Taxes as an economic lever to guide consumerism is a scam

As a defense for taxes, people wrongly espouse that Policy makers can use tax policy to incentivize a Direction in citizenship and social structure, thereby incentivizing certain acts and disincentivizing others.

But to use taxes as the metric and the stick to beat people in a specific direction, is 

economic violence.

Because what happens if you don’t pay or refuse to pay taxes? You play that game long enough and they’ll sick that ‘tax hounds’ on you. Resulting in repossession of your ‘possessions’ and jail time. So economic becomes very real violence, resulting in force or imprisonment.

Did you really ever own your home if you have to pay lifetime taxes on it? That means you’re still paying for it. . . So it’s like rent. Because if you don’t pay those taxes, then someone else is going to take your home. . . Property taxes are unethical, duh.

If the Tax codes were written in a way to guide consumerism, that means that the government can tell you what to spend your money on and how to spend it. And eventually the government is going to be wrong, because no one ever makes safe bets all the time. So eventually the Government’s luck is gonna run up and they would’ve funneled our endless potentialities from variable chaos, into a retarded pyramid scheme that ends up killing itself.

Like you really want to end up like China’s Social Credit system that tells you how much video games you can play or what movies you can watch? You really want big brother to dictate your credit score through your hobbies and passions?

It’s completely anti-western ideology, not-freedom, and un-American.

I mean, the founding Fathers literally revolted against taxation without representation.

I’d argue, that we need to find a solution and to stop being fiscally, monetarily, financially, fiduciarily, and other types of Retarded. When I say We need to stop, I mean collectively society, and more specifically the government.

Like you really want them to tell you what you can and can’t do?

That’s economic bullying and also economic indentured servitude, or slavery.

So, totally, not cool.

In Closing,

Using Tax edicts to guide people’s money expenditures is a round about convoluted way to enforce economic violence.

The tax codes as written already punish the poor people and the working class. So if you’re poor and working class, you’re getting fucked by the tax code.

It’s bullying, no ifs ands nor buts.

You think it’s a coincidence that governments want Centrally Backed Digital Coins? So they can track your money? And freeze your money? You think this is all for the greater good? You can’t buy from mom and pop stores, no, you have to be forced to buy from big corpo-globo-homo store.

Yea, this shit is not good. It’s fascism disguised as virtue signaling by forcing people to do things “for their own good”.

What a safe bet #not.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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