Property Taxes are inherently Evil

First and foremost, if you support property taxes AND are an Economist, Tax Lawyer, Tax accountant, or anything Tax related then this is an obligatory message; sook mah deek.

The word ‘Tax revenue’ should make you shiver like getting withdrawals or having a rough STD after running out of penicillin at your third doctor (because the other two were out too).

I mean, let’s get this straight. Not get it twisted.

Property taxes are taxes you pay for property you own.

You’re literally paying on an asset that actually physically decays, (it decays materially, financially depreciates, and even radioactively decays), ‘property’. In most cases, this means houses and homes or land.

Do you really own it, if you’re still making payments on it?

So you never own your own property (no pun intended), basically, you’re still making payments on that house, or that car, or that whatever. Shit you own, pay the government. And yes, a vehicle registration that has to be paid to renew is a property tax on your vehicle.

Let me talk to you about some Thomas Paine type shit;

And Samuel told all the words of the Lord unto the people, that asked of him a King. And he said, This shall be the manner of the King that shall reign over you. He will take your sons and appoint them for himself for his chariots and to be his horsemen, and some shall run before his chariots (this description agrees with the present mode of impressing men) and he will appoint him captains over thousands and captains over fifties, will set them to ear his ground and to reap his harvest, and to make his instruments of war, and instruments of his chariots. And he will take your daughters to be confectionaries, and to be cooks, and to be bakers (this describes the expense and luxury as well as the oppression of Kings) and he will take your fields and your vineyards, and your olive yards, even the best of them, and give them to his servants. And he will take the tenth of your seed, and of your vineyards, and give them to his officers and to his servants (by which we see that bribery, corruption, and favouritism, are the standing vices of Kings) and he will take the tenth of your men servants, and your maid servants, and your goodliest young men, and your asses, and put them to his work: and he will take the tenth of your sheep, and ye shall be his servants, and ye shall cry out in that day because of your king which ye shall have chosen, AND THE LORD WILL NOT HEAR YOU IN THAT DAY.

-Thomas Paine’s “Common Sense”

Bruh, this guy is quoting some old dox about taxation. Basically he’s talking shit about Kings and Monarchies, long after the Magna Carta, and these parallels can be used to describe taxation and levies by government, not just kings. 10% tax rate per, Thomas Paine, is pretty modest compared to current tax rates.

I mean, taxation in it’s simplest form, is a form of cuckery.

Someone who loves paying taxes is a money-cuck. They would easily be Financially dominated in a relationship, especially when they already love being fucked by the government.

So, this passage of Thomas Paine spits some interesting things. Besides being overtly Anti-semitic for whatever reason, he says that it was prophesized that taxes would exist.

And this tax shit is pretty fucking lame.

To reiterate;

If you buy something, but still make payments on it. . . Is it really even yours?

Like what the fuck is even the point of property taxes?

You buy a house, you pay it off, and then you still pay taxes every year?

Like I could understand if those property taxes paid for my electric, gas, water, trash, and other social services. . . But they don’t.

But Muh Roads,

I get it, you think Property Taxes pays for roads.

Then why the fuck do we pay Vehicle Registration and related shit?

Isn’t a government mandated Vehicle Registration itself a tax? You literally got to update your shit and pay for it?

Like, isn’t that the main purpose of vehicle registration?

What’s the point of property tax if ‘public parking’ is private through the virtue of having to pay for it? A Pay wall is a wall, so it’s private. Congratulations government. Local municipalities will have parking meters, that the locals will avoid thereby driving down revenue and interaction of the businesses downtown. So we get a lot of dying towns choking themselves out and ask why the towns are dying.

And what’s up with Cops having Ticket quotas to ticket people? Is really having a Literal “High-way bandit in blue” a thing the government should incentivize? They literally pull you over, say you’re doing something wrong, and then extort money from you. And it’s extortion because the threat is coercion, force, and imprisonment.

We even have traffic cameras that ticket the fuck out of you, and they send you a ticket in the mail. Hell, they even have TEXT services to send it to your phone, telling you to pay more shit.

