WTF is the EPA, another Scam? This again!?

Yes, everything is a scam, and if you don’t know that by now, then wut.

Well anything your hardly-earned Taxed nothings go to, is definitely a scam.

Especially a well regulated and hardly-any-regulatory-captured interests of things like Environments and Protections.

We’re talking about the EPA, the Environmental Protection Agency. This is a very long article, so charge your laptop/phone and make sure you have extra diapers.

How it began:

Well, back when no one gave a fuck about the environment. When we have Guns, Germs and Steel. By Steel, I mean railroads where we can spread germ blankets and Shoot at Bison for no-fucking-reason.

That’s the American Dream with a wild west twist, simply put, Man-i-fest Destiny. Something to do with nothing this article is about.

Turns out, that was a bad idea. You see, there’s this thing called pollution, which is shitty and leads to problems.

So shitty that rivers get sludgy, infect the population, and catch on fire.

Well, there happened to be 13 separate instances of rivers catching on fire. This made Americans grow in concern, and think that we should actually do something about it.

(So the limit for river fires is 12 if you’re keeping score or are a Pyromaniac Arsonist)

Thousands ordered to evacuate in Monterey County Saturday for River and  Carmel Fires
Imagine this, but like 13 times

After the Ohio River fire in 1970, a Non-Crooked Nixon founded a thing called the EPA. He signed in the National Environmental Policy Act in to law which lead to the EPA.

And something about not profiting from the public or so, he said so himself

Without further a-do Introducing the Environmental Protection Agency:

File:Seal of the United States Environmental Protection Agency.svg -  Wikipedia
This is their Logo, and it would be better with more oil and flames
Ah, low budget post-post-modernism art.
Just like my paycheck

The Divided states of Murica, and the Environmental Profit Agency.

What EPA do though?

Well, in perfect grammar, they do the- you know, the thing.

That is, clean up the water and air and limit the pollution.

They did it so well, that we made New York City less of a shithole, (I know that’s hard to believe, but it is true). Just look at these convincing and only slightly photo shopped before-and-after pictures

Look at that Monster, EPA also fights aliens and stuff, only slightly photoshopped

Here is a collage of pictures taken from this article:

Things were going well, with the whole clean up and stuff. They even had some sort of structure in a weird balkanized federalist thing. Whatever.

Heck, they’re even organized in 10 regions!

Then somewhere, some agent got the idea to make money by profiting over a cursory glance inspection instead of doing their job. So where did we go wrong?

Super Fund 1980

The Superfund law is officially known as the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act of 1980 (CERLA). A bunch of big words that don’t mean anything.

This Law actually gave exemption to the EPA from judicial oversight except at a few points in the Superfund process. So anyone the EPA harassed had to prove to the EPA that they were innocent.

With Great Power comes Great Abuse of Power, nice

So this (CERLA) gave way to a thing called a ‘Superfund’ which was a program meant to hold industries and businesses accountable for polluting. You know, to make businesses accountable and clean up spills.

Well this made the EPA have a bigger dick, and the Superfund oversaw over 40,000 ‘Superfund’ sites for toxic waste and hazardous substance management.

They clean up toxic shit, which works, but someone has to foot the bill. About 70% is by violators, and 30% is by tax payers. Yup, enjoy.

Oh, and the taxes to fund the Superfund, stopped in 1995. So now tax payers foot the bill. Yeaaah, about that;

And out of the tax monies they do get, the EPA cut funding down nearly 50% from 1993 to 2013. So the EPA is pocketing more monies for other things.

Oh, the Superfund also doesn’t clean up toxic shit that they’re supposed to.




A lot of the money actually goes to lawyers, litigation, and administrative costs. Cleanups just cost too much.

In fact, there is so much administration costs that the EPA was in trouble under congress. Yea, shit.

So in 1983, the EPA mismanaged some money, about $1.6 billion dollars that was set aside for Superfund. That’s a small change because if you factor in for inflation, that’s about $4.2 billion dollars in 2020. Yes, Billion with a Beee.

