Fines and Fees are for an Injustice System, Get Mulct

The point of the matter is, if the punishment for a crime results in a fine or a fee, then it’s not a justice system. It’s just a convoluted tax system disguised as Justice.

See, if you have enough money to hire a lawyer or bribe the judges, then it means the only real crime is being poor.

And everything else, morality aside, is subjective.

Simply put,

Especially when the alternative for the fine is jail time. So if you don’t have the money or refuse to pay or consent to the rulings, you get thrown into jail via force. But if you have the money, you can get out of that.

That implies that rich people who can afford bail, bond, and good lawyers are essentially exempt from jail outside of the most heinous of crimes or down-right being framed for fraudulent ones.

And even then, you’ll just end up in a maximum security penitentiary. The Guards will turn a blind eye, the security camera will turn off, and somebody will have a body-double that will ‘take your place’ as the bribed EMS and first responders take your body-double to the bribed coroner. All of this so you can get away Scot free while the world talks about how ‘you didn’t kill yourself’.

It is as the poem goes;

“Well did you know when you were famous you could kill your wife
And there’s no such thing as 25 to life
As long as you’ve got the cash, to pay for Cochran”

Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous by Good Charlotte

The Fact that ‘White Collar’ prisons exist implies that there’s a class of prison reserved for the wealthy and affluent. You know, those prisons with good food, no hard labor, and tennis courts?

I’m not kidding, these things are real;

It’s kind of like an ‘uncomfortable’ over-stay at some four star hotel. That’s apparently prison for the rich.

And I’m not saying rich people shouldn’t have nice things like tennis courts. I’m just saying that the ‘poors’ should also get some of them nice things and probably be treated better by the system rather than having each inmate ‘have at it’ with eachother.

Hell, even prisoners are not equal in this society. Yet the divide for a prisoner’s worth isn’t based solely on the crime ‘committed’, but also based on their economic status. Hence why this whole fines and fees system for punishment only makes things worse.

Here’s another example;

A meme from the Internet;

I think it’s funny

If you rob or steal a car, that’s grand theft auto. You rob a bank even if you’re actually unarmed, you get some charges. All of these are ‘serious’ offences that lead to prison time. -Unless you have a good lawyer.

Yet there’s people that use insider information and steal from the masses through litigatory contract law in both open and private markets. Millions upon millions being laundered and funneled through economic tools, interest rates, and foreign exchanges. Not to even mention the fake and pseudo-foreign aide and embezzlement schemes. All sorts of levers pulled by the people behind the curtain, all to rob you -and the masses- blind.

Yet how much prison time do those people serve?

Slap on the wrist? Blame it on some Fall guy like Bernie Madoff? Get a free bail out from the government?

What about corporations that usurp millions of dollars in wage theft to send kickbacks to their C-Suite executives? The corporation gets sued? Oh no, not the corporation having to pay it’s own workers. Yea, most lawsuits don’t pierce the ‘Corporate veil’, meaning the robber barons don’t lose an iota of cash for these issues.

If anything, they get ‘let go’ for their blunder. But that severance package is going to be heftier than what the employees would individually get for their lost time-value of money.

As they say.

You kill a few people, you’re a murderer. You kill a few thousand and you’re a hero.


“If you owe the bank $100 that’s your problem. If you owe the bank $100 billion, that’s the bank’s problem.”

And If we combine the two sayings above we get;

If you steal a couple grand, that’s your problem. If you steal Trillions, no one will stop you.
-No Safe Bets

Where’s Dr. Evil when you need him?

So if you want to be one of them old curmudgeon systemic-vampires, you gotta shoot for an assload of money. I’m talking insanely stupid amounts of money. Like, is that number even real, types of money. You might as well make up a name and shoot for that amount of money, you’ll probably do well with a Kajigerillion dollars. In fact, don’t use dollars, create something more valuable than dollars, like idk Bricks or Buttcoins. Yea.

Simply put,

The system of both Justice and Taxes are a carrot and a stick. It is used to tax and oppress and harvest humans as energy batteries turning their limitless unrefined infinite potential into quantized forms of energy called ‘money’ to then convert into kinetic energy in a perpetual motion machine we rudely call ‘society’ or the greater ‘universe’. So much free energy out there, and we’re working for dead end jobs.

Rubes I tell ya.

In Closing,

The system itself is rigged. The Justice system especially so.

I mean, what are ‘court fees’ and ‘lawyer fees’ if not something that the best money can get you out of?

The fact that the state only provides you with variable service, means that not everyone gets a fair shake. The laws are written in such a way that skill and competence is practically required. Meaning those with the money, get the skills to win.

Life is a pay-to-win game on a PvP server.

And people end up selling their souls or whoring themselves out for more money to buy more ‘borrowed time’ to extend their façade of a life in some vain pursuit of the fountain of youth or glory or legacy. Just a sea of suffering people that are constantly seeking a bastion of stability in a chaotic swirl of life. Broken system and compulsory fines is just a round about way to say ‘violence’.

Because what happens when you don’t pay? Play that game long enough and it results in force and violence. So economic violence is just “violence with extra steps”.

C’est la vie,


Get Mulct

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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