WTF is an Activist Shortseller?

Well, God created the Heaven and the Earth and THE GAYS and on the 3,422nd day of creation, he created the best gift. Short Sellers, these Bears are not only the Gayest thing in the world, they’re also gay enough to land on the fucking mooooooon. Short Sellers are God’s Gift to the world, plain and simple.

Every leg of red helps us grease our Money Printer (For Bears)

So What is a Short Seller?

Someone who ‘Shorts’ a stock has a small window of being in the pot. They buy short term positions, whether they think the stock is going up or down. Something in the range of a week or month or whatever you think is a short amount of time. (For some assholes, it could be a financial quarter or whole year).

The opposite of a ‘Short’ position is a ‘Long’ position. In a Long position, people think the stock will make moves over a long period. Meaning that the stock will either go up or down. Generally speaking, when someone says they are going ‘Long’ in a stock of Baby Dicks, that means they think it’ll go up.

Because Why would someone tie up their interests in a shit company of Baby Dicks if there are better and more lucrative offers out there?

Someone who is a Short SELLER is someone who plays the short position of a Gay Bear. They think the Stonk is going down, or that the market is going down for whatever reason. Maybe a market correction, or they read some tea leaves, or they’re a Libra or whatever. So they buy their puts and write/sell their calls. Easy Peezy as long as the Stonk Doesn’t go up.

Generally when people say they are shorting a stock, they mean short selling. And when people say they’re going long in a stock, they mean that they think it’s going up and holding on LEAP YOLO Calls or holding actual shares.

So Where does the Activism come in?

Well, we all know that the regulatory committees are inept, corrupt, and shitty at their job. Thank you SEC, a total scam known as the Short seller Enrichment Club.

Anyways, there are people who do investigation and research on the financials and write hit articles for the public that expose companies of fraud or other concerning material. The Public eats it up and the stonk goes down.

But of course, you’re the one who wrote the piece, so you bought short positions to capitalize on your article and news.

So as the dirty secrets are revealed, the stonk price goes down, and you profit! Win win.

“Buy the rumor, sell the news” (or in this case, short on your findings, and report the news)

Examples of Activism Short Selling

SEC Investigating Valeant Pharmaceuticals - Pharmaceutical Processing World
Take a look at this logo, I’m going to perform a magic trick and make it transform!

Valeant Pharmaceuticals fucked up so bad that they changed their name to save their branding. They raised their US prices on drugs and was charging rates up to 100x more than drugs sold in other countries. The company was price gouging, and the extra profits went in to kickbacks and deals for their Executives. They committed some fraud and money laundering, or so it was alleged, and that headline made the stonk tank. They’re called Bausch Health now, so go ahead and stalk em. Like they fucked up so bad that they had to undergo quasi-witness protection in order to save face.

Look at that name change, epic.

Wirecard AG, the German Digital Firm, did some no-no stuff on their balance sheets. Some Activist Short Sellers provided interviews exposing Wirecard. The SEC equivalent of Germany(BaFin) thought it was market manipulation and they started targeting the Activist Short Sellers, you know, the good guys. Then it was revealed the Wirecard AG was lying, and that the Activists were telling the truth. Because Clown in German is called BaFin.

Pay attention SEC, you might see your reflection.

Luckin Coffee reported sales of $300 million in 2020. The reporting lead to the stock moving and investment rising, raising about $864 million dollars. Activist Short Sellers investigated and found that their $300 million sales was fraudulent. So the SEC got involved, and they then settled with the SEC for $180 million. So they got $684 million ($864 – $180) from lying to the SEC and the market about fake shit. Then after the news of settlement broke, their stock went up and skyrocketed. Lol, this is a clown market. As of writing, their market cap is 2.16 Billion dollars, yes, with a B. I guess it pays to lie to the SEC, lol.

Easy money

Sino-Forest Corp was a Canadian listed Chinese Company. They lied about financials, you know, committed fraud. Then got exposed by some Activist Short Sellers, then the shares fell 82% and they filed for Bankruptcy protection in March 2012. That’s what happens when you lie and inflate your company like a balloon, it fucking pops. They tried to sue the Activist Short Sellers for defamation, because they got caught, like a little bitch. Then they had to back pedal because they filed for bankruptcy, and couldn’t pursue profit and damages.

Names of Short Seller Activists to follow

These guys are some people you want to keep on your radar if you want to actively do this stuff. You gotta find someone good at something, then model after them until you develop your own style.

James Chanos, uh, he does things and exposed Baldwin-United, and other junk bonds.

Carson Block, he worked a great deal in China and founded a company for short selling and exposing a whole slew of Chinese Companies. The Muddy Waters Research LLC is a company that was named after a Chinese proverb for finding fish in muddy waters or something. Dude, Idk, I don’t speak Chinese. They exposed a lot of the companies that were mentioned earlier (Noble Group, Focus Media, Olam International, Groupo Casino, Orient Paper, China Media Express, Bank of the Ozarks, Rino International, Bolloré, American Tower Corp. and TeliaSonera, Luckin Coffee), and have made bank from doing it. Good job.

There are other Credit rating companies that can technically also Activist Short Sell. But I don’t trust them and they run money rackets and money manipulation. So until they put cash in MY pocket, ignore em.

