It’s apparently not okay for a man to attempt to fulfill his dream and passion (if he’s rich).

So a man during in 2017 starts building his business of making clothing that he believes in. He spends some of his money to make an advertisement, and is attacked by the public, simply for chasing his dreams and (also) being rich.

Here are some hard truths before we start;

  1. Most people’s sense of taste in art and art style is fucking trash.
  2. Art is subjective. (But also Hard truth number 1 is more true than 2)
  3. Modern art has been fucking trash. Pretentiousness and poshness attitudes have made everything ‘Kitsch‘. Mainly because these art-critics are vapid and disconnected from what is the duality of man and the realization of tragedy in the forms of comedy. Also, not understanding the divinity in archetypical memetic expression of culture is what truly makes Art Snobs so fucking insufferable. They probably populate the seventh layer of hell, fucking cheese and rice.
  4. This person is a revolutionary in fashion forwardness and has been making waves with just being himself. A hero. But you’ll soon learn that he’s been ostracized simply for existing. A martyr for the rich.
  5. I hate poors who seek to do harm simply because they are upset at being poors. Just be rich, retard.

Alright, who am I talking about?

I’m talking about one of the heirs of the Koch money tree-branch thing, named Wyatt Ingraham Koch,

This innocent (as far as I know) individual made this advert;

To which the internet of poors is making fun of and also making death threats;

There are even some articles talking mad smack about the shirts;

This article has a bunch of vitriol and low IQ emotions.
You can tell by the 1 Dimensional level vibes you get.

Like this insult;

Like, literally making people’s eyes bleed?

or this insult;

This same person thinks people who enjoy Fifty Shades of Grey are some derogatory subset of humans
Like let people enjoy their cringe, jeez. Especially when over 150 Million copies of the book has been sold.
Which is actually more than the sales of any single Harry potter book.
So, maybe it was a literary marvel Karen Christine?
(Sorcerer’s Stone sold a little more than 120 million copies)

Is this a death threat?


You want to behead a guy because he’s making shirts?

Like people are so mean. 😤😤😤

Imagine a World;

If some rich billionaire wants to make a sandwich, and receives death threats.

If some rich billionaire wants to go to space and gets shat on by the world,

If some rich person shows you their Ice Cream stash and they receive death threats.

If some rich person installs 10 toilets in his mansion so he can take a shit all day, and people love him for it

If some rich person literally wants the right and will to live, and people are condemning them to death and slaughter.

Like, what the fuck?

For every ‘Eat the rich’ I hear, I chant a ‘Starve da poors’.

-Duality of Well-th

If you really think about the designs;

It’s like a mix of Tommy Bahamas with more vibrant colors with hints of a futuristic Cyber Punk Hawaiian aesthetic.

Like, this store, check out the swagger;

You’re bound to spark a convo with this apparel
A little more old school, but comparable to the industry standards for casual ‘Hawaii inspired’ apparel
This design compares with the Gucci and Louis Vuitton style clothing. It’s accentuated to be faux gaudy
The pattern alone here is something I could spend hours looking at.
I’m not even High right now, but imagine if you were looking at this and you were high on drugs.
Like, that’s hella dope.
(The shirt, not the drugs. But also the Drugs)

It’s 100% fashion forward, and it doesn’t look like you’re a part of a lolita death cult. So I can reasonably see this fashion trend being more than just a fad and actually revolutionizing the way we wear our rags-to-hide-our-shame that we call clothing.

Ecletic Bold Designs.

But also, the shirts don’t cost an arm an a leg. Like, they’re on sale for $65 and stuff. For a piece of wearable art with sentimental value that also says ‘fuck you’ to the art world, I think that’s damn priceless.

I mean, the lettering is IN BOLD, that’s hilarious.
It’s also got a cutesy font and it’s called ‘Wallstreet’

Some of their Instagram post haves some funny jokes;

The clothing has cutesy and punny words that go with it;

I mean, ‘Nauti Octopus’

People on the internet just don’t get it, I bet they’re just feeling;

Feelin’ Crabby

I’m pretty sure people are retarded, or else they’d see how genius this art is.

In Closing

Due to the social and public backlash, there hasn’t been much activity on either Website, Twitter, or Instagram since like 2019. So I guess the internet ‘won’ by bullying a rich kid for being rich. Talk about a lack of introspection. Imagine if you bullied a poor person for being poor, it’s the same level of tone deafness. Honestly, if this guy becomes a rich Super-villain because idiot poors bullied him, then I can totally see why. Hell, I would totally fuck over people that’ve shown nothing but hate to me, it’s only karma.

If you want a better society, being greedy and dragging other people down is not how you make it.

What’s worse: the greed and hatred of the successful or of the unsuccessful? Turns out, both are pretty fucking bad.

I love the idea of humanism in concepts like socialism and communism, but the moment you’re willing to sacrifice people for the better good of ‘all’, that’s when my capitalistic-part-liberal-neo-colonialistic red flags go off. When a movement calls for extreme violence, rushing, and a redistribution of wealth through violence, call me old fashioned but I’m not going to like that movement.

If it’s truly a systemic issue like what ALL socialists believe, than don’t hate the player, hate the game. It’s a pathology per your world view, so it’s the path’s fault and not the people. Free will is a scam, duh.

Quite simply, it’s retarded.

I mean, guillotines, really? What the fuck?

Uh, the 8th amendment is a ‘thing’ in the US Constitution you backwards twat.

Might as well go back to hunting witches. Because obviously mob rule and hive minded emotional reactions is the right answer to everything (/s);

Or how about we start Sacrificing select individuals on some alter to appease the masses;

To be honest; I’d rather have society burn if we could have more Innocent Wyatt Kochs of the world. Especially if society is full of these Insufferable mongrels. I mean, I know nothing that says Wyatt Kochs done anything wrong to society or any crimes. This dood literally exists and people hate him for it. Like what the fuck?

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice.


This is Satire mixed in with plausible truths. You should really consider shadow work if you agree or disagree with anything written here.

Also, I am of the mindset that all people are redeemable, but some of you mother fuckers with your indignant opinions definitely test my beliefs.

Also, because duality is a thing, believing that ‘everyone is redeemable’ also means that everyone is corruptible as they are redeemable. And I fucking love both outcomes (that you can redeem and corrupt everyone). Fuck yea, let’s Make Corruption Great Again.

Also, ask anyone who makes money why they leave the ghetto. They constantly get pestered by their family and friends who see them as if all they are is just money. It’s a curse. Also the ghetto, the streets, are like quicksand. They just pull you into a perpetual hell of doing dumb shit and getting in trouble. Like, building up the community is hard as fuck, and people have really shitty tendencies. So good luck making a better society if you want the greedy and spiteful people to lead the so called ‘revolution’. -Laughs in Gulag

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