Taxes are antithetical to Socialism

Yea, you want a good society.

Then you think that people will have to pay for that society and all those nice things, that people will have to do it and that people won’t do it for free. Sounds reasonable enough.

Then you think Taxes will pay for that society. So the whole of society gets taxed to help pay for specific projects and products headed by someone you think is elected. Which is how it would go.

Which reinforces the capital system, because how else are taxes going to work? Are they going to just take your farm? So taxes take money, meaning that money now has intrinsic debt owed to the government, reinforcing the idea and need of money. So taxes for socialism helps capitalism.

But in actuality, Capitalism aside, Taxes will just make society shittier.

As we can see in todays society, our roads are shit, education is declining, and there’s a new subset of humans called ‘career-politicians’ that vote for their own raises and keep themselves in office by pulling strings and favors. But that’s not the worst part. The part about society getting shittier through taxes, is because taxes disproportionately target poorer people.

Because they’re not targeting all of society for taxes, they’re targeting the people that would benefit the most from public food, education, and housing. They’re targeting the poor.

Here’s what a Tax Collector has to face;

Let’s play a game of would you rather. Here’s a meme to set up the discussion;

Would you rather target some shmuck that doesn’t even know where the tax codes can be found?

Or target someone with an Army of lawyers that could probably sue you and get you fired?

Would you rather target someone who isn’t even filing their taxes properly?

Or target someone that has 17 different shell corps distributed through foreign national corporations just for them to divide their 35 super cars into less than 5 cars per ‘business’ just to not classify as a ‘fleet’ while having you request and sift through paperwork and international standards?

Would you rather go through five pages of tax returns?

Or target someone with seventeen PDFs for one day’s income that has to be cross referenced with multiple other companies, both public and private, that have to also be cross referenced with multiple other companies on top of that?

Would you rather target some guy that doesn’t write your checks but pays for them anyway?

Or target the person who rubs elbows with Congress and the Head of your department and could be the difference in a reprimand, suspension, or a promotion?

It’s obvious,

People don’t want to do a lot of work, and I don’t blame them for that. IRS agents are (contrary to Libertardian Beliefs) people too.

I honestly think the most American thing an IRS worker can do is to be lazy and accidently fuck up tax audits against other people and allow the Average American to win more money in court. It’s obvious that money isn’t real and that the government can just work with Banks to print more money. Why should the IRS rob from the poor? Why not be reverse and give to the poor instead?

Because that would be what real heroes do. Imagine getting audited by the IRS, and you’re thinking “shit, I don’t know fuck about taxes”. And then the IRS agents give you a wink and a nudge and fuck up their side of the deal, and then they just give you a fuck ton of money to ‘settle’ it. It would be like taxes but backwards. Like a real tax return. Kinda like a state lottery but rigged for the people instead of against.

That would be my ideal tax system. One where the people randomly win the lottery just for being alive.

But instead we probably have a bunch of green horns trying to prove themselves instead of quietly accepting a 150k office job to not leave the office. (there was an interview of an IRS office worker who got paid to do nothing. And I love that.)

Because as a Tax Payer, I would much rather have the people (whose job it is to collect taxes and audit stuff) do nothing. I genuinely would rather have them twiddle their thumbs or outcompete Dancing Nurses on Tiktok during a ‘pandemic’. Much rather have that then for them to actually go out there and make other people suffer by paying taxes too.

All of this ‘doing your job’ and ‘following orders’ results in targeting the poors;

-A bunch of headlines, to make you think

Here’s some of the things in some of these articles;

The IRS “continued historic trends of hassling primarily low-income taxpayers”

That just means ‘business as usual’, and ‘bully poor people’.

At a rate of virtually 5.5 times everyone else.

It also seems like, there’s a tip to avoid tax audits. That tip seems to be to avoid trying to take ‘the earned income tax credit’.

Because, I mean, the lawyer fees, mental abuse, financial abuse, and harassment you avoid by not getting audited might be worth more than that earned income tax credit.

Also, I can’t give real tips or advice, because I’m barred from the BAR. So, you know, buckets of salt with everything I say.

The other key thing in that note above, is that Poor tax payers are “easy marks”.

Now, in the scam and hustle culture, a mark is a shmuck who plays as easy fish to fry. using that specific verbiage when talking about Taxes implies that taxes are a scam, a game, a charade, a faux pas. But that’s coming from TRAC, who audits the IRS a bit.

Yea, So the IRS is doing God’s Work (sarcasm).

More Tax Collectors just means more IRS agents to bully the poor. And if I were a betting man, I’d bet even the IRS agents get upset auditing people who make about the same, if not less, than them.

And IRS commissioner also made a statement of not auditing a specific bracket of people;


Like, you can’t just say that you won’t audit specific rich people more. Because if you do, and you get money for more agents, then you are implying that your new agents are going to help target those who are poor.