Is this ethical?

Yes, absofucking-lutely, you want opinion from a Guy who writes articles and Op-eds for aspiring Warlords and Crime bosses, then yes. This is most definitely Ethical. If you think the stocks are gonna go down for whatever reason, then be a gay bear. You are betting against the bulls, and as long as there is no Market Manipulation, then its a fair bet.

Remember, for someone to win money in the Stonks, One must lose money in stonks.
-Not Yoda. (but he is green, like money)

There are activist short sellers that just lie and say some things, in hopes to get the stock price to dip. These guys are faggots. That’s an activist in the sense that they want to actively manipulate the market, like a credit rating company.

The thing is, Market Manipulation is a big no-no and Banks do it all the time. This Activism isn’t Market Manipulation, this is like an Early Christmas Present of Pre-Earnings-Report-Losses. It’s a good thing. You’re just airing out dirty laundry for free, no different from a paparazzi’s who knows how to do math. I mean, all the financial statements are reported and submitted, you just gotta connect the dots like a conspiracy theory Accountant.

The Accountant Official Trailer #1 (2016) - Ben Affleck Movie HD - YouTube
Also, a decent movie to check out. Showing you the power of Autists doing math in the world of Money.

What Activist Short Sellers are doing is saving everyone tons of money, by revealing a fraud company of how shitty they are. There really wasn’t any money to begin with, so having someone point that out actually saves everyone who can pull their cash out in time.

That’s a morally good thing, so you can clap for that you stupid bastards.

And let’s be honest, do we want scammers and more NKLA’s out in the world? Selling shite products (which they technically never sold a thing) and somehow generating 30+ billion market cap? Lol, I might as well start scamming people if I can make 30 Billion not selling anything but my image and soul. Too Easy.

Should Activist Short Sellers profit off of this?

Abso-fucking-lute-ly, they are putting the time and effort to watch the world burn. I mean, if we can profit off of wars then why not profit out of this.

They are providing an ethical service to help weed out corruption and financial and fiduciary negligence.

They are basically financial cops or private detectives, you know, doing what the SEC is supposed to be doing. So who is going to pay them? That’s right, them-fucking-selves. Best Business Ever.

Also, it took (like) the Fed Boi’s to investigate the Wolf on Wall Street before anything happened, and that was AFTER he bamboozled everyone. It’s a much better option to reveal a stinking company while it’s in the middle of bamboozling.

The Future of Activist Short Sellers

Well, we know that retards exist. That Wall Street Bets is a culmination of retards. And that over time, everything corrupts. So by that logic, we’ll have a group of corrupted retards.

So in the future, Wall Street Bets will probably turn in to a bunch of Gay Bears, and there will be a lot more anonymous Short Seller Activism.

Which means there’s a giant eye of the people constantly sifting through the number crunching of financials. Looking for any chink in the armor, and they’re going to strike and spread the word among their autist friends.

So, in the future, the internet is going to take out a lot of fake companies for profit. Probably to the point of even taking out good companies that just fucked up their bottom line. Maybe, who knows.

Keep an eye out for this future anonymous groups of your average idiot. They’re going to grow big and take out a bunch of companies. Whistle blow and all sorts of stuff.

I mean, the fact that this article exists, might actually inspire some people to be an Activist Short Seller. I’m part of the problem for a better and more ethical world. You’re welcome, #not_sorry.

In Recent News

(As of January 2021)

This new style of business has created waves in the market. It has exposed a lot of foreign companies. To include China, and thus has lead to a lot of controversy with China.

Chinese Companies have been infiltrating the US NYSE, probably for Cash, but who knows.

It’s probably not a coordinated financial attack on the US Markets, but Idk shit about shit. So maybe.

Anyways, Lord Trump decided to create an Act recently and the NYSE was about to delist some Chinese companies and such as a retaliation or pre-emptive money strike.

China no likey that, and is going to seek retaliation in the near future as of writing this article.

And then NYSE backed out of delisting those three companies.

And then NYSE backed out of backing out and they’re now back to delisting the three companies.

And this is all while there is a rich tech billionaire (Jack Ma) missing from the public’s prying eye, which I’m digging into right meow. Juicy stuff. More to follow in a couple months, because if he is really dead, then we won’t see him for a bit. So i’mma just wait it out. Also, his company is somehow going to offer $8 billion in bonds while their CEO and founder Jack Ma is missing, so wtf mate?

Happy fucking New Years Bitch.

In Closing

Here’s a video that inspired this whole article, on-top of the geo-financial bullshit I’ve been sifting through recently. Because I’m retarded, and something about finances seems like I should read it. Because I’m retarded, duh.

This guy is a Legend

The world is on fire, and that means its spicy. So I hope you like spicy, because the financial-trade-war-tensions are escalating. Corona virus and all the lock downs just feeding into fear-markets and whatever dumb dumb thing we’re in to these days.

China’s Belt and Road initiative is failing and accruing massive, near stupid, amounts of debt.

And America doesn’t even know who the President is, so I hope you are ready for a peaceful walk in the park.

Oh, also; Idiots have stormed the D.C. Capitol, and I’m probably going to be sent to the gulags in a few years with the new patriot and security acts they’ll no doubtably enforce and pass. So if I’m not around, I had a great run.

Until never,

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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