Monetary Financial Fascism

If you thought “Surveillance Capitalism” was bad, just wait, there’s more. And to be honest, you can combine Both.

As a suggestion, I highly recommend you check out these articles to get a primer and an even more deeper Compunctive feeling to this whole piece on ‘taxes’. It’s like a four course meal, it’s great;
Fines and Fees are for an Injustice System, Get Mulct
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Taxes as an economic lever to guide consumerism is a scam

To open up, I need some soft down to ease the entry. So here’s a few Tax memes for your troubles. Consider these dank memes a small tribute or a bribe for having your eyes grace these sacrilegious pages of text. Any extra funny left over, you can pay it forward.

It’s not just $2 Trillion dollars worth- It just depends on how long we’re keeping score. . .


Here’s what the article supports;
– On September 10, 2001, then U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld disclosed that his department was unable to account for roughly $2.3 trillion worth of transactions. He said specifically “according to our estimates, we cannot track two point three Trillion dollars”. Coincidently, the Accounting offices in the Pentagon were destroyed the very next day during the infamous 9/11 thing.
-OIG report from 2016 stated that the Army mismanaged $6.5 Trillion, you know, more than the Federal Budget. The Army’s yearly budget was somewhere around $120 billion. “the entire Army budget in fiscal year 2015 was $120 billion” -Forbes. So the Army managed to get 52 times their allowed budget and lose it.
-After finding those cookie crumbs, Mark Skidmore and his team performed more sleuthing and found about $21 trillion in missing funds from the Branches of the US Army, Navy, and Airforce combined from 1998 to 2018; using reports from The Defense and Housing and Urban Development departments.
-Here are the reports and sleuthing in case you want to fact check yourself; Le Reports

Oh, and also there’s north of $30 Trillion missing due to bail outs in 2008. That had nothing to do with Pentagon spending. . . So that’s like a neat $50 trilly if we’re keeping score. Kinda seems like money isn’t real if we’re just losing trillions every few years. -And don’t get me started on the Derivatives market for Global finance, those gamblers are real degenerates.

Also, just recently, the government failed an audit for 3.5 trillion dollars in assets, saying it can’t account for 39% of it. Meaning that there’s about $1.365 Trillion dollars in assets just -vaguely somewhere-

With the exception of the first tweet, Everything above, I’ve sourced from actual sources and provided material facts. I know I talk a lot of shit and jokes, but I take truth to be a very serious thing. It makes for better comedy. That’s real. The amount of money missing is really more than $50 trilly you silly goose.

So things like this;


Is just insult to injury, especially when we got a fiscal budget of like $6.27 Trillion dollars for 2022 alone.

So yea, it’s a meme. This whole economy and the idea of Trillions just -missing-. A grand laugh, a grand meme.

. . .

And, I say that I’ll be providing memes (not just about our meme economy and budget spending), I also mean that I will be providing a meme that is a repeatable iconographic image with superfluous context that spreads memetically. So yea, pictures of tweets are memes in my book.

Here, have a meme in these trying times;

Yea, it’s a bit wordy of a meme. I get that, and I stole it from someone else in the honor of communism where their shit becomes mine. Yea, it’s a leftist meme and I get that “they can’t meme”, so I’ll make it simpler for you;

Yea, I get that the ‘left’ can’t meme
That’s why I’m doing this
It’s god’s work

(And yes. Leftists can’t meme. Idk why, they just can’t)

Have another meme;

So you might ask a question,

What’s the point of taxes?

Well, if we go with Quantitative easing and Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) that is currently accepted practice. Then there is no intrinsic Government need for money itself. Atleast not in having to collect it. Because we (as in the government) just print that shit.

Seeing in recent years that the Government will print Trillions, mismanage Trillions, and also send Billions in foreign aide- all of that kind of hints that they don’t give a fuck about things like ‘inflation’ or other made up economist terms -because quite frankly, the entire ‘economy’ thing is made up and subjective and speculative.

