Antiwork Subterfuge

It’s obvious that Reddit moderators are weird as fuck. That being said, that rising group in r/antiwork had a cluster fuck of shitshow.

You see, that forum of millions or so people actually did change/hurt the bottom line of businesses, and was reforming the job interview and work culture of America, as a whole. Which means money loss, resulting in being a big problem.

From the John Deer strike, to Kellogg’s strike to whatever the fuck is happening. There has been a lot of dirty laundry being aired out on that subreddit, and the powers that be, including the Main Stream Media, have marked that subreddit as a target.

Because a plebian reform is something the players don’t want. They don’t want their pawn pieces becoming sentient and fucking up the board game.

The fall of Antiwork is obviously a desired ploy to stop formation or congregation of dangerous ideals like reforming the work culture, getting four day work weeks, consistent scheduling, reducing hours work, higher pay, a decent living wage, and being treated like you’re human etc. (these are obviously dangerous ideals, far too advanced for our times. . . Obviously)

So a meticulous shitshow of part-planning and luck have been formulated to take down this power.

The shitshow

Some (alleged) Douche Canoe presented themselves as the voice of millions of people. Poorly, might I add.

A Trogdolyte, surprisingly less appealing than myself, person appeared before the world to recant something or something;

This is a meme from the internet,
I take no credit,
This is just quality reporting.
Quality yellow-cake Journalism.

And there is an obvious concerted effort to troll this person, saying things like ‘so antiwork that they didn’t even work on making their bed for the interview’. And many more one liners and other shit jokes.

Resulting in Mod’s going on a power trip and doing dumb shit;

They went happy with the ban hammer and even quarantined the subreddit for a while. Lots of deletions.

This resulted in Drama

Besides being made fun of by every other server and forum, there are even comments to how mods are self-destructing themselves via more interviews;

In a way, Drama is the sort of political candor that attacks one another.

And there is evidence that it’s corrupted and sabotaged

All of it is sus, and probably something set up as a trap or something.

There’s also; Moving the Goal Posts.

People are talking shit about the grand dream of literally not working.

I find that disgusting, It should be the virtue of every man and women to completely abolish ‘work’ as a concept. The idea behind Antiwork was to extend the ability to not work to all of the plebes. If you know anything about the social class strata in the world, it’s that the Capital Class doesn’t work. Think about how many rich art kids exist, that shit ain’t work. They are just glorified fuck boys.

And that shit could’ve been extended to more people, instead of struggling to get by on 3 dollars an hour panhandling people because you’re a waiter or some shit.

Political ideologies aside, Antiwork may or may not have talked a great deal about retarded ideals like Socialism or Communism or something-ism. Whatever.

The goal post has been moved from a great idea of extending anti-work capabilities, to reforming work.

Which is beta as fuck

Posts like the one above are attacking the movement and reforming the goals, instead of slowly abolishing work with technologies. Yes, we’re somehow cucking ourselves to reforming work.

This is how goal posts are moved. Slippery slope like that Clown Virus.

You can draw some parallels with other movements

The typical Divide and Conquer Strategy was used earlier,

You see, this isn’t the first time a bunch of internet people talked mad shit on a forum and enacted change hurting rich people’s money.

There was a group where a bunch of autists rode one of the greatest Stonk Rises of 2021, the autist club of Wallstreetbets had garnered 11 Million plus users of degens buying Faggy Delights and Game Stonk.

It was such a big deal, that billionaires ended up crying on TV, a lot of the media puppets started crying about closing positions, and even Citron Researched Got their Gay Bear Slapped out of them. HAHAHAHA. That guy from Shitron made some apology statement and was totally a beta boy.

So obviously, this affected rich people’s money, so they had to subterfuge the group.

So WallStreetBets got quarantines, compromised, and corrupted. Then a new group r/GME came by, and that got Mod Drama’d again. And then a new group r/Superstonk came by, and that had Runic Glory Levels of Mod Drama, but people still stuck to r/Superstonk.

This was a typical Divide and conquer strategy, making people question eachother and talk shit and spew all sorts of information, false information, and even threats to make the judge of character look bad. So bad that people wouldn’t want to be associated with this rag tag group of Trollin’ the Rich internet folks.

Anyhoo, the same techniques and tactics are obviously happening to r/Antiwork simply because they started hurting rich people’s interests.

So, I expect the new group r/Workreform to be the honey pot, then some more mod drama, and then more divide and conquer shitass. Rinse and repeat until people who vehemently believe in the same ’cause’ are arguing each other over the weather and become disheveled into a schizophrenic corner of delusions of grandeur.


Here’s a meme from the Autist club;

It’s a bit weird, innit? That the Stonk Gambling forum is taking a shit on some Anti-Work Cause. I mean, stonk trad-tards and Option Degenerates like me are already anti-work. But the connecting of these two cultures via a meme, seems almost intentional.

As if someone who sabotaged and compromised one group, reused that group to gloat about sabotaging and compromising another group.

Idk, that’s tin foil hat stuff.

The Division is being sown

A good old tactic is to make your enemies fight each other

Just shit post some more

Just hope that they don’t make a friend with eachother, because of the whole ‘an enemy of my enemy is my fren’ bit.

But, uh, all this for class consciousness or some bullshit.

The Great Resignation is still on

Just remember, the whole point and momentum of the movement came from people venting about shitty bosses and workplaces. So if shitty bosses and workplaces exist, there will be more fuel to feed the passionate fire within the hearts of disenfranchised men and women.

You can’t really kill this with mere drama, you’d be better of raising wages and benefits.

So, go ahead with the dived and conquer. You rich fucks are literally just poking the bear, bee’s nest, or worse, a fucking Hydra. Because you can cut one head, but many more will sprout from it.

Hell, the shit posts in Antiwork after the mod drama is still garnering 30k plus upvotes or some shit. That means a lot more people are still reading everything. This movement is long from dead.

In Closing,

If it upsetti rich people with money

Then rich people will use money

to make the upsetti go forgetti

That’s, like, the first law of thermonetaryics.

I don’t know, and I don’t give a fuck. Bing Bong, Fuck yo life.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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