The year is 2023, Ready for QE7. . . Thousand?

Lmao, this is obviously a silly post about QE, which is Quantitative Easing, or as the layman says ‘Money Printer go BRRRRRRR’.

Quantitative Easing is like when a Company buys back it’s shares, except the Company is the Fed Bois and the shares are Treasury bonds. A Company-buy-back pays it’s share holders, when it comes to Fed buying-back Bonds, the share holders are majority Bankies. Gross.

But, as of writing, the next ‘supposed’ action by the Fed Bois is a Taper and the next QE would be 5 or 6 if they were to do one. It’s kind of weird, just stick with me.

So let’s go down a deep and filled history of -like- about a decade and think about the QE’s that we’ve had. You know, a trip down a (short-term) memory lane;

Let’s start with QE 1;

We were inspired by Japan’s use of QE in the 80’s and somehow decided it was the right thing. You know, this happened around that good old Great Financial Crises of 2008. It’s called ‘Great’ so it must be good.

Instead of letting the fire burn old wood of our economic forest, we just decided to Plant More Trees While we’re on fire. You know, add money to the economy as a stimulus to ‘save’ it instead of salvaging fresh nutrients from the ashes of failing businesses.

In essence, uh, So, uh, We bailed out the bankers and all that, Definitely great.

Like -one person- (Bernie Madoff) went to jail but everyone else kept banking. Business. As. Usual. (Except for Iceland)

Here’s a Frontline Episode talking about how people wanted to keep the show going and thought QE was good, but then realized they had to keep it going. Welcome to the treadmill of scams called QE.

It’s got good info, but skip if you want.
I won’t care.

Then we just kept that shit going QE2 and QE3;

QE2 happened on November 2010, just 2 good old years after 2008, and we bought more shit with more printing of da monies. About $600 Billion dollars went in to the market, or so the Fed Bois claim.

There was a lot of pushback and some great questions about sustainability and negative outlooks of QE;

There were some smart people that called QE out on the bullshit early on;

-Bank Bailout I lmao.

Anyways, after everyone stopped caring about more Currency Debasement 2, in 2011 there was a thing called ‘Operation Twist’ which was like QE2 and a half. It was a shell game of lowering interest rates to try and control inflation. . . AS you can see in 2021, that shit slowed things down. Anyways, this bad boy put about $667 Billion publicly. And that’s on top of QE2. So that’s like 1.2 Trillion?

QE3 Happened in September 2012, we printed about $85 billion publicly.

Well, I don’t know the exact numbers of all of the QE2 and QE3 but seeing as QE1 was like in the trillions, I doubt we just added a drop of water into the shit-bucket of our economy. You know, the ‘publicly’ reported numbers.

So These ‘reported numbers’ are false as fuck. You know, it’s AS IFFFFF someone is cooking da books.

Like a Shef. HMMMmmmmmmm.

Here’s a Recap;

You know, Sometimes I pretend to be an economist by looking at Charts and Numbers and saying something Like I know what I’m talking about. You know, a True Economist. That’s my recap, just these pictures I robbed from a dead website. It’s like looting a corpse, but like Web-domain style. (Nice meme, I’ll take that too)

Here’s people predicting the future;

Then we went all Corona Virus in 2020;

And because of that, Fed Bois Panik’

So they dug up the good Ol’ Reliable; QE.

I bet you the Fed Bois were Giddy about
Printing money like the good ol’ days

Stimulus, Money Printer Go BRRR;

We get some QE4;

And some News that Buzzed it out until it became Olds;

Note our Saint and Savior, Daddy J Pow. Or -uh- Father.

Which gave this dank meme;

And made J Pow our Saint and Savior with some Stimmy checks;

Stimmy Checks that we gambled away;

Hello Stock Market,
And Good-bye Money

But wait, there’s QE5!;

Lmao, I joke, but ‘Officially’ QE 4 and 5 haven’t happened, even though we did a bunch of things with interest rates, and purchased trillions of dollars of things. Yup. Not Officially QE but by the merit of actions, it would be QE.

And Even if what I’m saying currently is wrong, well the history will be rewritten in the sands of ephemeral time. What I mean is, you care a lot about your firstborn, but after the third you lose count. So QE -uh- what’s your name again? (One too many sort of thing). So who cares what QE we’re in!