So if there is no intrinsic government need for Collecting money,

Why is there taxes?

Well kid, now we get to the Monetary Financial Fascism.

Yes, people (via proxy of the government or state) weaponize the IRS to lock up any political dissidents. Fascism by any other name, under the guise of moral socialism propped up by a loosely interpreted tax code politically finessed and famoosed into existence by puppets pretending to be White Collar Gang members in a rigged political race.

A Clown court with clown doctrine for the masses to believe that there is some semblance of a caricature that they’ll misinterpret for ‘justice’.

What crime did they use to lock up Al Capone?

Was it because he was a criminal? Or was it because he was a successful criminal that competed for control against the Corporation that has a monopoly on violence? You know, the state.

Turns out, they got Mr. Capone on tax code violations alone. Nothing to do with crime life.

So what you need to understand through this, is that the tax codes are used to break down the outsiders of the good old boys’ club.

Did something illegal? You ain’t paid taxes on it. That’s a tax crime. Jail.

Made any exchange of value or trade or barter? Didn’t pay taxes on it? That’s a tax crime. Jail.

Guessed the number wrong for tax returns? Believe it or not, Straight to Jail.

They’ll just charge you a made up tax bill and say that you ain’t paid it. Why do you think tax returns are made like a guessing game? It’s to make sure you never get the accurate amount, and they’ll charge you extra for guessing wrong or filing on time but getting the wrong amount so they’ll charge you for filing late. They’ll find a way to charge you, then they’ll throw charges on you.

It doesn’t matter if you actually did anything wrong, just by how the shit (tax code) is written, you’re already committing a crime. Innocence has nothing to do with being found guilty, it never did.

The ‘Justice’ system is anything but

So, Let me bring up a Mr. Ye.

Regardless what you think about him (Mr. Ye), the fact that many banks decided to close his account and remove access to him, is downright diabolical. It’s also a fact that is irrefutable and is materially sound. Meaning it fucking happened.

It’s really messed up to unethically freeze people’s bank accounts.

And it get’s worse, I’ve got these quotes that I need you to understand;

“I went from being a multi-billionaire to not being able to use my Apple pay four nights ago, I couldn’t use my Apple pay because somehow Adidas was able to legally go in and freeze my money. And when I see this, I think, well, if this could happen to me. This could happen to other Americans . . . And for what?

-Mr. Ye

“. . . I’m talking about literally finding out that they were trying to put me in prison this morning. Watch this. -So not, you know, not come to my house this morning but I found out. Okay. So they froze. They put a 75 million dollar Hold on four of my accounts. And then they said you owe a lot of taxes. Took me like six hours to find out how much a lot was. He said, well around 50 million dollars. Now I’m going to different CFOs like, okay, So would this be tax evasion because I’m obviously not the most financially literate person on the planet. . .”

-Mr. Ye

So, they put a hold on four bank accounts, severing him from money, and then hit him with a tax bill. A Fifty million dollar tax bill. Or else he goes to jail.

But it doesn’t stop there, even the state of California is trying to hit him with a tax bill.

Dec. 7, 2022

A surprise tax bill out of nowhere that is going towards Ye himself and not the companies that they allegedly should go after. Do you think the debt collection agency or the state’s Tax system would just let 600k slide by and then all of the sudden become an issue that they have to collect?

If you don’t think this is targeted, then I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

It’s obvious that the IRS (and tax system) is a weapon used to as a guise of moral incredulity to knock down political dissident. Anyone who doesn’t pay their ‘taxes’? They get labeled as a good for nothing in society and are scoffed at. That’s the brainwashing to affect you, they’re just trying to make it seem like these people did wrong.

The tax code isn’t written for simplicity, it’s written to not be understood. That way the oppressors have justification in pulling some little small detail clause to throw you in the slammer. It’s a system of literal oppression because oppression is hidden power in simply not knowing. A Force of ignorance. It’s humanly impossible and unreasonable for one person to know all of the written tax code and the laws and statutes and then be expected to defend themselves -by themself.