It’s like a war against the poor and the poverty stricken.

Also, if you don’t know, judging someone based on wealth is a form of discrimination. Whether they are rich or poor. It’s called wealthism. A Scam.

You bet your ass they’re sending that letter mail left and right.

It’s just easier and more economically viable to target poor people that can’t defend themselves.

That’s like if someone said it’s easier to beat up a homeless person because they don’t have walls, security cameras, guard dogs, and a gated community. You know, like a rich person. So that’s essentially what the IRS is doing with financial violence, beating poor people down.

Because if you have less money, then you can’t afford things that you need. Things like water and food. So taxing the poor people only makes their life shittier and doesn’t benefit the general welfare of people. It literally goes against the constitution for taxes to not benefit the welfare of the people. Look it up, I wish I was wrong, that we both could argue this is stupid. But I’m right, so this is stupid and unconstitutional.

“. . . provide for the common Defence and general Welfare. . .” Looks like General Welfare isn’t provided my boy.

Fucking with people’s money in this society is equivalent to fucking with their life. It’s also their property. So by property laws and contract laws between society and government, technically the government is just seizing property. It’s like some weird Capitalistic Fascism aimed to make life more like a commune that favors the rich in a classist perspective.

Is this really a good thing for society? Are taxes really helping the idea of ‘Socialism’?

And the IRS took FOURTEEN months to get back to this couple, that’s an entire year of a third of their income being taken and held hostage.

Do you understand that there is an intrinsic element of time in money? It’s called the Time Value of money. Money is worth more now than later. And with inflation, this means that the IRS with held money at ransom against a poverty sticken family for fourteen months. That’s much needed money that could go towards bills, food, or living a better life.

And this is a ransom because if you don’t pay their made up minds (IRS determination), then you may be met with force or MORE property seizures. That’s violence backing up economic violence.

And after that long of a time, people just lose hope and give up.

This is the tragedy that many face with an inept tax system, with shitty codes, and IRS agents that blindly submit mail without following up due diligence. It’s criminal negligence in the wrong way (you can blame staffing issues for this, but fourteen months is a fucking long time), because people can literally die if they don’t get THEIR money to buy for essential shit like food or shelter.

It also doesn’t help that Housing and Food isn’t a basic human right in our society. What a load of shit we livin’ in.

And this is all antithetical to Socialism because society gets shittier.

Because if you want to have a good society, then you can’t target a broke person to pay taxes, that’ll just have them owe debt and become a debt slave, or they end up in prison and become a prison slave. It’s like a death sentence but the sentence is Death by Slavery.

And after the Brokies are in Debt or Locked up, the Tax Collectors are going to move up the financial ladder and target slightly-less brokies.

They’re going to target the low class, the middle class, and the working class, and anyone who doesn’t have protections or hired an army of lawyers and accountants on their retainer.

They’re essentially going to target the Proletariat. Which is Antithetical to socialism, let alone society.

And if you don’t know what it means to have personnel or an entourage or a ‘retainer’, then you’re probably going to be targeted on your taxes a lot sooner than your average Millionaire. I’m not kidding.

So the More taxes, the more people get locked up. The more taxes, means that poor and working class people will become poorer because of the taxes.

Ask any poor person if the IRS has helped them. Chances are that the answer is;

The Tax system is fucked.

I mean, you have to guess a random number and hope you’re right?

If you don’t guess, you pay a fine or go to jail.

If you guess wrong, you pay a fine or go to jail.

If you guess right, you pay a fine.

Doesn’t really sound like a fun game.

Even if you try to guess right, the chances are, you don’t know the new precedence and law and don’t have the resources to understand the IRS’ interpretation of the law therefore you’re wrong anyway and you wasted your time. Now you pay a fine or go to jail.

And the Tax codes and all that shit are written in convoluted language, where even IRS agents don’t know all of the tax code. That’s like having police not know the law (which is common, and because it’s common- that’s a problem).

The IRS is under the Treasury which is under the Executive branch. And the fact that the IRS has to interpret legislative directives from the Legislative branch, means that this whole system is no different from how the EPA fucks over Americans.

Essentially, the Executive bureaus get to ‘interpret’ and ‘reinterpret’ the codes as they go willy nilly.

Like, having the Enforcement agency determine what is and isn’t breaking the code/law, is sort of fucked.

That’s some Judge Dredd level shit. Imagine if cops could determine on the spot whether or not you broke a vague crime.

We’d be fucked.

In fact, because that’s how things are set up, we are. We Are Fucked.

