off some boolets of knowledge into your skull. So don’t mind the accuracy, because like my diarrhea, my shooting from-the-hip-facts follow a spray-and-pray method. And that shit (knowledge) will definitely stick to ya.

This article shit-post is more of a primer for the many part series into Dark Pools, a look into the shadow(s) of the Colossus, the Capital Markets;

The Shadows are large and I’m in the underbelly of the beast

It’s Shadow(s) because technically one material body can cast more than one shadow. It’s, like, how light works. Ya know what I’m saying?

In truth, I was writing an article about Dark Pools, but it got so long that I had to scroll to scroll down. Which is pretty long and I didn’t even know that was a thing. So I’ve decided to split the information up into smaller chunks, and this will be easier to organize, compartmentalize, and read as well. This site, and all of its unholy glory, is experimental.

Now, if you only knew what an ‘invisible pool’ is. . .

Well, until I get around to part 2 (of Infinity), then whatever.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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