Oh, and of course you could hire people, but that requires money. A thing that many don’t have. And even if you did have money, they can just freeze your bank accounts to make you quiet.

The current tax system is a joke, you’re supposed to guess how much you owe? And if you’re wrong then you go to jail? And even if you paid your fair share, the government can make up more numbers to pin you as a bad-apple of society to throw you in jail anyway.

Taxes are used to force a political agenda

Yea, that’s Monetary Financial Fascism for ya.

In Closing,

It’s not fair that one class of people has to pay taxes to be oppressed by their classmates. Why should one class of people enjoy tax benefits and breaks and be protected? Doesn’t that imply that taxes aren’t really for public services? Aren’t you realizing that this whole system is a farce?

Especially when wealthy people leverage a lot of debt to avoid paying income tax. It’s much more cost effective to take out a loan against your assets then it is to sell it. Only the have-nots pay a shit ton in taxes. Those who have shit, more will be given to them, and those who have nothing, more will be taken from them. The economic system is set up so that it costs more to be poor. This whole cost of living thing is deadly for the poors.

The idea that “rich people don’t pay taxes” and somehow that should make you angry, is the wrong idea. Rich people aren’t the problem, that’s just “systemic wealthism” made to pit you against some people who benefited from the system. That is the brainwash to make you think that people have to pull their weight and their ‘fair share’ in society. That train of thought, that thought-loop is a scam.

Taxes are unethical and quite frankly, they’re too damn high. The idea of taxes paying for things like roads or schools is just a scam.

The government themselves mismanaged more than $50 Trillion dollars. That’s enough money for every US citizen to have about 150,000$, even the unborn. Lmao. You think money is real? You think Taxes actually go towards public services? Is that why school teachers have to buy their own supplies? Is that why prisons are legal slave labor for companies? Is that why wage theft is the number one theft?

The government can literally create money, they don’t need to issue taxes to create and collect economic rents. As it turns out, there’s a fuck ton of surplus money that’s not making it in the hands of many individuals. Artificial scarcity of the money supply is how they keep slaves to be slaves, just like the lack of houses when we have more empty homes than homeless. We also have a simple solution to housing, it’s called build more houses.

“OH BUT WHAT ABOUT INFLATION OF HOUSING” -cried the retarded economist

Do you have any idea how much surplus of value we have due to technology? It’s almost like people realize that they don’t need slaves and start ushering a depopulation agenda of Malthusian ideals because they think it’s a good idea.

There are more slaves now than ever before, and taxes are a part of the oppressive system in which the ends do not justify the means. On a global reserve scale, we’re (USA) just robbing the wealth of nations for a small few elites that want to play god. You ever tracked the value of foreign currency pegged to the USD? With the recent inflation, many nations who owe debt to the US in USD are utterly fucked. (Because their foreign currency is now worth fractions of what it used to be).

They owe US in money that the US can print. That’s like making a bad bet with the bookie.

The system as a whole is designed to make you angry at people who don’t pay up their RNG tax bill. That way you will see them uncooperative to a functioning society and even be wishful for them to be punished by the unscrupulous and unfair tax system. The directed anger at someone not paying their taxes is the sort of NPC brainwash made to make you hate those people.

If you hear about someone not paying taxes (via a lien, an allegation, or otherwise), you’re brainwashed and pre-conditioned to think that they’re a bad person,

so you won’t think twice when they’re gone.

. . .

. .



You probably weren’t ready for these truth cluster-bombs. . .

Fun side fact, my street name is ‘Big Al’, not that that means much.

But I am quite a fan of Mr. Capone.

And I’m not saying to not pay taxes, I’m just saying the system is rigged.

I’m also not saying to not not pay taxes. . .

Well, until they throw me in Sing Sing,

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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