Look, roads aside, we can all agree that Property taxes don’t pay for shit. I mean, how are school teachers buying shit for their classrooms??? Usually people swindle and steal from the government, and the government collects it back via taxes. But we have Saints carrying the burden of spending their own paychecks to pay for school supplies for people? What the fuck is the point of government and taxes if none of this shit is getting fixed?

Let’s look at the Extremes,

If you were to raise property taxes to 100% home value or some shit, then you’d have a lot of homeless people out on the streets. People wouldn’t be able to pay their taxes, get fines for not paying taxes, thereby owing more money and putting a good majority of homeowners in debt.

If you were to lower property taxes to 0%, besides losing a good chunk of tax revenue, you’d have more home ownership. You’d have people not getting kicked out of their homes, and people with excess income being able to spend it on frivolous things like a gas bill or water bill or garbage bill. You know, things that are frivolous luxuries for a home owner simply because it’s not provided as a social service (even though they were previously paying for it via property taxes).

How fucked is government?

The right answer is, very fucked.

As in Fucked up.

Hell, governments intentionally fine and even bully home owners if they’re not connected to the cities’ electric or water grid. They will forcibly evict you, which I think is a violation of the fourth amendment rights.

Here’s the fourth amendment so you don’t have to google it, you can thank me like the uncultured swine you are.

The rights of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, (essentially property)
Against unreasonable seizures. . .

(truth be told, I wasn’t sure it was a violation at first until I thought about it more).

That’s why things like Killdozer exists;


Dude, Marvin Heemeyer, runs a shop and some asswagon bought the land around it, and then started building a concrete plant. The plant needed to follow zoning laws, and the Dude’s shop was in the Zone of the Concrete plant, so he had to comply with concrete plant zoning.

City Zoning wants dude to pay assload amounts of money to connect his shop to the sewage, and says that if he doesn’t he’ll have to pay more money. So he has to pay money to connect to sewage, which he never had before, or else he has to pay a fine because he couldn’t afford to connect to sewage.

Dude wants to make amends and move on, he’s trying to get sewage and all that.

City doesn’t budge and is naturally unreasonable.

Dude wasn’t able to reason with either party, so he does something reasonable and destroys property with his makeshift dozer, and then he kills himself injurying no one else.

Here is another story;

This is the injustice that our system breeds because simply we’re retarded;

I mention this in particular, because what the fuck is the point of property taxes if they don’t cover things like a gas bill.

So this lady doesn’t pay a gas bill,

Gets a No-Knock

By SWAT raid,

And her Dog is murdered,

And the County has to pay near a million dollars for the hiccup.

Like how the fuck does any of this Clown Ass shit make any god damn sense? You’re telling me we have militarized police forces with breaching and intrusion into someone’s home to kill their dog all for a fucking gas bill that’s probably less than $95?

AND instead of getting that $95 back, we send in hourly waged swat team people that get paid more than the actual mission itself. Fuck up, and then pay a Million dollars for the wrong doing?



HOLY FUCKING SHIT, I have great disdain for retardedness and there is plenty of it.

All of this was based on a tip, mind you. So there wasn’t even factual evidence to warrant the warrant, let alone a No-Knock Raid;

‘An Anonymous tip’

Like if you can’t admit that this world is a fucking joke, then here is a meme to help you cross that bridge (or bridge that gap);

-Poorly worded
Because this was a poor shit-show
like, wtf?

How dare you not pay YOUR GAS BILL!!!

Put three in your son’s head
for talking
1st Amendment doesn’t apply to accomplices of Gas Bill Unpayers

Like, Domestic Terrorism, helllooooo? This shit is basically state-sanctioned banditry. If cops can go into your home and threaten to ‘put three’ in your son’s head, Then what the fuck is even the point of cops? Who are the cops stopping cops? No one? WTF type of Judge Dredd shit is this?


Sometimes I just need to chill, and we can all learn how better to cope with the realities of this world and horrible shitty things that dumbass retarded people do, just one drink at a time.

As a seasoned alcoholic, before you give up, remember why you started.

(I don’t mean ‘give up on life’, I mean ‘Give up on drinking’. . . Don’t give up on either? I guess. . .)

Also, if you can’t help your neighbor;

If you can’t help thy neighbor, then religion and charity are fundamentally at odds against Government.