This is mostly attributed to Anne Gorsuch Burford who was the EPA administrator in 1981 to 1983. During her 22 months as agency head, she cut the budget of the EPA by 22%, reduced the number of cases filed against polluters, relaxed Clean Air Act regulations, and facilitated the spraying of restricted-use pesticides. She cut the total number of agency employees, and hired staff from the industries they were supposed to be regulating.

She also was a very powerful woman, and the the first cabinet-level officer to be cited for contempt by the House. So she paved the way and was ahead of her time, showing others that a woman can be the first at being corrupt.

Yea, so there was a tip that she was holding back more than $6 million in Federal funds to clean up the Stringfellow Acid Pits toxic waste site near Los Angeles to avoid helping the Senate campaign of former Gov. Jerry Brown of California, a Democrat. Contempt.

Thank you for reminding me Billy, rest in peace.
I love you bro. . .

In 1986 9/11 didn’t happen yet, but Superfund Reauthorization Act (SARA) did. This gave $8.5 billion more dollars to Superfund.

You know, 3 years after they mismanaged $1.6 billion. yep. . .

Oh, SARA also made it difficult to obtain judicial review of the EPA’s decisions. So now they have more power, and they can’t be questioned. (Basically)

Fuck Due Process, I guess, lmao

Thank you SARA 1986

Clean up, Clean up, everybody do your . . .

Well, besides money, the Superfund does clean up things.

However, they have to designate a clean up site as a, well, ‘clean up site’.

When designating a Superfund site, uh, these things happen:

  • property values fall.
  • Residents can be forced to move. (called evictions)
  • Public opinion goes down.
  • Banks also don’t like lending money for developing or buying into Superfund sites because they’re under the watchful eye of guberment, which is bad for bidness.

At least the next people who move into your old home get to enjoy a clean environment?

That’s of course if they actually cleaned it *ahem*

From 1980 to 1995, 91 sites have been cleaned up. Good job, just 1,374 sites more to be cleaned up as per the promised policy. So the Act was at least 7% effective in accomplishing what it promised in 15 years of taking ‘action’.

That’s a little more than 0%, so that’s nice.

This is of course is out of +40,000 sites that they oversee.


Toxic Substances Control Act of 1976

A bunch of scares and chemical-worker related incidents happened in 1960s to 1970s. Something probably related to Agent orange (just kidding). Anyways, people got concerned so they wanted some peace of mind. What better way to restore faith in people with none other than making the government take action.

The TSCA (Toxic Substances Control Act) was a law passed in 1976 that works under the EPA and regulates chemicals. They don’t separate chemicals from toxic and non-toxic, rather it regulates the creation and importation of chemicals.

Companies have to disclose all sorts of chemicals and information and data stuff to the TSCA.

TSCA becomes the Long arm of the Corporate secret stuff. Because you have to disclose certain specifics which allows the transfer of chemical manufacturing and process methods.

Which means, a competitor can data mine your product and secret sauce.

Chemicals also include pharmaceutical companies and other sort of clinical trials and drugs. So this definitely tampered with big pockets Pharma, and that means Pharma wants in on it’s own regulation. Toxicity and all. This also implies that TSCA slows down progress and innovation because there are more tests before getting a marketable product.

So there is a lot of criticism that the TSCA isn’t doing its job. That they don’t read the medical literature. I mean, I don’t, that’s for sure. Or that they silence and fire their scientists or something.

There’s some credit saying that it is doing it’s job. You know, Mercury controls and Asbestos controls was thanks to the EPA in part.

But in reality, the TSCA may have actually been made to spy on competitors. (this is me bullshitting.)

And because people think that the TSCA is supposed to do it’s job but isn’t, they improperly conclude that the TSCA needs a reform and MORE POWER. Yes, the spying tool invented for the corporations needs more power to get more data points. Which, they got their way in a 2016 reform. So, power huh?