Here are some made up statistics

If there was a Pareto’s’ distribution the 20% of the poor class will be audited 80% of the time. Lmao, it’s a principle or a law. I just made the connection with the law. It’s basically the same theory as the economic development of 20% of people owning 80% of the wealth. Which is approximately true, and applies in countries and even scales up to globally or scales down locally.


Here’s a rando article that says something ‘similar’

Here’s the bell curve to help you picture this made up narrative more;


So, the poor get bullied and taxed more. I would even argue that 80% of taxes are paid for by the poorest 20% that actually pay taxes. And I mean 20% not as in population, but I mean the ‘bracket’ of wealth. And I mean it logarithmically. So of ALL the people who pay taxes (not homeless nor evaders), the lower logarithmic 20 PERCENTILE pays for about 80% of the taxes. There’s a lot more people in that 20% than 20% of the population, so don’t get it twisted. I’m talking wealth here. And I’m also shooting from the hip. So check my math.

If I’m shooting from the hip, I’d say anyone making sub 500k a year pays for more than 80% of the taxes. 330 million people in America, and 22ish millionaires in America. That’s about 10% of the population, or about 3% of the population that pays taxes, because I guarantee you that Rich people have securities and shit to avoid actually paying taxes.

So first, you got to weigh it as people who don’t pay taxes vice people who do.

And then after you separate the two, you come up with a median, find the lower 20% of wealth who actually pay taxes. Not People. The bracket.

Then determine how much that bracket pays for all of society.

Chances are, it’ll probably follow the bell curve and Pareto distribution. I don’t care enough to write the white paper or see if the hypothesis sticks, but if one of you nerds is looking for a thesis to work on, there it is. Your thesis that could arguably prove that the poor pays taxes and not the rich.

In Closing,

Property taxes are inherently evil. Other Taxes can also be argued to be evil, and enforcing these taxes instead of having them be an act of charity, could be viewed as evil as well. It’s obvious taxes are used as a weapon to arrest people and institute Monetary Financial Fascism. Now are all taxes used like that? Idk.

Let me ask a better question, How much of that tax money is being embezzled and stolen and launder through off short accounts or through white glove companies? If the answer is greater than zero, shouldn’t we think to address that instead?

If your goal is to fill a bucket with water, wouldn’t you want to plug the leaks first? Instead of going for increased taxes (more auditing filers), shouldn’t we plug the holes and prosecute people who are stealing money (audit the government)?

Because if you think there’s no corruption in the government or super PAC money, then boy oh boy, I got a bridge to sell you.

And who’s going to audit the auditor? And who’s going to pay the auditor that audits the auditor? Idk fam, it’s kinda of a weird financial-kink-roleplay to have money be sent as tax to tax collectors to pay for tax collectors to collect tax.

Isn’t that kind of fucked up? I’m paying you to force me to pay you more. Aren’t we just funding the government to rob us better?

Everyone thinks taxes make the roads better or society better. News Flash, they don’t.

The Federal Government literally works with other entities to print money (like the banks that they helped bail out in 08). Why would they need yours?

That’s like if I had a funnel cake factory and said you owed me two funnel cakes. Do you think I’m lacking in Funnel Cakes?

Yea, welcome to not liking taxes. . .



I acknowledge that you’re a human just as I am. And I want you to be lazy and do as little work as possible. This would be the best use of tax payer money, if you decided to trudge slowly through your job. And I promise you that would make you a God Damn American Hero. Maybe not the Hero that Congress wants. But you’ll be the Hero that WE (the people) NEED.

Sincerely, -Me

If we just turned the IRS agency into an agency of social workers that have open and honest books. They could even propose public projects that can be crowd-funded by the people. This would better improve life for all. And That would be a better net good for society.

But we live in a shitty world of Monetary Fascism, so we gotta keep holding onto this economic stick and beat poor people.

I guess.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

Post Script,

Yo, Turbo tax and all them other fucking tax apps are soliciting and advertising hard as a mother fucker.

Stop pushing Taxes early, this shit is January bruv. I don’t want to think about taxes, and I sure as hell don’t want to file em earlier.

Turbo Tax be hittin’ me up harder than a crack head needing to borrow my bike. Are you, like, the runner that Big Daddy Government sent? Jesus, pimp game needs to slow their roll.

Just, fucking chill. Let me forget about paying taxes until like seven days before it’s due on it’s extended deadline in April or August or whatever.

Post Post Script,

Check out TRAC data for any bombshells on the IRS or whatever. They’ve got some good DD. Here’s two good reports;

IRS Continues Targeting Poorest Families for More Tax Audits During FY 2022

IRS Audits Poorest Families at Five Times the Rate for Everyone Else

It’s just, this whole public servant government thing, is awfully private. Why so private? I thought Citizens were supposed to be private and the public government was supposed to be public in public offices?

Seems sus. Did we even vote in these people? Idk man, world looks mighty clowny.

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