How about them tax rates?

It seems a lot of countries pay a fuck ton in taxes.

Let’s zoom in on the US, -Because why not?

Here’s some old numbers from a rando post by turbo tax;

So you pay taxes on the money you make, the money you exchange, for property, for sales, for income, for a lot of shit. There’s state and federal taxes, and you have to pay both.


Yea, I get that I screenshotted a reddit post of a 4chan post. The point is, there’s plenty of people from all sorts of politically autistic spectrum that also find it kind of fucked with this whole taxes thing.

Funny thing, the IRS agents collect taxes to pay for their salary. And get this, their income is taxed too. Like, doesn’t that seem kind of stupid? We are taxing people that are on the payroll for the government, paid for by the government, with money collected from taxes. . .

And it’s not like there is an ‘easy’ opt out button to all this malarky.

So, People tend to pay their taxes,

Because if you don’t pay, then you’ll be met with violence and be thrown in jail. I mean, we did hire a projected -like- 87,000 new IRS members with most of them being armed -or atleast having hand gun training.

Yea, is that what we need our tax payer money going to? Armed Tax collectors?

-some meme

Yea, that’s what we need taxes for, to hire armed tax collectors. Right.

If you don’t pay, eventually someone is going to come to forcibly take away your nice things and throw you in jail. If you lose your things by force by the society or system, was that shit ever yours?

Seems like you’re just renting and taxes are the economic rents required to live in a society. . . Even though the government just prints money willy nilly and spends it on foreign nations and the war machine like they’re the US’ favorite strippers on Tax Refund day. Yea, Ballin on other peoples’ money. Great.

Why the US gotta be so hard up on cash?

That deficit never gets lower, and the debt’s increase outpaces our ability to pay it.

What the fuck are we even doing? Money isn’t real. Why is this society slaving for money? Why does the US have a tab, who the fuck is gonna pay?

Here’s someone’s paycheque for relativity’s sake;

Someone posted this online, lemme tell ya, this is Capitalism Manifest;

A third of the paycheque going to taxes. God Bless. That’s like 33% my guy.

You know the founding fathers revolted for taxation right?

Yea, so the tax for the Boston Tea Party shit was 3 pennies a pound of tea. A Pound of Tea costed 2 shillings. A shilling is worth 12 pennies.

So the tax rate for Tea, at the price of 24 pennies, was 3 pennies.

If it was 3 pennies on top of 24 pennies, then colonists would pay an extra 9% (or 12.5% depending on how you math) on their tea. . .

So their tax rate was an additional surcharge of 9%. . .

And this was for tea. . .

Not their paycheques or livelihood like we have today.

There was a bunch of tea smuggling during these times, but you gotta remember, the British literally conquered nations for spices for them to not flavor their food. So we might think it silly that a revolution happened over tea, but those were simpler times where they didn’t have the advent horrors and distractions of the modern world.

If you referenced the data above for tax rates from other states, you’re paying more for living, sales, and income. Like why?

If only there was some sign,

Like when things happen like so;

It kind of feels like a sign or a symbolic gesture.

That was like the whole point of The American Revolution.

Also, Eagle Augury dates back to the Eagle standard of Rome. Hence inaugurations and other shit. Eagles were auspicious. Also, Gold symbol on the periodic table is Au that was used because of its Latin name aurum. so this AUgurs, inAUgurations, AUspicious, AUra, AUrum stuff has a connection, you just have to study some etymology and Roman Magick to figure this shit out.

Something about the Praetorians, secret service, royal guards, and the Financial Old Guard and something something insert ramblings about taxes that sounds incoherent relating to global finance. Yea, that sounds about right.

In Closing,

Yea, these were just some thoughts about taxes. I realized I overstayed my thoughts when I start Rambling about the good old days of the Imperium SPQR.

Eh, whatever.

The rest of the world is also falling into financial cuckery and paying absurd amount of taxes. First world countries have suicide rates on the rise and populations are in some quasi state of decline, livelihood and happiness seem all naught in some parts of this bleak world. The US was the beacon of hope and reason with their revolution. Now everyone is falling in line and becoming tax slaves.

I’m not asking for a revolution. I’m just posing a philosophical question; What tax rate will you not sustain? 10%? 20%? 50%? 70%? What will come of you when the tax rate is 100%? If you adjust inflation and ‘Cost of living’, you’ll realize you’re not making as much as you think you are. . .

With inflation on the rise, and housing prices unaffordable. It seems a large swathe of people are, well, fucked.

Hopefully I’m wrong as fuck, because as always, there’s No Safe Bets.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

Post Script,

Here’s an idea, call it some sort of spit ball freebie,

Taxes should allow Deductible Food and Rent and also should be free to file. If Taxes were mandatory, then shouldn’t the government pay for that instead of hiring IRS agents? It sounds like taxes are optional but what do I know?

Food and rent should be tax deductible.

Also, Filing for taxes should also be a public service.

But also, Taxes in general are a scam.

All we’ve done is raised the deficit ceilings and keep kicking the can into further debt.
We don’t take back the money or disincentivize money laundering from Off shore accounts, Hedgefunds, Military industrial complex, mega tech corporations, oil, big pharama, or insert rich people here.

So, like, there really is no point in taxes,
and then because of that line of thought, you get retarded monetary policy like Modern Monetary theory. Because Taxes doesn’t really have a role in creating a Demand for money, simply because people NEED money to live in this shit society. Like what are you gonna pay for rent with? Internet Bean coins that have volatile price swings of 5Grand?

Yea, there’s really no point in taxes with a government that prints cash. Like, just go pay yourself, it’s beyond Clown World at this point. Policy makers can use tax policy to incentivize a Direction in citizenship and social structure, thereby incentivizing certain acts and disincentivizing others. But to use taxes as the metric and the stick to beat people in a specific direction, is economic violence.

And that means that the government can tell you what to spend your money on and how to spend it. And eventually the government is going to be wrong, because no one ever makes safe bets all the time. So eventually the Government’s luck is gonna run up and they would’ve funneled our endless potentialities from variable chaos, into a retarded pyramid scheme that ends up killing itself.

It’s completely anti-western ideology, not-freedom, and un-American.

I mean, the founding Fathers literally revolted against taxation without representation.

I’d argue, that we need to find a solution and to stop being fiscally, monetarily, financially, fiduciarily, and other types of Retarded. When I say We need to stop, I mean collectively society, and more specifically the government.

Like you really want them to tell you what you can and can’t do?
That’s economic bullying and also economic indentured servitude, or slavery.
So, totally, not cool.

. . .

Eh, take it or leave it.

Post Post Script,

Did you know in other countries, they include taxes in the pricing of their merchandise?

That way the customer doesn’t have to fucking guess how much the bill will be.

That’s why a lot of europoors get upset at the American system.

Rightly so, I’d be pissed if I had to pay an extra 6% out of nowhere unexpectedly.

I mean, the founding fathers revolted for 9%, so take that in stride. Seems like we’re okay with random bills and fees as a society.

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