You think I was going to skim over the fact that the EPA doesn’t follow due process?

Ha, jokes, that’s some juicy shit.

That’s right, due to CERLA and SARA, The EPA can witch hunt people all on their own. Like a bounty hunter vigilante funded by the government which means funded by your tax dollars. You know, kind of like cops, but instead of ‘kind of’ replace that with ‘exactly’.

There is a track record that no burden of proof and no rules of evidence exist to protect those accused as responsible parties in the Superfund process.

You’re thinking ‘so big corporations are getting fucked over, good’ right?

Well, turns out, the EPA can go after your regular everyday normal guy.

Got caught by the EPA.

In theory, with all this ‘climate change’ talk, they have grounds to go after carbon emissions and start targeting your Trucks. There goes the Diesel, you’re gonna get screwed.

If you violate the EPA littering or doing dumb shit? Get ready to pay for that!

Want to build a pond on your property? Fucking pay $75,000 you criminal scum. (That is $75,000 dollars a day)

Or maybe if you can’t pay the fine, then you should do the time, like this Navy Veteran who used his pond water to fight fires.

That dirty life-saving non-EPA-approved pond, mind you.

Hell, this guy here got a road permit from the State but then the EPA decided it wasn’t good enough:

State legislators and the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality approved this project. The folks in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula want and need it. The EPA, however, vetoed the plan, offering only vague and arbitrary objections to the permit application.

The Road Commission went to court, but the EPA refused to defend its actions, saying its objections were beyond question. The agency said instead that if the county wanted the road badly enough, it should start the permitting process all over again—at a taxpayer cost of $271,000 and years of time to win approval for a road that was already approved.

-Pacific Legal Foundation


That road? Yea, was denied a view by the Supreme court on March 4, 2019.

That’s right, the EPA is shit and has too much judicial power without even being in the judicial branch.

Technically the EPA is in the executive branch, which makes things worse because of what I’m about to tell you;

Introducing Chevron Deference

Some Supreme court case happened against Chevron and a non-profit Natural Resources Defense Council.

Chevron violated some law or something, idk.

Something about the EPA changing how it interpreted the vague and ambiguous law. So the EPA allowed some companies (Like Chevron) to do what they want within the definitions by the EPA. The EPA was bending the rules and allowing companies like Chevron to do things (or something).

Spark notes basically

To which the Natural Resources Defense Council took that shit to court. Then the supreme court took the case and ruled in favor of Chevron saying that the guberment is right as long as it is ‘reasonable’. A vague term, which paved the way for more shit. Dumb shit, mind-you.

Thus the EPA can just change their mind on established interpretation of rules and laws passed by the Legislative branch. All while operating under the legal precedence of ‘reasonable’ as vaguely as that sounds.

So Congress just has to pass vague laws, and the EPA can change what the law is, bypassing the judicial process and ultimately doing whatever they want and interpreting the law in their own ‘reasonable’ manner.

Depending on who is in power, the EPA can hammer fuck a corporation or person, or they can decide to ignore it and bend the rules.

So spark notes so far:

The EPA became above the Judicial and Legislative branch.

The EPA is already a part of the Executive branch.

Checks and balances? Our checks only bounce anyways. (Like a dead cat)

They aren’t questioned which means limited accountability.

They don’t really do their job.

And when they do their job, you can’t fight back

And it costs a lot of tax money which gets mismanaged

But they’ll still charge you out the ass for violations
(similar to the ticket racketeering that we have our blue lives do)

The Whistle Blowers Story Arc

Bare with me. There are two types of whistle blowers, those that whistle blow pollution and inform the EPA. And those that whistle blow against the EPA to report wrong doing.

Well, the whistleblower act of 1964 exists, but apparently that doesn’t apply to federal employees under the new 1970 founded EPA. So you weren’t allowed to whistle blow against the EPA.

So Congress passed the 1972 Federal Water Pollution Control Act which protected Whistleblowers.

And then 1980, Congress passed 6 more Whistle blower protection stuff.

