How Fiat created a new form of Finance-Economy and I hate it

I’m talking about ‘Modern Monetary Theory’.

Or what’s known to most everyone else as Money Printer go BRRRRR.

You know how the Federal Reserve and other similar Central Banking institutions sort of have a Monopoly on money?

Yea, well these MMT people think that These institutions have something called ‘Monetary Sovereignty’.

Lmao, here’s Clyde with the weather Robert (Bob) P. Murphy;

-This whole discussion was great
The Absolute State of Money in 2021

Got a Problem?

Fire up that printer and solve it with unlimited debt Comrade;

Who Cares about politics when you can just use money to solve everything?

Got territorial Disputes? Buy off the other guy.

Got court dates and legal proceedings? Settle it with cash.

Someone is threatening you? Buy a hired gun or sell-sword.

Got no food? Eat Money.

And Always Print;

The biggest obvious error that MMT has,

Is that they are disconnected from the energetic and spiritual use of money. Meaning that we are going to alchemically enslave our future selves in smart contracts and further debt by being retarded with a money printer.

Guess what happens when you print money? Someone owes that money that’s being printed. And if you really looked, the bottom line is we’re fucked if we keep it up. (Here’s a side article on the Alchemy of Quantitative Easing)

So basically brainwashed and indoctrinated troglodytes don’t understand the value of gold or silver or other backed commodities. The intrinsic value. Rather people grow up thinking Paper Fiat all the way, which is smartly retarded.

MMT is like a Crackhead advice

Look, I give shitty advice and I’ll admit that. That’s why it’s great.

Here is crackhead advice;

Are you going to let a crackhead outhustle you?

Here is Bob Murphy again;

Now compare that above to this below;

Just Print the money
Who cares about what it actually costs
(That inflation and taxes you are feeling, that’s fucking real)

“You obviously don’t want to be a millionaire because you don’t get on your knees and suck dick for (and Print) $20 an hour. You could be a millionaire in just 50,000 hours! Why don’t you just whore yourself out on OnlyFans? It’s obvious that you don’t want money or nice things because you let your morals stop you. Just hit Print.” -MMT

Now compare this above with that joke below;

“You don’t have money or a job because you don’t pick yourself up by your bootstraps. You just gotta clap them cheeks and find a gay night club to whore out nice drugs like ecstasy and other things. If it’s illegal, it’ll make money” -Conservative Progressive big think. (this is just a side shit post to compare MMT with)

Back to making fun of MMT;

“It’s not that we can’t afford these things, its that You just don’t want man up and face the consequences of risking systemic collapse by uprooting the fiscal policies that have allowed us to evolve up until this point. Obviously classical economics is flawed because they never really understood Fiat like we do. I mean look at Japan, just not closely. . .” -MMT theory basically

What I’m trying to say is MMT is all about flying blind and printing money as an ‘experiment’ and being detached from Supply and Demand in the traditional sense. MMT is relatively new and judging by Japan’s economy, has only kicked the can, and judging by the US economy, also only kicked the can.

“A prudent man foresees
the difficulties ahead and
prepares for them;
the simpleton goes blindly on
and suffers the consequences.”
-Proverbs 22:3

MMT is a lot of ‘Fuck it and Find out’ Energy, lmao.

Can I get a clown face?

Thank you.

Of course this is a Straw man, but let’s face it. MMT doesn’t address Austrian school of economics, they shit on it.

I know, I’ve been around a lot of the NuAge Economists and they basically laugh and make fun of Austrian and Classical Economics.

Oh, ‘You think in the old ways that allowed for civilization to advance to this stage and point, you’re retarded’ -MMT people

I fucking hate them, most of the times, they are insufferable.

I say this with a rather level head, because these jerk circles won’t succinctly define parameters of their discussion without bringing in botched statistics and R values.

Like who the fuck speaks in math as a primary language? Are you a fucking robot? Talk like a human you non-autistic fuck.

Also, since we’re at it, Traditionally-speaking I run a fiscal policy of hating economists.

Most of them aren’t even rich, like what the fuck?

That’s like being a geologist and not have a rock collection.

Or a Chef and not have a knife set.

What good is immaterial numerals if its detached from reality? What, you’re going to make another (wrong) shitty model to predict zoning laws for future Tax implications and institute more greenbelts for Climate Change, because Ecology is what Economists care about? Ha, go study greek Oikos you fucks. Point is, I very very much dislike Economists.

Side Note Intermission;

Here is a Frontline special on the Federal reserve. (you can skip this segment, I just want to point out the QE1 was hailed as revolutionary, but then became a shit show after people realized the inevitable can kicking and cluster fucking of QE2, 3, 4, 5, 15, 125, 3451251, etc.)

I want you to pay specific attention to how these people looked at Quantitative easing once they started QE and then pay more attention to how these people looked when they learned they couldn’t stop it (QE).

Anyway, let’s wrap this up.

Really, the root of the problem

Is the idea of a zero sum game. It’s a whole big philosophy thing that relates to building shit. Because you need materials to build shit but eventually you’ll run out of materials to build shit if life keeps going and the universe is finite. That sort of big think.

