Make Corruption Great Again

We need corruption, to shield us!

Who will stop the police from coming towards us? If all the corrupt people are gone?

Think about it,

If they take out the people at the top, then they’ll work their way down to you and I.

No more pedophilic cult circles preventing law biding moralistic men from coming at your door.

high-angle grayscale photography of triangular staircase

No more angels of death working in bought out organ harvesting farms (hospitals) to stop the Law from hammering your face.

No more pharmaceutically doctored peer-reviewed ‘science’ selling drugs to addict millions like it’s candy.
(doctored means edited and made-up, its a pun)

assorted medication tables and capsules

No more bought out politicians using bribes and diplomatic immunity to escape the wonders of jail time.

No more dirty cops that you can bribe out of a ticket with cash or the flash of your boobs.

No more lying media journalists or talking heads to purvey false-truth narratives and factoids. No more fake-news.

If we get rid of all the people that do the ‘dirty work’, then we’ll have to do the dirty work ourselves. Plain and simple.

Which means we’ll be the bad guys, and as such we’ll be thrown in jail. I mean, this whole “getting rid of corruption” thing can get out of hand real quick.

And worst of all, no more evil. What would Good be without evil? Non-existant I’ll tell you.

Think of the Future

It’s only a matter of time, we need to think of our children. If we eliminate corruption, then we’ll eventually target our innocent population. Because as we take out the corrupt, all we have left are the innocents.

baby with pacifier in mouth
Babies will be targeted

That’s right, children. Babies who are born into America with hundreds of thousand dollars of debt, without even knowing how to say ‘fuck the government’. We need to protect corruption at all costs!

King Herod tried to get rid of babies, they’re the most innocent thing that’s corrupt. I mean, think about it. All corrupt people were babies at one point. Babies are at the center stage of world power.

“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize” That’s right Babies. In every culture, babies are protected and valued and stuff. That means they’re the main reason of world power and corruption. We need to protect our corrigible babies.

The Boss Baby - Wikipedia
Because Babies are the bosses of this world. Check out the hit non-fiction documentary Boss Baby.

I mean, are you really that innocent?

You’ve never done anything with contempt? If you don’t know what contempt is, then I’ve got you red handed criminal scum!

That’s right, not knowing the law (or-words) is equivalent to not being able to prevent the law from being broken. Did you let some evil-doer do evil on your watch? You don’t know, because you don’t know the law? That’s right! You’re under arrest.

See, we don’t care if you directly broke the law. No, instead we target people who are corrupt by letting the law be remotely broken. Your blind eye of justice only makes us bring down the hammer harder.

You don’t even know the crimes your guilty of! How else can you say ‘atleast I’m not doing that’ on a moral high-horse-ground-pedestal if we lock up all the shittier people than you? Your Latte and Iphone tweets will be shitty without you virtue signaling how you’re better than everyone.

Think of the future future

Eventually we will rid the world of so many corrupt people, that we’ll invent thought police. These police will be able to read your minds and arrest you for even thinking of a corrupt thought. We’ll use some psycho-meter to gauge how uncorrupt you are.

Especially if your have some darker side of your psyche, like a shadow or something. Hell, even for you to study psychology, you must be a sick-o. We’ll arrest you and the creators of the psychometer.


Is this what you want?

Think of the future future future

And in the future future future, we’ll have future police. That will arrest you for your future misdeeds and negligence. You know, the crimes you haven’t even committed yet.

They will time travel just to watch you commit crimes, whether by accident or on purpose. Yea, that’ll show all the evidence they need.

Then they’ll go back in time to when you’re a defenseless baby, and take you in. You’ll do hard time the moment you’re born, criminal scum!

Is this the future that you want?

Think about other people

How else are we going to get a job after smoking a little crack? What, you want to run for Mayor? Ain’t gonna happen if we’re corruption free.

What about that minor possession of marijuana, don’t you think humans should be safe? You really want to put people in jail and give them felony charges? That’s like a life sentence of punishment.

After we arrest every politician for impropriety and shitty promises being broken, then we’ll target drug dealers and gangs. Eventually the cops will have to lock themselves up.

Now who will arrest evil? We can’t even do that right!

We need corruption, and we need it to be great-er/again.

So do your part and start turning a blind eye.

Keep accepting those bribes and hush money.

Make sure you slack off at work.

And you’ll defend our future generation of children!

In Closing

I believe in people, but I believe in drugs more. We need corruption, and we need it now.

This message paid, bribed, and brought to you by: Future Orwellian doublethink, bread and circus Co., and future degeneration of America.

All of this is satire, and not to be taken seriously. I’m saying it explicitly this time, because some of your idiots are really smart. There, an oxymoronic prose trap, that’ll keep you occupied for a while.

Don’t fucking quote me in a manifesto.


*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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