People commit Suicide due to taxes

I can assure you, dear reader, I hate the IRS and Taxes way more than Cosmically Fathomable. What ever you are feeling, you are not alone. Suicide is not the right choice, that’s just letting the government win. And that’ll piss me off more.

Literally- Fuckin’ Don’t kill yourself. God damn.

As it turns out, Taxes are a big enough pressure and stressor on people that they commit suicide.

Here are some news clippings (screen shots for you young bloods),

While we’re at it, Can I just say, I am not a fan of IRS being armed. Like why are they raiding people’s homes? Why are Tax Collectors Armed? That’s un-American.

Here is another case;


From his Facebook page;

“When I started this business in 1989, there were seven family members, including my wife, siblings and their spouses. Funding was difficult, so I really had to articulate my vision for the company to my large family and inspire them to take mortgages on their homes and borrow money from friends to raise the $107,000 needed to get it off the ground. That set the stage for how I would grow the company.”

“I was always in search of the next honest means to make a dollar. Like many transplanted Caribbean nationals, I struggled to work and raise a family. I can only thank God for everything I have achieved, and if my story here can inspire others to rise up and give it a go, then I would have succeeded in doing something meaningful.”

This was a Jamaican Immigrant who was successful and building an empire and living the American Dream. He likely felt troubled with some imposter syndrome along with fear of the IRS and how ambiguous the Taxes are in the US. I mean, the Taxes are so convoluted that not even the IRS agents know how to file their own taxes.

I’m not sure the exact specifics but NY post did say it was due to tax debt.

Here is a comment from someone who is no longer online;

There are more and more stories online, the point is that there are enough cases, so much so, that the IRS has a statement on their website.

It’s codified into the IRS’ regulations and procedures;

So Suicide and Taxes have a causal link.

And anyone who thinks that these are just anecdotes, then those people don’t have souls. Because who would consider suicide notes as dismissible anecdotal evidence? As if calling something an anecdote to downplay the experiences had is ‘okay’. Mother fucker, it’s literally written in their own words right before they left this plane of existence. Heavy tax burdens have resulted in Suicide. That is a Fact.

I’m pretty sure,

The founding father’s wouldn’t understand the concept of suicide being so prevalent in the nation that they built.

Also, They probably would never imagine the future generations committing suicide from taxes that they owe to the state. The literal shock of the tax bill results in so much stress resulting in emotional and mental damage -and in some cases, Death.

In Closing,

I’m not saying life is going to get better, but I am saying how you feel towards life is your choice. This life thing is a human experience, the ebbs and craggy flows of existence are a part of the ride, no matter how fucking shitty they are or appear to be.

Taxes fucking suck, and it’s arguably theft. You’re not alone.

But please, for the love of all things, don’t kill yourself because of taxes.

That’s like letting the Government or the IRS win. You want them to dance on your grave and collect taxes from your death or estate or some other weird loop hole?

You’re better off being angry and then channeling that into success. I mean, if you’re already at your wits end, what else do you have to lose besides fucking trying?

Or you could do an ass whack of fucking Psychedelics. Like a lot of it. You’ll sober up some way or form from it.

That’s not advice, that’s a hypothetical. You COULD totally do Five + Grams of Shrooms or two tabs of acid or whatever plant medicine in the Forests, Jungles, Mountains, or Deserts out there. That’s like your hypothetical choice.

The point of this article is to point out that there is indeed a connection between Suicide and Taxes, and that suicide isn’t the right answer. I also hate Tone Deaf Economists, because they are fucking retarded and cite studies that higher taxes leads to less suicide -to which the Corpo media peddles like it’s hotcakes. I want to play games with them in minecraft for simply being retarded.

Don’t buy into corpo media, don’t feel lonely, don’t give up, and Don’t kill yourself.

But you could totally do drugs in minecraft.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice


In the note of Denise Simmons, she state a-many a-sad things. One of which, still rings true;

 “I know you believe in the legal system, but I do not.”

As it turned out in the legal proceedings, the Government can’t be sued for any damages due to the collectation of taxes under the specific Federal Tort Claims Act. Meaning, if you make a claim using the Federal Tort Claims Act, you can’t sue the government for tax collection or any damages or torts caused during tax collection.

Yea, that sucks.

That doesn’t mean you can’t sue the government for collecting taxes. You’d just have to cite some other viable legal proceeding. Which obviously costs money and shit.

But I’m not a real lawyer- so yea.

Just seems kind of fucked that the Government can Arm a bunch of IRS agents, bully the average citizen into suicide, and can’t be held accountable -not even financially. Sounds very, Authoritarian? Like, the IRS is basically just the Publicly known Secret Police using Taxes as a guise to bludgeon the working class at this point. That’s how they got Al Capone, and the IRS also targets the poor.

So, take it for what it is.

-And don’t kill yourself.

That’s like selling yourself short. Don’t sell yourself short kid. Don’t go Long on $ROPE.

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