But the point we should be focusing on is, Why would you pay property taxes and not get Water included? Like you paid for your property, and you don’t get water with it?

But if you don’t pay for water, you get it shut off and you still have to pay property taxes?

AND if you’re not connected to water, in some places, the City or zoning laws will make you pay MORE?

What the fuck is the point in connecting water if you still have to pay for it? After already paying for it?

Like you have to pay to connect the water, and then you have to pay for the water, and if you don’t connect the water, you still have to pay a fine for not connecting the water. . .AND on top of all of that, you still have to pay property taxes. What the fucK?


The government is inherently evil, that’s a fact. The Idea that they want to or care about ‘poverty thresholds’ and ‘standards of living’ while imposing their will on someone’s free will to live on their own property. That is most definitely a violation of the Fourth Amendment.

Wanting to ‘put three in your head’ for talking is also a violation of the first amendment.

Shooting dogs is a violation of having common sense and humility and other things that would make you a human being.

But the silver lining of this post is, you can also be enlightened to also know that Property Taxes are also inherently evil.

If Property Taxes were rent, then this entire civilization runs and operates under the coercion of Rent-seeking. “Property-Tax-seeking” shitass. And per Thomas Paine’s Deductions, you can blame kingdoms for that. Which, he’s wrong, but I give him credit for him thinking he was right.

You see, Warrior body guards were the original form of payment, the vig, tribute, to run the protection racket that grew from tribes to kingdoms to all of that. It started with a gang that collected protection money in return for security. That’s how taxes and most of society evolved.

Banditry or town guards, take your pick, you can pay one or both.

By paying the warriors, the military forces, to maintain law and order. That’s the origin of taxes. Not Fiefdom shitass or grain yields or some shit. That’s just retarded colleged degreed shit that people espouse. It’s like saying the chicken came before the egg, that’s dumb.

Be thankful, I guess, that you don’t have to worry about pirates, bandits, or kidnappers, or human traffickers, or people in blue raiding your home with militarized gear and shooting your dog like raiders, or. . .

Wait a minute. . .

In Closing,

Anyone who LOVES paying taxes, is a tax cuck.

You can tell them I, Duke, Said that.

I believe that government, property taxes, and any form of taxes imposed for simply living are immoral.

There is literally no point in taxes, because Quantitative Easing Literally exists. We can print money whenever. Literally no point in lowering the deficit or doing budget cuts. Because we always overspend, that’s the American Economy. It’s fucking pathetic that taxes exist at all. Money Printer existing is at odds with Taxes existing.

Asking for the abolishment of Property Taxes is very very very improbable and unlikely, However, reducing property taxes inversely to the increase of rate of inflation or something like 1% with gradual reforms would be a step in the right direction. Anything to lower the retardedness in the retarded clown world we live in.

Get more people in home ownership, get more people to pay taxes, and life goes on.

Really, If we tax home ownership, we should provide credits and deduction for home ownership. We have some things in place for buying a home, but that’s retarded. You’re essentially helping poor people get their first hit of a drug called Property Taxes, and hoping they pay.

In fact, property taxes actually make it harder for people to keep their homes. Turns out, asking for money just to live in a shelter is expensive and only makes people lose their homes. Funny thing how we need money to stay in a thing that we already bought with money. . .

And also, providing unequal treatment by deferring others from property taxes, just only shoots yourself in the foot from missed revenue. It’s all kinds of fucked. Property taxes just makes the government into a supra-imposed HOA or Landlord, and ‘tax revenue’ becomes a form of ‘rent seeking’. Also, HOAs are fucking stupid as fuck, why would you want to pay more property taxes (to a private party none the less)?

And I love it, fuck it, because, Fuck you, remember?

Me unironically gazing at the stars
Asking those God-versed souls why Property taxes exist.

There are two constants in Life, those are Death and Taxes.

And one of them stops for you after you Die.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

Here’s a side update;

(as of October 11th 2022)

Did you know;

in other countries, they don’t pay property taxes on their FIRST home.

It’s almost like they want to advocate home ownership.

America is ass backwards with property taxes and it’s inherently evil.

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