No one wants to be a negative Nancy and believe in the Zero Sum Game, because that would mean there are limited resources and that people would have to die and other things.

You might even get all Malthusian and kill Half the mother fuckers
You know, like a deranged Retard.

Classical Economics tackles the idea of equilibriums through a set of Zero-Sum Game analogies, Balance of Payments, Double entry bookkeeping, it’s all karmic and duality based if you think about it, among other things. All of this comes from a scarcity mindset and presupposes that the Universe is finite.

NuAge MMT economics comes from an Abundance mindset and says that the world isn’t a Zero-sum game and we can keep the game going by expansion and conquest. Ha, wishful thinking.

This allows governments, corporations, private sector, land, colonialism, everything to EXPAND. This expansion is obviously done through an injection (stimulus) from the money printer, which defies the laws of alchemy (only in the MMT view) and tries to make itself become more like a divination sort of magic. Money from thin air. Resources from thin air.

Conquer the stars and throw away things. Don’t worry about recycling or any of that, because there’s more of that where it came from *Turns on money printer noises*

This isn’t sustainable either, it only exacerbates conservation efforts and further ruins and ruminates our ecological impacts. (Ya know, fuck the Erff). It’s basically incentivizing us to shit where we sleep. Why the fuck would someone willingly sleep in a bed full of shit?

MMT for ya.

The Solution

We can’t really definitively prove if the universe is Infinite or finite. To either claim one or the other is as retarded as believing that God Doesn’t exist. You simply can’t know without facts. And as I reasonably poorly sees it, there ares nones facts. ssss.

Our Contemporary knowledge says that the universe is expanding and accelerating, meaning that stars far away are moving away from us faster than the speed of light. What this means is the Stars will fade into the darkness of space because the light will never reach us. Just imagine how many potential stars exist in the blackness between stars, how many light signals that get lost in transmission, never to hit our little dust mote.

So you can’t say that the universe is infinite or finite. You LITERALLY don’t have proof.

So the best way to go about this, is to reconcile the two thoughts.

“You have to take conflicting truths and integrate them, to Hold both is the sign of something something
-Something about the Big Kahuna from Huna Mysticism
(I totally forgot the teachings, I’m kind of an asshole when it comes to spirits and stuff
They tell me life revelations, I zone out and go back to being a Monke and fling shit-. . . Posts)

You can’t have a pure scarcity mindset, because if you subscribe to scarcity then you’ll be recycling human life and making soylent green with Malthusian ideals. (See Thanos Meme above).

-Ultimate form of recycling,
Cannibalism, but like 2022 is just
Around the corner

And you can’t have a pure abundance mindset, because you’ll just turn industries and the economy as some sort of systemic machine that churns humans as a disposable cog in the machine. A meat grinder.

Ah, Child Labor,
Smells like Teen Spirit,
A Cog in the Machine,
It breathes ‘Industrial Revolution’
(From Movie Snow Piercer)

Kind of like Big Oil or governments. You know, like a ‘Cog of War’.

Gears of War be Grinding
Needs more liquidity
You know, Red Oil and Black Gold
Keep the Gears Churning

Hey, it’s a family photo, the claymore ain’t going to wait for you all to fit in the picture;

If it makes you feel any worse,
Those Being Occupied Rescued by US-NATO
Intervention, have been stuck in the same wars
For generations on their soil.

Both extremes devalue life and lead to a shitty world. (which both extremes exist in this world.)

So you have to balance the two. To find right amount, so that we don’t reach the already existing extremes. lmao.

You have to have a balance of payments and be balanced as you move into the future. Don’t look inward to cannabalize your parts and recycle. Yet we need to be frugal when it makes sense, buy new in order to innovate and allow progress and innovation.

It’s like breathing out to breath in, don’t hold your breath kid.

Sometimes you let some of the forest burn to let it grow, just ask any Park Ranger about control burns and deforestation lines and other weird shit. Sometimes Salting the Earth does a little good.

Find the Golden Mean, the Wabi-sabi, the path inbetween, tin and tang or whatever.

In Closing

There’s not really an exact guide, to this, because it’s a new school of thought that I just made up. But it’s the most reasonable integration of MMT ideas into a pragmatic and reasonable longer span of time application. Obviously Money Printer go BRR isn’t going to work. At least, not forever.

The Fact that Money Printer go BRRR is a meme and a joke only proves how ridiculous MMT is, even if that joke is a poor caricature of the actuality of MMT policy works. It’s a simple model and it’s funny because it’s true. A testament to the failure of MMT or the over reach, more-so.

Whatever, I stopped caring. You can read more about Bob Murphy, because that guy is a real smarty, in the link provided above or here;


Whatever, we either expand outward or inpand? inward?

What the fuck is the opposite of expand? In pand? What the fuck?

Holy shit, Just googled. Yes ‘Inpand’ would be etymologically coherent and correct, but it’s not a word. So I just made it. Coined it neologism, because I can. See, not even the English language is a safe bet from my special-K ass.

Wait, what I mean is we can look inward or outward. That’s our two bets.

And they’re both not safe bets, lmao. As always;

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice.

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