GoFundMe is a Scam

GoFundMe is a website used to crowd source and raise money for various projects, things, and causes. It’s funding people on a sort of centralized platform where decentralized people from all walks of life can ask for money or donations.

By all walks of life, I mean to include scammers,

Here’s an oldie but a goodie

Some people started a fund for a Border Wall under the Trump Administration

These people ran off with the money.

Some scams are too successful for their own good, can’t hide too much money if you know what I mean;

Was it just third-party scammers scamming people?

Or did GoFundMe have anything to do with it?


So, there are a bunch of fake Funds on GoFundMe where people pose as people in need, so that they can get a donation. From lying about illness and disease to saying they need help for something. For some magnanimous cause.

All the while, real people die from not having insulin or other shit they need.

So the META Scam of GoFundMe is that GoFundMe itself is a Scam. Not just a breeding ground for scammers, the Site is definitely a Scam itself.

See, here’s how it goes;

Some large political cause or faction or something big in the world of politics or faith happens.

A GoFundMe is started.

They raise millions of dollars.

The GoFundMe is shut down and all the donations are stolen.

Look, bud, Charity in most cases are already scams. So this is just a scam stealing from scammers if you think about it.

Here’s a recent Example;

A Bunch of Truckers and People started honking their horns in Ottawa Canada, and they are making a movement or some shit.

Lots of people funded it.

Then they shut down the fund.

And took the money.

Instead of directly refunding the people that funded the fund, they are instead opening up a ticket submission for a refund.

So instead of giving back your money, they spend it on ‘charities’.

‘We will work with organizers’
Is a statement that means nothing
just vague ‘we are doing good things’

You know, as a middle party, they should be the ones to broker and arbitrate to make sure the money one party gives to another makes it to the other. But they take your money instead? That’s not how that is supposed to work.

The platform doesn’t insure anything based on the evidence that they can take your money and go. As a payment processor, they’re kind of shit to do something scummy like that.

Some good questions;

And here is how to get your money back if you were wronged. This is the correct way to do it, go through your bank, not through GoFundMe. It’s called Chargebacks;

I mean, if you paid for your money to go ‘somewhere’, then it’s a service. If your money doesn’t go to that specified ‘somewhere’ then you weren’t given a proper service. Which means you did not authorize that and it is not a valid charge and you may need to file a regulation E claim.

Also, GoFundMe takes tips

Like, tip for what service? And how is a Tip 12.5%?

This is just a side blurb to say it’s sketch or kind of unreasonably high. Like even credit cards and bankies aren’t charging you a fucking 12.5% rate per transaction. Bankies charge typically 3% to merchants. So GoFundMe charges 4 times more than a bank. Make that make sense?

As a payment processor, if GoFundMe are identified as one, that’s highway robbery. That’s greater than 10% of the goods, if this was a toll road, this would be oppression.

Here’s also how the Scam goes for smaller funds;

Someone is dying or on hard times,

They start a GoFundMe,

They raise a couple hundred or thousands of dollars.

The GoFundMe refuses to pay out and keeps giving the run around until they give up on the funds.

GoFundMe asks for banking information or cite that you violated some federal rules,

then GoFundMe refuse to pay out and fail to sends you emails, no comms, going dark.

All the while, the tech support is non-existent and you can’t really reach GoFundMe.

How do I know this, well, I looked at some complaints. . .

GoFundMe has a record of running off with the money;

Stealing from Cancer Victims, class act.
Keep it classy GoFundMe.

Here are some complaints

These are courtesy of the Better Business Bureau,

Have your money locked in purgatory;

There’s like a huge list of similar complaints.
Like all of them are about the same thing ish.

A lot of the complaints are about withdrawing funds. Most of which gets answered, but there is an alarmingly large amount of issues. Almost like they’re waiting for a check to clear or some liquidity crunch or some shit.

Regardless, losing your money that was donated to you is sad. It’s not theft if the money is refunded. But it is theft if the money isn’t refunded like so;

What about just shadow banning your shit and running with the money?

This is what we call, larceny

This donation GoFundMe-shitass would not be an issue if the company was reputable or if the transaction were on some open peer-to-peer proto-bancor ledger system. But Alas, do we even have such a technology?

No Payment processor should ever decide how or who or where your payment goes. That’s not how payment processing works.

Lmao, greedy incompetent people be shitty, as always.

“They will not give us the money, but the fund is still up and running”

Turns out, GoFundMe is a scam. Yea, that’s a fact.

The list of complaints go on and on, so here’s the link if you want to read more. I didn’t even go back to 2020 complaints or earlier, I’m sure they are equally shitty.

The list of complaints is long as fuck. There is like 518 of them in the last three years alone. Which isn’t a lot considering how large of a business they are, but also they all say the same thing, which tells me that it’s not a problem that is worth fixing on their end. It seems intentional.

I mean, imagine how many others didn’t have the time to file a complaint to BBB and also got scammed out of their money.

I got a hunch

That GoFundMe just redirects the funded monies into a fake charity to collect the cash.

I mean, they already are shady.

And they say they redirect funds to other charities and causes.

Whose to say they wouldn’t shadily redirect that money to themselves?

In Closing,

Idk about you, but I don’t trust Charities.

I don’t trust funding people or donations.

I especially don’t trust middle men that say they’ll deliver your funds for you.

Especially if the middle men say they’ll deliver your funds to your charities.

GoFundMe has scammers but the twist is that GoFundMe is a scammer too!

Take your money and run kind of deal.

And by all the evidence above, I don’t trust GoFundMe. If they scam even 1% of their cliental, that still makes them scammers. Which means GoFundMe is a scam.

GoFundMe is a scam.

Undoubtably a scam.

I just calls it like I sees it.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

GoFundMe is a scam, and they have wronged many people. Specifically they steal from people who are often in need, so GoFundMe’s theft definitely has blood on their hands. They are akin to murderers by denying the monies that could help feed and shelter those that need it.

Post Edit update;

For laughs, here’s a meme;

And here is a random comment that summarizes my mental development with GoFundMe;

I didn’t care about the politics, it definitely is one sided, but I’m anti-political so I don’t care of either sides. Regardless of my anti-political affiliation, I believe whole heartedly that GoFundMe is a bunch of Cucksters -I mean Hucksters.

EDIT Sometime mid February;

I updated my spelling and grammar, holy fucking shit was it bad. I don’t know what I was smoking when writing this, but I’m going to recreate it because it was good as fuck for me to fuck up spelling that bad. I mean, for science, of course.

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