Just another Crypto Phishing Scam, nothing much, just skip, no ship

This is just a PSA shit post, nothing much;

Just be aware, Crypto is currently in it’s infancy, it’s a beautiful technology, but we humans do like what we humans do. You know, be we-todd-it.


So some tardo bot-boy commented on a post, A No Safe Bets Post, it just happened to be the Do Not Trust Coinbase with your Money post.

So this was the comment;

To which it was a fluffer botter account. For the record, because some people are retarded, please totally don’t use the link or phone number or anything.

It’s most definitely a scam;

The email was a generic email account with numbers and letters,
But for the respect of privacy, I did not divulge it
because I too have morals or something

A scam that I marked Spam and deleted,

But wait, there’s more

Apparently Daniel here get’s around;

With friends too!

Asked 6 Days ago as of September 1st, this Bella person posted this on another site;

on another site;

Anyways, some small sleuthing;

The Domain was registered in June, and then people started peddling the site name and the What’s app phone number.

The Domain is hosted via NAMECHEAP INC (A domain host site founded in 2000) and has the following information available;

To which I did more sleuthing, like a fucking gum shoe;

I searched the email abuse@namecheap.com

One of the reportable offenses is Phishing;

So I opened up a ticket;

To which I filed a ticket, lmao;

This took like 30 minutes, and the best part is, if they do take down the website, then it at least undoes a lot of work on their part. My 30 minutes of doing nothing, results in hours of their time lost. And I’m petty enough to enjoy that.

If it doesn’t, well, I don’t care. It was my shot in the dark, and I’m not invested enough to hire some Green, black, or white hats to solve this crime. I simply move on.

In all reality, this scam phishing attempt is some low hanging fruit. Not a lot of traction or posts. So it’s probably a small group and they probably don’t use botters well. Probably just testing the waters with a sort of target demographic sampling to refine their scam model and eventually mass release several campaigns to steal money. That’s nice.

In Closing

I’ll see if anything happens and I’ll update in the bottom of this article. if not, whatever.

It was me just spending some time and documenting me being a dick and making the world a better place.

Now you know how to do it too in case you want to report people.

In a way, if we actually did more honest reporting our world would be a better place. But then again, I am totally okay with people turning a blind eye and allowing corruption to fester. That’s fine too.

You have the power to choose, and that’s not a safe bet.


*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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