$GME; GameStop’s David vs. Amazon’s Goliath?

Alright, we got a fresh Conspiracy theory that has been passed around the GME cult members and they have been brainstorming the connections. This conspiracy theory has existed for a year before, but it hadn’t got any traction until recently.

Turns out, The GME Cultists believe that Jeff Bezo’s and Amazon are the evil Corporate Giant(s?) that are destroying the world. (No Really).

And the underdog here, GameStop, is apparently going to be the one to cast the sling.

Welcome to the Colloquially termed ‘Banana Papers’


So, where to begin.

There’s this Guy named Ryan Cohen. Because he’s rich, he’s a Lord. That’s how things work around here (No Safe Bets).

Ryan Cohen on Twitter: "no filter… "
This is a very very close to scale
Anatomical representation of Lord Cohen, A mythical creature,
A legend.

He’s a cool guy, built a store selling pet food and supplies and was able to make it into a billion dollar company and sold it-ish. That pet store was called ‘chewy’ and it IPO’d and made Ryan a lot of money.

This company
Multi Billionare,
That’s Lord with a Capital ‘L’ to you

Ryan then took that money and invested it in to GameStop, he has 9 Million shares of GameStop. Arguably the largest any individual investor has. He’s kind of a giant amongst men, in that sort of sense.


But his tweets are what really brings things together;

Just take note at these specific companies.



Block Buster;

Here, on Dec 9, 2020, Lord Cohen tweeted about Gamestop and Blockbuster

To which, the famous DeepFuckingValue responded with the above tweet and three more;

of course, I had to like them, because this gambit has paid off
But also WILL pay off more

Here on January 6th, 2021, Lord Cohen used his song birds once again to sing this tweet about block buster;

Alright so we got a bunch of interesting tweets, just keep that in mind.

Amazon’s mentioned. These tweets pushes the narrative envelope;

This is where ‘Amazon’ comes into the mix;

Lord Cohen retweeted this
Seems rather, peculiar in nature

Earlier in January 2020, Lord Cohen Tweeted this;

Took on Amazon
What if there is a chance to ‘Take’ on Amazon Again?

Lord Cohen’s tweets are not frequent, so the ones that stick out are cryptic and could mean nothing. As a High-tier Schizophrenic Wizard, I genuinely don’t know what I’m talking about, but what I do know, is that this cookie trail seems to connect some dots.

And there’s less than 46 tweets (as of writing) since the Lord’s first Song Bird Appearance in 2019;

Within the span of two years and some change, 46 tweets from a multi billionaire lord, and a tenth or so seem to be related to Amazon or Amazon’s Competitors.

Here’s Some Price action charts for some of these Companies

You know, the companies that are ‘dead’;

Notice the coincidental spike for Block Buster and Sears timing with the Sneeze?
(Source) Weird Spike for a ‘defunct’ Holding Company

Note the spike in Jan and the Spike at the very end of these graphs;

Here’s some side notes on Block Buster’s Long hodlers;

The theory is that the people who shorted these companies To Oblivion never closed out of their short positions. You never have to pay back your shorts if you never close them. Maybe some sort of weird basket/portfolio full of Swaps or other derivatives.

And there is evidence that Retail can’t buy into these positions;

Also this SEC amendment set out in September of 2020;

Under Jay Clayton’s SEC, the guise of ‘InVeSToR PrOTecTiOn’, this allowed for brokers to restrict trading in certain equities;

-Charles Schwab, not the only broker who restricted some securities

Some Brokers prevented opening new positions in Block Buster or Sears, the bankrupt companies;

So how exactly is the price (for BB and Sears) going up if no new positions from new retards can be made?

Or perhaps, some other form of behind-the-scenes fuckery is at play?

Let’s piece together the ‘conspiracy’ Theory;

Stay with me,
Pop some uppers lets fucking go

So we Have tweets pointing to some bankrupt companies.

And we have some tweets pointing to Amazon.

We have GameStop which Price jumped due to short interest.

That jump was felt on other the previous mentioned companies. . . that were bankrupt. . .

And these bankrupt companies had their share of their respective markets taken by Amazon (and competitors) at one point. . .

