Some people just need to be scammed

Now, before you hear me out, I want you to think about Darwin awards.

Are people dumb? yes, do they deserve to Die? Probably not, so scams are kind of the middle ground for Darwin awards. Think of em as Darwin-lite awards.

In most cases, if you get scammed, it is definitely because you’re dumb, but also you get to keep your life. So it’s kind of a good deal (if you were to compare it with outright Dying).

I don’t think Scamming people and such is ethical, generally lying and shit is pretty unethical. It’s also illegal, probably, just like most cases of Fraud. But we ignore most fraud on the grand scale of life, especially ones committed by multi-national corporations and inter-governments.

Also, predatory practices on elderly and senior citizens are not okay.

But hear me out for a little,

Won’t you come stay and stay a whil to listen?

Scammers teach you lessons

In an ideal world, there would probably be no murder and theft and no scamming. I can’t picture an Ideal world, because I enjoy hardships and death and I’m just not John Lennon.

But the real world is pretty harsh for no fucking reason at all.

So, with that being said, Scammers help train you to not be an easy target, to help you identify ‘sus’ things and be on guard and cautious.

On the other extreme end, we would see only evil, which is (spoilers) depressing as fuck.

So there’s a balancing act, but the point stands on one radical end;

You don’t want to be oblivious to evil, now, do you?

“Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that” – George Carlin

(On the flip side, half of the people are smarter than that, so there’s different shit-perspectives to look at the world.)

Think about it,

Getting fleeced is a life lesson, and it helps build distrust in people and takes away some of the naive hope in humanity. That mushy shitty stuff is something only innocent people get to enjoy, and that should be a trial version only enjoyed for small periods of time.

Like Children or idiots. Trial version of life, tutorial even.

And the innocent generally won’t be able to do the tough and hard stuff. So you’re setting them up for failure.

Like domesticating an animal and then a series of unfortunate events releases the animal to the wild. Do you think your pet dog or cat can survive these streets? The same pet that had to go to the vet because they had grass allergies or how you slightly changed their diet?

Innocent people statistically show to be weak because of Ignorance
(This is not backed up by any facts or data, just opinions. I wanted to say statistically to sound like I’m on to something)

Without those human handlers feeding the animal, life is going to change and be that much rougher.

It’s also why the wild life rangers tell ya not to feed da wild life.

It’s because; Reasons.

Scammers teach valuable life lessons

And the price that you pay for each life lesson is proportional to how much money you lose.

So if you’re really slow and trusting, then you’re going to lose a lot of money.

Probably for years. (lmao)

Yet if you’re conceited and short sighted and you refuse to listen to your friends and family on how you’re getting scammed, then guess what;

You Deserved it.

To some degree atleast. You just won’t learn your lesson;

Don’t make it too expensive of a lesson

Here’s random people for random comments because why not;

Life lessons

I mean, if scammers are willing to even ‘pretend to be police’ what’s stopping them from human trafficking instead of settling for mere bribery?

Let me tell you, I’d rather have fake police get me and pay 200 or something out of pocket to make the fake charges ‘disappear’ than to be human trafficked into some shitty network of underground railroads and dingy cellars.

If anything, these fake coppers only help me to bribe real coppers in the future. Think of it like a free lesson in corruption. “Do you know who my Dad is?”

Like, if you honestly think all people are good people, then you deserve to be scammed.

It’s mainly wealthy people that fall into some of the higher-cost scams;

Mainly because their net-worth doesn’t give a fuck

Hence the “F U” portion of Fuck you Money;

So these rich people can blow money,

and they don’t even ‘learn’ a lesson, because they generally probably don’t care.

I’ve seen that oil money, shit is a different reality my dood.

Like it hits different when your money gun is printing Benjamins instead of Washingtons.

But if you’re rich, generlly, you can tend to ‘afford’ your mistakes. Who needs life lessons when you’re on a yacht?

Some people develop fragmented personality disorders ‘justifying’ their sunken cost fallacy into a scam that they are too afraid to reclaim their lives and the truth by stepping into the righteous light that burns away all those improper attachments.

Turns out, people dig their graves and make their beds. Some people lie and live their life always constantly on the run instead of sitting down and shutting the fuck up and getting a grip on some things.

Maybe out of fear or weakness, idk.

The same personalities that buy into the scam are also on the other end committing the scam.

Lmao, no one said it was easy, but joining a cult probably isn’t any better;

What really happens is MLM’s become a ponzi scheme that brainwash cult members. You might be in an MLM scheme, like the US Government, religion, anti-religion, and any other stupid club that has a tournament bracket or world champion ship.

I mean, just look at this, pure pyramid;

Turns out life is a competition of hierarchies which means it’s all a pyramid scheme (a Scam)

Yea, just ignore the idea of thought progress for why someone would have fragmented personality disorders from living their life in denial and lies all the time. None of this is backed by actual science. Except for the science.

Some people are just ‘asking for it’

By falling for some of the stupidest shit,

Coffeezilla and Penguinz0 on Youtube cover many scams, allbeit, some of them are rather tricky and fool a turing test,

Some other scams though, they use a Furry Red Fox to reel you in to throwing money at vaporware (non existing trash);

how about some sort of lotion that ‘repels 5G electromagnetic waves’

Or people who buy ‘mystery boxes’ with a chance to win items from dollar general?

Sadly, a lot of those fooled are children. But Children are growing up like idiots nowadays because we have irresponsible parents that grant their kids iPhones and Social media Apps without Discipline, punishment, or direction.

Yea, those kids are gonna get scammed, it’s great. (And I’m going to laugh, cause its the parents’ money that they use to buy ROBLUCKS or whatever fucking buttcoin that’s all the craze).

What about a couple of schmucks giving money to a Magic Genie Lamp? Turns out, they’ve been going to village to village using this Djinn shit to take advantage of adults with money and child-like curiousity;


“There’s a Sucker Born Every Minute” -Some dead guy probably

In Closing

Scammers are just part of the social ecosystem, like parasites,

They have some sort of function or role, and something-something, life.

I know because I am a certified Ecologist.

(By Ecologist, I mean I hate ecology, kinda like racists hate race. And by certified, I mean self-certified, by virtue of me typing in the words saying that I am one, makes me one.)

Yea, well, this is coming from the guy who wants to Make Corruption Great Again,

So what did you expect?

I mean, it’s not like you have a mortgage, any insurance payments, Licenses, Taxes, student loan debt, or some other scam. . . Right?

It’s not like you invest in some charity or climate initiatives or even branding from conglomerate corporations on how they’re more ‘environmentally friendly’ as if you can brag about your faux pelt coat in the streets, right?

That faux pelt coat made from synthetic fabrics manufactured hard plastics through hydro carbon chain recomposition of refined crude oils, right?

The Crude oil that was extracted through war and pilfering of some other scam Drug trade for indirect influence of geo and global political power (via Opium wars) for useless scam wars in foreign countries that you didn’t know existed until after September eleven, right?

The Same countries that are predicated on 500+ years of holy war (back story) arguing over things like pork and bread, while killing and stoning each other for various draconian type laws that would arguably violate the 8th amendment here in the states, right?

Speaking of those amendments, which came to add stipulations on the constitution, were largely forged through a revolution that wanted to avoid ‘taxation without representation’ because the founding fathers realized they were getting scammed and stiffed by some King in some far off land.

While they were also learn-ed men who knew banking institutions and concepts of money were also a scam because the system is predicated on propriety and honest men. . .

Well, whatever the case, Life is a fucking scam, you’re welcome;

Happy America Day (this article was written and published on July 4th for no reason at all).

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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