All these whistleblower protection acts protected people from reporting their companies. However, what about People in the EPA reporting the EPA?

You see, they just got the short end of the stick, like Marsha Coleman-Adebayo.

You ever heard of Wakanda and the people? Well, that’s basically what’s happening in South Africa over an element called Vanadium by an American Company. Doctor Marsha Coleman-Adebayo worked for the EPA and the UN, she reported about this human rights violation that killed a lot of South African Humans.

But because they were Human, the EPA decided to ignore it. The EPA went with the “don’t worry, we’ll investigate it. We’ll have the right guy on the job!” and then proceeded to do what all good lawyers do. You know, not that.

Why would the EPA investigate South Africa if the EPA is an American Government regulatory committee? It’s because the Vanadium mines were ran by an American Company. Also note that the CIA and DEA don’t give a fuck if there is an American Tie to go invade some foreign soil. So why should the EPA?

Three letter acronyms are more than enough to invade another country. OIL for example.

Doc Marsha kept fighting the issue, was told to “shut up”, and then she filed a lawsuit. At which, things got worse. The EPA did bad things and got very aggressive to Doctor Marsha, to include death threats and work place discrimination.

Eventually, the public caught wind and didn’t like that, so there are protests fighting against the so called EPA.

Members of Occupy DC, the National Whistleblower Center, the No Fear Coalition, the Federal Alliance for Workplace Accountability and other organizations demanded EPA reverse the decision not to implement certain provisions of the Clean Air Act. They also called on EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson to do more to protect whistleblowers.

Marching the three blocks from Washington’s Freedom Plaza to the EPA headquarters to chants of “Lisa Jackson has got to go, hey, hey, ho ho,” and “Hey, Hey EPA, we want clean air today,” the protesters laid wreaths and paper crosses under the second story window of Jackson’s office.


Eventually the EPA created its own whistleblower protection act. You know, because fuck the federal one, I guess. This fiasco also lead to the FEMA’s No Fear Act in 2002.

You can read her book if you want to hear more at this shill link (I’m the shill):
No Fear: A Whistleblower’s Triumph Over Corruption and Retaliation at the EPA

Oh, also –here is a website of some North Carolina Specific EPA cover-ups and complaints. For fun of course.

The Revolving door

How the Musical Chairs work

Well, the EPA members are promoted or nominated for their positions and voted in by the senate or whatever. I don’t care, but something something, president.

That’s right, President is the key word, every time a switch in Democratic or Republican President occurs, new members of the EPA get elected. That means the people who help fund things and donate to campaigns, get nominated for positions.

By elected, I mean put into power.

There’s not a real democratic process or anything.

Not always the best people get picked, but whatever.

The important take away is that People leave their seat when they quit or are replaced by the new head honcho in the White House.

After all:

“Every administration has the revolving door”

said former Environmental Protection Agency attorney Bruce Buckheit, 2004

Revolving revolver door

Revolving doors don’t exist in the EPA, except of course, the ones that do.

None of this should make you angry, it’s just really cool that people can make money playing both teams. Really really really really really cool. What amazing opportunities to fill the American dream.

So people are bought out before or during their time at the EPA. Then these people do something like change a policy or sabotage the EPA in some way, and land a kush job at a EPA-Regulated Corporation. Here is a short list:

People who Left the EPA for Money:

Revolving doors go both ways, turns out, so here are some people who Joined the EPA for Money:

If revolving doors were the Olympics, there are notable MVPs:

Marianne Lamont Horinko:

  • 2001 worked at the EPA under Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response
  • 2003 -2004 She served as the Acting administrator of the EPA
  • She wrote a long email about why her job sucked and how her bosses were shit and politically driven or something. Idk, I didn’t read the email.
  • 2004 get this, she started her own Environmental consulting firm in DC. Talk about entrepreneurship. It’s called The Horinko Group or THG for short.
Marianne Lamont Horinko

