Economics is Modern Day Augury

The study and branch of Economics is used to govern and drive fiscal policy like that of the Augury in Roman Times. Some studies use numbers and whatnot, as if adding numbers makes the soft science of economics even ‘harder’ or more ’empirical’. Yet the derivation of meaning behind what these numbers mean is subjective and open to error in statistical analysis. Obviously.

I say this because I hate economists and economies.

The majority of these pretentious Degreed Economists simply don’t know the magics of the world, and they’re the type of mother fuckers that would think a $3K stimulus check lasts a year. Do you know how many crack heads have glocks because of this thinking? A fuck ton. Do you know how many Crack Heads I have to fend off because of Stimmy Checks? Yea, I thought so.

These ivory tower wizards-with-degrees are cunts, and I hate the majority of them based on their archetypal nature combined with their short-sighted hypocrisy. But to focus on the main course,

Let me fill you in on the occult practice of Augury;

Augury, was basically ‘reading the birds’. You know how people read tea leaves or charts to make determinations and trends? Just like your average Candle Index degenerate stock trader- Yea, the Romans did that with Birds. The practice was Augury, performed by Augurs.

They would say things based on Birds and used that as a good sign or a bad sign. In fact, the term Auspicious came from Augury. So if something has an auspicious nature, then it can be determined as ‘with the birds’ and having a good sign.

These guys would say shit like, “many birds today, it’s a good sign. It approves of the War.” and then we’d go into war.

Or they might say “No birds today, they’ll be a storm. We shouldn’t build another strip mall” and build more department stores instead.

They also counted different birds to mean different things. Like for instance, having a Condor or a Vulture meant something different then an Eagle or a Raven. And I’m not really an Augur so I can’t actually teach you what they do nor how they do it. I refuse to learn Augury until some unwritten conditions are met. That’s a personal thing, enough about me, look at this distraction of Eagles;

Here’s a snippet of another shit post about taxes;

There’s a reason the Eagle Banner or Eagle Standard was very important. Hell, Rome loved their Eagles and it was always Auspicious to have an Eagle approve of your wars and your battles. A good chunk of people believed it, so much so that they decided to make Golden Eagles and carry it into battle. Now, I don’t know if the good luck of Auspiciousness carries over from a Non-living golden Eagle, but uh, I’m not going to piss in Dead People’s Cheerios. The people at the time definitely felt or believed like it did something, And I personally am not going to rob the dead Romans of that, I’m not a Archaeologist grave robber. Lmao.

So let them have their bird statues and enjoy their Bird Banners, Let them eat cake. Lmao.

So yea, Romans, Eagles. America, Bald Eagles. A lot of parallels with Eagles and ‘freedom’ in America.

Even elected rulers had to be accepted by the Augurs. That’s why, even to this day, we call it being ‘inaugurated’ or an ‘inauguration’. What, you think it’s called ‘taking office’? How else does a President get in their position if not approved by the Augurs.

It was a very political position to be a priest that could perform Augury. So much so, that there was a plebian reform that allowed Plebes to be Augurs.

So the poors of Roman Citizens had representation in Augury. You know that old saying; “No Auguration without Representation” (I made that up for the record). Yea, that’s what the Plebes fought for in the Classist society of Patricians and whatnots of Rome.

This was to help out with making the Plebes feel represented. I’m merely citing the deep magicks of the world, don’t boo me.


I really didn’t like the idea of America (or Rome 2.0) going from counting birds to just counting. That’s essentially what Economics and other sciences do, they resort to statistics and obscured renditions of the numbers to dictate economic policy or fiscal policy. Everyone in the Modern world considers ‘Math’ to be ‘Hard Facts’ in a very narrow vision for the universal language, but they’re not wrong, but they don’t see why they’re limited either. Bit unfortunate.

Instead of counting real birds, we’re now polling data from various slight-of-hand sources to try and extrapolate a narrative and dictate future actions. The numbers are larger and larger in significant notations but they singularly mean less and less. I would much rather count seven birds than do this circus of polling data and months of research to post a statistical trend, just a Personal Preference.

People and rulers that care so much about ‘the economy’ that they’ll spin a narrative with numbers to tell a lie that justifies a specific action. Idk about you, but having ‘science’ be the new religion to justify everything, makes it kind of shitty. People resort to Numbers and R-Values as if there’s a tangible real world application to shitty models. Turns out, not all models are great, nor are they accurate.

The Map is -obviously- not the Territory

Now is science all trash? No. Just like Augury, there’s a method to the madness.

Here’s a good quote, from an Economist, talking in the tone of Martin Luther about the problems of Economy;

“Like it or not, Economics has become a bit like Catholic Theology in medieval Europe. It has basically become the language of the rulers. So if you don’t speak economics, you cannot participate in any debate.