The theory is alleging that Lord Cohen is trying to get people to look at bankrupt businesses and possibly tie it back to Amazon. It seems Amazon has efforts to circumvent anti-trust laws by using the public stonk market to illegally counterfeit, short sell, and tank competitor companies/markets into oblivion and get them delisted and file for bankruptcy using an intermediary Hedgefund and Market Makers. In this manner, Amazon is allegedly eliminating the competition in markets that it plans on expanding in. While also taking the proceeds from the bankrupt companies to funnel into Amazon as a safe haven. I mean, Amazon doesn’t provide a dividend, what incentive is there to hold on to that Stock at it’s current valuations?

They start selling pet food and supplies, and this is long after Pets.com goes out of bidness.

They start selling toys, weird that Toys R Us is out.

They start selling Movies and backing Netflix with Amazon Web Services, weird that Block Buster is out.

They start Selling electronics, weird that radio shack and circuit city are dead.

They start selling video games, weird that Game Stop had a reported short interest of 140% and also another report says 226% short interest. Like what the fuck. So much for a ‘brick and mortar store’

Here’s some other voices on the matter, because Fuck me, (that’s why);

I Don’t know if true, but it’s;


(If true)


(A LOT of) People are speculating that Lord Cohen has been priming his spot, playing 5 Dimensional intergalactic chess to load a sling and aim it to take down Goliath. It’s unlikely that Lord Cohen knew what he was going to do before he started allegedly doing it. But I mean, Does anyone really know what the fuck they’re doing in life? We’re all fumble fucking anyway. Some people have some goals but they’re all short-termed, like life. I digress, here’s the speculation;


Also, memes;

The reason to live for, is for the memes;

This meme is solid, Source link below;

Because these ‘bankrupt’, ‘delisted’, ‘dead’, companies are rising from the grave due to their stock’s price actions. Thus the one leading the pack is Undoubtably GameStop, but the exact correlation is unknown.

Some other adjacent theories;

Here’s the potentiality of the future from another random internet person;

Regardless, GMERICA;

GameStop tweeted this;

To which, around August 24th, GameStop filed Trademarks for this new IP in several countries;

My eyes are on GMERICA and what GMERICA is going to be about, whenever GameStop reveals what they plan on doing with the IP GMERICA;

Do they plan on Taking Amazon with this new IP while keeping GameStop as a Gaming exclusive IP?

Are they just building a Hype machine to fuel more schizo-Apophenic-Pareidolia shitposting from the Cult?

Idk, find out next time?

In Closing

This is all theoretical, until proven true, and even then, this is more or less a footnote to bookmark where the GME Cultist Saga is currently doing or thinking up. (Last week or two they were revealing really JUICY details on CFTC, which I’ll cover later).

Regardless many people (Cultists) do feel animosity towards Amazon, many people have posted removing their accounts, deactivating, boycotting, and also Yeeting their Alexa’s into the trash. So a lot of people are taking action from all of this.

The word/term ‘conspiracy’ is a retarded word. You don’t call the theory of Gravity a Conspiracy Theory, so why would you propose any theory is a conspiracy, when literally ALL theories require humans to conspire with each other. It’s like calling a Company a ‘meme stock’ to discredit it, when literally the entire stock market is a fucking meme, and also the economy at large is a meme.

I got some advice for you,
From one clown to another

“It’s a clown world my boy, don’t toot your horn just yet.”

If the theory is correct, a(nother) Lord Fight is about to ensue (if not already occurring).

(Lord Fights happen all the time, it’s like watching Titan’s duel or Empires wage war, you know, more entertaining than a gladiatorial match between plebeians.)

But we’ll see what Game Stop and what the brand name Gmerica might do with regards to E-commerce in the future.

Lord Cohen vs. Lord Bezos

Maybe, idk, I wouldn’t bet on it, but also, why not bet?

Afterall, there are no safe bets.

(And if you want more info on this, definitely don’t look into Citadel or Bain Capital. Lmayo.)

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, life, or Any Advice

Side note LEGO;

Lord Cohen 8 July 2021, tweets;

GameStop partners with LEGO? someone says it’s CoNfIrMed;

Side Note Franklin;

Lord Cohen tweets;

Maybe there is a correlation with Franklin Mining, Inc?

Side Side Note;

This post;

Has this video, pay attention to the key wording;

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