Scott Pruitt

He’s got a pretty big rap sheet for things that he did (notably things that make him a bad boss, like wow, talk about jerk-mode 3000). But for EPA related stuff:

  • 2011-2017 was the Attorney General of Oklahoma
  • 2017-2018 was the Administrator of the EPA
  • After the EPA he sought to establish an energy consulting business
  • 2019 Registered as a Compensated Lobbyist with the Indiana Lobby Registration Commission in energy and natural resources

Scott Pruitt’s nomination for EPA Administrator was clouded by questions about conflict of interest. As Oklahoma attorney general, he sued the EPA 14 times; as EPA chief, he became a defendant in the lawsuits he had once filed.

I mean, if you can’t beat em then join em, right? Well, then you can beat yourself up to originally beat them up, HA! Check mate.

His Wikipedia page is hella thicc, like he has done quite a bit of controversy.

Scott Pruitt

Also, in 2016 this guy tried to fight the legalization of cannabis in Colorado. He did it probably for money, but why Colorado? That’s not Oklahoma bro.

Linda J. Fisher, she served as:

  • 1985 to 1988 Chief of Staff for EPA Administrator.
  • 1988 to 1989 Assistant Administrator for Policy, Planning, and Evaluation for the EPA.
  • 1989 to 1993 Assistant Administrator for Prevention, Pesticides, and Toxic Substances for the EPA.
  • Some time in between the EPA and her next EPA job, she worked as the Vice President of Government Affairs for Monsanto and  served as an environmental attorney for the law firm of Latham & Watkins (An environmental Law firm).
  • 2001ish to 2003 Deputy Administrator of the EPA
  • Then got a job as Environment and Chief Sustainability Officer of DuPont, a chemical company or something

    -Sources and sources
Linda J. Fisher

William Ruckelshaus, what a G (he’s actually a really respectable guy, unironically):

William D. Ruckelshaus (Friends call him Bill)

Andrew Wheeler

  • He spent 14 years as an aide to a senator who goes against climate change (which I support going against in support of against, now you might be confused. Great.)
  • 2009 worked for Murray Energy (a coal company)
  • 2017 -2018 became the EPA administrator after Scott Pruitt resigned.


He’s probably out there doing more stuff or raising more fund raisers for his ‘friends’ or whatever. Idk man, I don’t care.

Don’t slam the revolving door on your way out

So there are revolving doors and people walk through them, so do we blame the door or the people? I say neither, just let them be. You should blame yourself, these people are just looking for a buck and found some (probably).

Why aren’t you rich enough to fix it? Excuses. Whatever.

You only add to the problem if you rush or advocate violence. So use money to solve issues, if you’re broke than you’re broke. Not the system.

Some of these revolving door people don’t do much, to allow for outdated mining laws to not change. Allowing industry to continue business as usual. So they do their part by doing nothing. Which works, because the EPA doesn’t want to pay the $50 billion to work on Abandoned Mine Land and Federal Facilities.

A lot of the revolving door comes from Waste Management and Monsanto, but do we really want to talk about Monsanto?

Yes, Yes we do

Bayer Bought out Monsanto in 2016. Monsanto has a product called roundup and it contains glyphosate.

Glyphosate harms 93 percent of endangered species and overuse yields lesser returns. Studies show Monsanto was wrong about their studies or something about RNA and longterm effects.

All in all, something something possibly cancerous, something about Round Up bad.

I’m throwing shades on everything

Resulting in Bayer having to fork over money for Monsanto’s mistakes. Talk about a shitty acquisition.

Yea sure, FDA should take care of Monsanto, but you gotta think. They spray chemicals into the environment, so that’s like the EPA’s domain, right? The Environmental P something A something.

Point is, EPA is in charge of regulating chemicals and stuff that go into the environment. Pesticides are chemicals that go, literally, in the environment. So EPA is regulating the agriculture industry as well (That’s a big implication if you want to talk about power and industry).