Especially because in the last few decades of Neoliberalism, we have been encouraged and sometimes even forced to think everything in economic terms. So when you’re trying to protect -I don’t know- a Library or a Museum, you have to make this economic argument. You know, this will -I don’t know- Encourage learning and increase the people’s intelligence and our productivity. You know, why should you do that, you know?

Unfortunately you have to, so increasingly being able to speak economics is important. But of course they are not going to let you speak it- In the exact same way that the Vatican banned the translation of the Bible into local languages in the medieval times. So unless you belong to this priesthood or are one of the people who were trained in Latin, or unless you were from extremely privileged background and had a personal tutor to teach you Latin- You cannot even read the Bible. Yea, and once you create this body of knowledge -which is not accessible to other people- then you can just, kind of, well basically bully the other people into accepting your argument. -Because other people cannot really understand you. . . ”
Ha-Joon Chang

To even have a debate in Economics, you need to provide proof and sources backing up your claims. Meaning that to defend the deforestation of trees or some other issue that you care about, you have to provide research and sources. So you have to essentially quantify and assign a value to nature. You have to give value to trees, how many estimated dollars is the Amazon Rainforest worth? What model are you using? That inaccurate model is shit, no one is taking your opinion seriously.

Before you know it, people are making the Economic argument that Assisted Suicides and people killing themselves is a net good for the economy. Why do you think Canada is pushing Assisted Suicides so much? To reduce the stress in Pension Plans? What about the Global Organizations and their Depopulation Agendas? We have a bunch of Death Cults backed by their version of Economics.

So now, to counter that debate, we now have to do the legwork in proving why Suicide and Depopulation are not good for the economy. Now we have to use the same logic and rationale in their ‘wheel house’ or ‘playing field’ to rationalize that killing people, babies, trees, barnacles, coral reefs, etc. Is NOT Better for the Economy.

That’s the nature of Economic Debate.

Public policy and such has to be predicated and dictated on key buzz words like ‘job markets’, ‘unemployement’, and ‘rent’. So a bunch of the policy is driven by a narrow lens and view of the world. Looking through the world in the eyes of economy, means that we have to justify the reasons and purpose for building Libraries, building more schools, or even stopping fund foreign wars, or inflating our own currency.

It seems all of our policies are used to prolong the economy or launder money. It’s typically one of the two, because bribes and self-interests usually lead to policies that deviate from ‘saving the economy’. All other policy is directed or disguised as ‘saving the economy’.

And the Economy is an abstract thing.

Like the Sumerian or Buddhist Tale of the Elephant. Where Five blind men feel up an elephant and they all describe it as a different texture knowing that they themselves are right. Yea, so-

The Economy, to everyone, is a different thing.

It’s almost like describing ‘life’ or ‘God’ or some other flowery abstract word.

No one really knows what they mean when they talk about the Economy, they just have some general synonyms in their mind but cannot accurately define it or measure it. Like the metrics to measure it are various and endless. And the metrics matter because that’s how you ‘define’ something, to demarcate it from what ‘it is’ to what ‘it is not’. Here are some ways people try to ‘size up’ the economy;

To some people, they view it as a job market. Are there enough jobs for people? Is there enough meaningful work? No? Let’s contract a bunch of Weapon Manufacturers and Ship Builders to Commission more US Naval War Vessels and Tanks to provide a surplus of jobs in our state. Yea. Let’s use the Federal budget to increase our State’s spending power. Senators and such literally think about this in terms of providing for their state.

It’s not a wrong idea, it’s just sort of perverted in nature. It’s a pathology, and you can’t really fault the politicians too much (unless they were bribed), because they’re following the pathology of providing for their statesmen, their countrymen. It just so happens that they are (likely) probably receiving a kickback from the Military Industrial Complex and also providing jobs for their state. Hell, to them, it looks like a win-win.

Some people view the Economy as Unemployment figures. They care if people aren’t in a job, the negative to if there are enough jobs (job market). Then they evaluate how they can get the supply of unemployed people to readily obtain employment in the demand of job markets. But they don’t necessarily have accurate data or indications, so policy makers don’t have real time data to determine how their policy affects others. They also don’t know if people are working 4 minimum wage jobs, or if there’s under employment, or over employment, and also crime. Like how many Unemployed people are just committing crime? How many employed people are committing crime? Sometimes people resort to anything to make money, and selling a little hash seems a lot better than shoving pharma pills down other people’s throats.

