How to make Food taste better, Lose weight, and Save Money

The solution is simple;



Eat Less you Fat fuck

Turns out, when you’re hungry, your standards drop while the taste of food goes up. Fact.

You lose weight, because Food is energy, and being at a caloric deficit will also do things with your homeostasis and physiology to also include ketones and other things and science bitch.

Tips to help Starve/Fast

Lemon water and Warm Tea can make you not hungry for whatever reason.

I don’t fucking know why, but it just works;

I personally recommend just getting water, cutting up some lemons, and throwing that bitchin lemon in the water, and then putting it in the fridge. Just know that Lemon water is different from Regular Water. So if you get dehydrated or feel weird from drinking only lemon water, then you need to hydrate by drinking normal water. Source: Experience.

Like this you fuck

If you follow these tips, you’ll save money on useless food, you’ll probably stop buying groceries because it’s a waste at this point, and Food (when you do eat), will taste fucking Great. Because you’re starving. Duh.

Limitations and Precautions;

I mean, even most religions have Fasting as a part of their teachings. Why? Because it literally does something.

Hell someone tried to out-do Jesus’ 40 day fast, and Died;

Here is another example:

So maybe, idk, you could skip a meal every now and then. (Just don’t try to beat Jesus you fuck)

Here’s a YouTube video to confirm what I’m saying but with science;

Here’s a search result on Fasting for you lazy fucks.

But even the world record holder for fasting (382 days)

Didn’t NOT have liquids.

So make sure you at least have some liquids, or you’re gonna have a baaaad time.

Don’t do the 40 days without liquids or water, or you’re fucked.

At least You’ll get the chance to meet Jesus and personally tell him you lost.
(unless you go to hell or somewhere else, then save me a seat.)

In Closing

Turns out, you don’t need three meals a day, and 3 meals a day should be just a sort of reference standard. It’s like tricycle training wheels, once you figure out how you perform and live, then you can start experimenting and adjusting your diet. Adjusting the food and water you take and noticing when to eat and how much.

You know, mindful indulgence of carnal pleasures within gluttonous desires

Ya Fat Fuck,

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice


The Greatest thing about being poor, was starving.

There are Two GREAT Teachers in life, Hunger, and the Fucking Cold. I’ve got to learn from both.

Why do you think mythologies and religions revolve around shit-you-stick-in-your-mouth and Freezing-Hells, abyssal darkness, cold embraces, death, Ice trolls or Frost Giants, etc.

And Idk if you’ve hung out with rich people, but those assholes also ‘treat their body like a temple’ and eat really tiny portions.

(Unless you look at the fat rich people. But is Fat a virtue? Idk, who cares.)

Like, is this it? A three course meal where each meal was literally one bite?

What is this, Food for Ants?

But, on the bright side, if you’re rich and eat baby portions of food, you’ll be starving between meals. So the food must taste heavenly.

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