So it’s in the interest of those regulated to be regulators. So Monsanto (and arguably now, Bayer) is working behind the scenes at the EPA.

Which might explain why the EPA is green lighting and reapproving usage of pesticides linked to brain damage in children.

Eco Terrorists

So, besides filing lawsuits to sue the EPA for being limp-dicked. You know, the whole coal plant wastewater rollback where the EPA went soft. Then nine environmental groups filed litigation against the EPA. That thing.

There are also Eco-terrorist fanatics that go out of their way to ‘fix’ the EPA from the inside. They care about mother nature and life so much that they devalue human life. We don’t deserve the planet or something. That sort of delusional cult-like terrorism. Eco-terrorism.

Eco-Terrorists Sing and Chant While Sabotaging Oil Pipeline – Green Jihad
I mean, it’s called the EPA for a reason, right?

These Eco Warriors are EPA employees who liaise, collude, and take direction from their friends and former colleagues in the environmentalist movement – to such a degree that the report claims it was the EPA’s “modus operandi.”

Hell, in 1978,  the EPA would have imposed standards stringent enough to effectively shut down the U.S. steel industry. But good thing Senators stepped in to stop that shit, and from Pennsylvania of course. (Pennsylvania is known for their Steel)

Basically regulating the EPA to the point of detriment to human life or something about killing businesses and jobs and Industry. Which means bad economy => more poverty => hunger => death.

It’s the natural cycle of life, hurt the economy and people die.

ECO-nomy, ECO-friendly. yea, nailed it.

It’s all about the green.

Eco terrorists basically

The Contestants for a show

So we need to introduce the characters in this fictitious thing of malarkey:

  • Monsanto/Bayer and other chemical companies
  • Coal industry
  • Gas/propane industry and Fraking
  • Big Pharma
  • Oil industry
  • Any manufacturing industry that has chemical processes (that’s like all of them)
  • Any industry in waste
  • Any industry dealing with emissions
  • Any industry that has land or deals with the environment
  • Probably fast food at this point, fuck it. The restaurant industry
  • Foreign Agents (like possibly China or Russia)
  • Foreign Companies and Lobbyists (like Air Liquide, a French-based company that lobbies on the renewable fuel standard and other issues)
  • Eco Terrorists

All of these contestants are for a show that I want to make, called:

The EPA – Civil War

The EPA is just an organization. Everyone who happens to be corrupt, may actually not work with each other. So everyone is doing it for money, but for their own reasons.

For instance, the guy that’s an insider for Oil isn’t working in cahoots with the guy who is an insider with Natural gas.

In fact-fiction, if my intuition is right, there is probably a secret war of internal conflict between these different companies and sectors. That’s fucking juicy thinking about.

Are you ready for what sort of vermin that the Revolving doors let in?

Also, whenever a new president becomes the Lord Emporer God King of America, then they appoint new people and cabinet members. All of which may have made considerable campaign donations to get a promised spot in a seat at whatever regulatory committee they care about. Because winning elections means making promises to powerful wealthy people. All of this to help further facilitate regulatory capture.

Remember those 10 regions? Yea, those are all arenas of Inter-Political battle between the various interests fighting under and inside the EPA. This of course, is me just speculating conjecture, but it sounds very fucking real. Maybe there are some double or triple agents. Just imagine it!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 1920px-Regions_of_the_United_States_EPA.svg.png
Just Call these regions, ‘districts’ instead, and let the hunger-games-gang-war begin
Work your way up the Chain and organizational structure in the Shadows of the EPA

The EPA became an up-for-grabs superweapon that any of the contestants can fight for. When you get it, you can aim it at an enemy company, imports, exports, eco warriors, a sector of the energy(gas, oil, etc.), all of energy, the US Government itself, or even yourself.

Like a Video Game Rocket Launcher

Because like super weapon rocket launchers, what’s the point if you can’t blow yourself up?

Anyways, with all these agendas and bought out or bribed interests, public opinion of the EPA is going downhill. So much so, that even the EPA doesn’t believe in the EPA.