QE4? QE5? Who cares what you call it, the Money Printer is Hawt right meow.

We’re in a Transitory period
of Continuous QE

With how many bond buy backs we have every other month, its like we are in QE 14 this year alone 2021.


The Shef Reference;

I think I should clear this up before wrapping up this used condom-of-a-post and throwing it in the trash called the ‘internet’.

So, the Fed Bois or whomever or whatever are lying about how much the 2008’s QE1 was, with the handy dandy Freedom of Information Act, we get to find out that we do indeed can’t trust our government.

There was at least a secret bailout of 7.7 trillion dollars;

And another Bailout that lead to 29 Trillion dollars;

And here’s a link for the Working Paper on the $29 Trilly you Silly Goose.

This is Trillions with a Muther Fucking T.

I say this because the US debt at the time of 2008 was about 10 Trillion.

So we spent Triple that in bail out money.
But our Debt in the subsequent years didn’t sky rocket.
Where did Debt go in secret Bailouts?

Is this a failed economy? Man, ain’t this some funny money. Buku-bucks. Dollarinos. Mulley-Mullah. Haha-bills. jokes.

There was Dumb and Dumber,
But who knew that the Dumbest
would be the ones watching?
God damn this Clown ass world.

I think I need to call the Fed bois and report they ass for counterfeiting and debasing their own currency. Not Based. I mean, have you seen Inflation? No way it’s only 5%.

Like, let’s address the Inflation Shef while we’re in the kitchen.


So Inflation or CPI is considered to be under the domain of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, but it’s obvious that they are cooking their numbers.

The number projected for August was 7%, but they somehow miraculously lowered it. . .

And so for August they say 5.3% CPI. Here’s a Heat map;

So you’re saying Inflation is only 5% when the DJIA recovered a positive 80%;

We did the QE activities in ‘QE4/5’ and S&P 500 went up 107%;

One ButtCoin is worth 47k? If the choice were between USD being devalued or Bitcoin having more value and demand, guess what I’d say;

(I’d say Buttcoin is being propped up and rigged but also inflation)

Even my Personal Big Mac Index equivalent, Beef Jerky;

Blame supply and shortages
When it’s really Inflation.

Anyways, besides ignoring all the ‘weird’ shortages of random goods like mustard and pickles, or whatever the fuck. Something fucky is going on. And it’s not being properly reflected in our CPI.

But if we were to go back to the Old CPI model (That was changed after FIAT and MMT) then it would look like this;

-See the blue line being High as fuck?
What this means is MMT is a fucking failure

And the Fed Bois say “Inflation is Transitory”
Just like how America is transitory
And Life,
And Earth,
Everything is transitory,


That’s not even a safe bet.

In Closing

This is just a primer to show you the history of QE so far.

Mainly to pose the question, after this so called Taper, will there be a QE7?

They Might pull an Apple and Skip Iphone 9 to go straight to the X, or a Microsoft and skip Windows 9 to go straight to Windows 10. So Maybe the Fed Bois will call it QEX and be edgy. (Ignore 7, 8, and 9. Those numbers are weird).

We use QE and Number because these other names obviously aren’t good to call Quantitative easing;

We got plenty Flavors to name QE
-You can thank me for original Memes later

Anyways, whether it will happen or it won’t, that’s a bet.

And There are No Safe Bets, so, uh, I wouldn’t bet on it, but that’s also a bet, fuck.

Well good luck with that.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice


If you haven’t read my Shef story, check it out here;

So you want to be a Shef?

As a side note, ‘cook booking’ means making up numbers and fudging them to make the math work. Used in accounting to hide large sums of money, or padding the books and making large numbers from nothing. Cook booking can also be used for making shitty models work.

This is partly why I hate economists. Because their models suck and they use shitty math-speak to talk in R-values or some other degenerate speak. And when they get an ugly outcome, they fudge and change their models to include and exclude other factors until they get a pretty number.

Fucking snakes. Either they’re lying with statistics, or their liars using statistics. But, I’ll give them one thing. They’re honest liars. (Mostly anyways).

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