Some other people view the Economy as merely the Stock Market. Stocks go up, good. Stocks go down, bad. Big number good, me no think. It’s a simplification of what the Economy could be or is. But the Stock market itself is tied to many public companies and banks meaning it’s tied to treasury bonds, bills, and even foreign currency. So the Stock Market is actually a really great indicator for the health of the economy -all things considered. It’s just our current model and design for our stock market and banks are just primitive neolithic age models that aren’t up to date on providing incentives to the average investor. In fact, when the stock market does poorly, everyone suffers. When the Stock Market does well, only a few profit.

Some people don’t understand the economy at all and see it as a tool to beat other people or justify their own actions. Which, I mean, they’re not wrong. So they make a mockery of the Economy and simplify it as something stupid and silly because the reality for many people is disconnected from those of policy makers, economists, and the other Ivory Towered cretins;

You know how Crusaders were doing ‘Gods Will’. Politicians are doing the same thing for ‘The Sake of the Economy’.

So the Flowery words and forked tongues with sharpened minds push out and peddle pet Micro-and-Macro Economic theories that are used like holy texts to guide and dictate economic policy. Whether or not the crunching of numbers is actually a benefit for society or just some nefarious plot to sell out more land to foreign interests and enrich their own pockets. (I’m talking about you, British Columbia)

I’m not so Post Modernist to say that all economic studies are used in political games of dictating Policies in Power Games. There’s plenty of Economists that genuinely want to do good in the world, it’s mainly their boss or their Research Grant owner that’s the sociopathic one. It’s a system of pathological games, all vying for different things and arrangements. I know I trash on Economists a lot, I just want to give the Devils their due.

Economics is just Numerical Theology, much like Augury is Numerically Scrying Birds

Here are some opinions from peanut galleries with critiques on Economics;

I’m not saying these comments are right, these are not my opinions. what I am saying, is that these people feel that they are right. Feel righteous enough to post such a comment on the internet for me to find and purvey to you;

“When people were arguing to get rid of the postal service bc of yadda yadda it lost money yadda yadda. WHO CARES WE NEED CONSISTENT AND RELIABLE MAIL”

“it’s insane that the arts have become an economic debate, never in history was it a question whether it was worth the spending for art to exist until now, how long until emotions become an economic debate? thought itself?”

“I saw an economist state recently that people are STILL living off Covid relief funds. Like bruh it’s 3k that didn’t even last 60 days.” -comment in 2023

“Economists are the high priests of the death cult of capitalism.”

“mainstream economics is basically a religion, based on dogma, defending the interests of the rich ruling class”

“yes, they made up a bunch of silly terms to sound smart and when you ask stock-bros to just explain it. They cant, many use it as buzzwords”

“Reminds me of the old saying: blinding knowledge. If you didn’t understand the language of the propositions, then you were assumed to be wrong”

“a related issue is how the current neoliberal economic system teaches it’s math as dogma when in reality its fluid just like any other social science”

“This isn’t just in economics, but academic language is a gatekeeper of information”

In Closing,

Is Augury real and practical? Yea, just in the same fashion that anything else is real and practical. It depends on the use.

Fisherman use birds to show an area or density of fish -turns out, birds eat fish and fly over dense areas of fish. Researchers study drought and flood patterns by the presence and counting of Birds. Environmentalists can study meteorological patterns and trends in the ecosystem from bird migrations. There’s a lot of things connected here, and Augury is a real practice. Whether or not that’ll determine who is or isn’t a good leader, well, idk fam.

Also, bird watching or Ornithology is a very old past time. Just saying. I have more respect for Augury than I do Economy, mainly because Economists take themselves and their Economy way way too seriously while also dictating public and social policy. Thus resulting in Economic Pain and Economic Violence on my livelihood and my local Taco or Deli stand that I may or maynot frequent when I turn into Mr. Hyde in a Drunken Stupor of consuming intoxicating Elixers before being remedied at Dawn.

Anyways, the point of all of this is to relate Augury with Economics and how they both dictate policy. Economics is essentially the Modern Day Augury of Rome, or the Modern Day Catholic Church of Rome. Depending on which period in time of Rome you wanted to compare with.

And because many Countries rely on Economics, this sort of quasi academic religion has spread and is far reaching. Wait until you hear about the policies dictated by the Global Economy, the unification of their ‘lesser god’ economies. Lmao.

I’m merely calling things as I see it, call it an opinion. Hot takes, I know.

*Not Valid Financial, L-eagle, Life, or Any Advice

Post Script;

Economy is a word that comes from Oikos and Nomy.

Essentially Family or house and Numbers.

So the economy is a measure or an accounting of things between family or society.

That’s the basic definition.

What we have today are many theories and each of them are specialized mental weapons intended for use to drive policy and power in a specific direction. It’s kind of like various styles of martial arts, but for one’s mentality, wit, and tongue.

Everything isn’t a power play, but a good chunk of science and religion in the Political landscape is.

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