In 2010, an advisory panel found that many agency staffers themselves believe that EPA has been hobbled by political pressure; has been forced to ignore relevant science, and is slow to act against known hazards, to avoid damaging industry.

-Source Harvard

I mean damn, talk about depressing. I don’t want the EPA to not believe in themselves. That’s like primed for suicide.

Sorry EPA, if you want to talk about your feelings. No Safe Bets is here for you bro.

The Solution?

Abolish the EPA? Doubt it.

Create a new act, where states fund and regulate for their own EPA? Sounds too anti-federalist.

Make a new regulatory agency that is a part of the judicial branch, that handles the state level regulatory committees we could hypothetically make? Sounds too federalist.

This way we avoid the Chevron Deference? We don’t undo supreme court precedence without a case to undo it.

Idk man. The world is complex, and the solution can often times be worse than the problem itself.

Why don’t you go get a job with them (the EPA)? You can get a clearance and carry a gun, allegedly.

In Closing

This was a long piece, a lot longer than what I could or did cover in the SEC article. But I’m sure to revisit the SEC when I talk more about wall street or 2008, or Lehman brothers, or Stratton Oakmont, etc. etc.

Here’s there budget for shits and giggles.

Here is a Forbes Article that talks smack about the EPA and uses some different examples and perspectives. A little more respectable than I, but that author is edumacated.

The EPA sounds nice on paper, but it needs more truth and transparency to avoid the clutches and escape from Regulatory Capture or lobbyied interests.

Also, trying to search Whistleblowers *against* the EPA is fucking hard, because the EPA relies on Whistleblowers *for* the EPA. You see how confusing this is, (talk about Search Engine Optimization).

Also, somehow the EPA found ways to use revolving doors as in literal revolving doors. I had to sift through so many unsolicited-door picks. Something to do with environmentally friendly doors for whatever reason. It was gross.

So yes, individuals are corrupt, and the corruption just happens to run deep in the EPA. Well, I hope you don’t want me to spill a solution, because I won’t. In fact, the only people you should be mad at, is yourself. Why aren’t you corrupt yet? You could be raking in at least 6 figures! Jeezzz.

Tough lucks, go kick rocks, and fight man-bear-pig or whatever.

To be devil’s advocate, the EPA might have gone TOO far with regulations and restrictions allowing the decline of American industry resulting in this corruption as a double agent counter attack made by American business in order to Fight against foreign interests invading regulatory committees. The foreign interests, of course, want to see the decline and stagnation of US labor and job growth, so American Businesses play dirty back to reclaim stripped rights against brainwashed Eco-Terrorists and other malfeasant corporations using the EPA as a bludgeon.

What I’m saying is, that there are a lot of good people that shine light onto the world. But shining light also casts shadows, and I’m here to talk about those shadows. Revel in it even.

These people are actually really good, or greedy, but the good intentions can lead to consequences unrealized. A Noble cause, with corruption in it’s wake. If you want a better world, the right thing you can do is to forgive them and let peace be onto them.

But that’s too big brain for most people to comprehend, so just ignore that and be upset or whatever feeling you got from reading this article. Keep judging and loathing the world as you fester in incredulity and hate. Because it’s better to think that the solution is outside your grasp, than from an easy insight within. Whatever.

Also, many people in the white house who oversee the EPA are probably Assholes. So people don’t quit their jobs for no reason, they quit bosses. So their bosses were probably assholes and they caused destruction in their wake, helping the company that they went to work with (instead of against).

My opinion? I don’t give a shit, let it happen. I have popcorn and I enjoy all this juicy juicy reality T.V. style drama. Humans begetting humans over intentions to do greater good or whatever, 😀

I hope I made you laugh more than felt despair

Just sit down, shut the fuck up, be humble, and enjoy the decadence. It’s show time.

All of the statements and everything is hyperbolic, satirical, absurdist in nature, and conjecture that should not be taken seriously. As the saying goes;

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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