Marketing Slogans we use today, like that of Idiocracy

So, the movie Idiocracy (2006) has the use of a Slogan that people regurgitate to sound smart or whatever. Maybe it’s a lie to reassure themselves that they’re doing the right thing. A Marketing slogan that apotheosized into a truth or an aphorism or a sutra. Or a what-the fuck.


Here’s the reference;

“Brawndo has Electrolytes, it’s what plants crave” Just a very effective marketing slogan that became the subjective truth in which people operate out of. If you think humans aren’t that stupid, boy oh boy, let’s just go through some shit,

In this shit post, I’ll be going over some stupid shit we humans say that isn’t really true.

Shit like;

An Apple a day keeps the doctor away

Who the fuck thought Apples were the miracle fruit that would preserve health?

Doesn’t the bible say some shit about forbidden fruit in the shape of an apple, that casts people out of a garden of essentially heaven? Why would we not think about that shit when we eat random fucking apples?

Don’t get me wrong, apples are good and shit. But when we say dumb shit like ‘an apple a day’, that just sounds cringe.

Do you chant slogans and marketing shit everywhere?

We are farmers. Like a good neighbor. Can you hear me now?

Like you could, if you enjoy that sort of thing. You probably like dad jokes and puns too. If that’s the case, Enjoy life without me because I don’t want to be near you.

Go ahead and give a cancer patient some apples, see if it keeps the doctor away. See if it improves their health from them literally dying of cancer. You could give them an apple every day. Find out for humanity if it works.

Yea, how about them apples.

Three Square Meals a Day

Breakfast was a relatively different concept invented in like the 15th century. Or whatever.

Some people ate only lunch and dinner.

Some people only ate dinner.

Some people didn’t even fucking eat, because they were poor or unsuccessful in their hunt.

This was the life of many.

If we keep pushing shit like three square meals a day, eventually that shit will multiply. People will snack all day, then turn their snacks into meals, and their one sandwich to three sandwiches.

Point is, it’s possible that in the future, we’ll say dumb shit like “4 meals a day” or “5 Square Meals a day” or “6 Meals keeps us rounded” or some dumb shit to shovel more food in our fat asses as we gain plenty of health disorders and die a slow gluttony of a death.

While we’re at it,

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”

No it’s not.

I literally don’t eat breakfast. Like ever.

Many people online are still defending this to help sell breakfast type foods. When else do people regularly drink orange juice and eat pancakes,

A good portion of people are insecure with food due to their traumas from the past and their life of instability or poverty. Truth is, you are responsible for your own trauma, and you can let go whenever you want. So don’t blame that shit on others, ya cunt.

I break my fast whenever I want and sometimes, I skip entire days of meals. Infact, I woke up to shit post this and I’m going to sleep right now and I’ll write the rest of this shit when I wake up.

Just woke up, that’s about 30 hours of not eating and mostly sleeping. Mainly because I had a rough day at the gym, but I ate like two tiny burger sliders and went to sleep. Too easy.

This whole 3 meals a day is bullshit. evaluate your body by it’s needs. Sometimes people are just thirsty and confuse their signals for other shit. You’re not always hungry. Everyone’s different.

Intermittent fasting, that’s a thing and people have benefitted alot from it.

If you look at the world data for poor and starving people, outside of poverty in the united states, most people just don’t get food. They starve.

Figure out what works for you, and stop prescribing dead slogans.

You’re not supposed to use marketing slogans as mantras, what bullshit nirvana are you trying achieve? Corporate Loyalty?

Milk builds strong bones?

It’s probably just the Dairy industry trying to sell you more milk like them ‘Got milk?’ commercials. Funding Big Nutrition to shill out their dairy creamer and their wheaties and oats.

Just another good round of marketing propaganda, some dead slogans that we sling around.

Did you know, the Dairy industry pushes the use of dairy in everything? That’s how we get things like Cheese in everything from breaded cheesy bread to Government cheese. It’s corporations pushing delicious cheese on you so you can get fat and be dumb.

How dare us consumers enjoy their shit that they push on us.

8 Glasses of water a day

Who the fuck said that?


Tell me, mutha fucking who?

What the fuck?

We just literally accept some random shit from random people. No source? We just think humans should get a bunch of water everyday? We just assign an arbitrary value? Like how many dildos do we have to throw at cops until society gets better, is it eight? Like who determines the phrase and the quantity? What the fuck?

I’ve gone days to a week with only two cups of water. I do this shit often. I turn out just fine. You probably won’t, because I’m built different.

I’m not a monk, nor am I a practicing aesthetic. I’m just not eating marketing slogans like they’re cereal.

And many Americans just drink soda and shit, they don’t even care about water. I mean, why would you? You want to pay money to buy water? That’s dumb, that’s like paying money to buy canned air. What, you want to drink Tap Water? That’s a scam. it’s probably healthier to drink soda because atleast you know they care about the quality of the liquids they sell to you, even if it’s loaded in sodium and sugars. Because let’s face it, corporations making soda-drinks probably pay for the quality mineral-spring water for their products, because sure as shit, the people aren’t getting that spring water.

Like, is water really good for you or did someone lie just to sound like they know something? Just to pretend?

Fertilizer is good for plants,

So, in moderation, and if you’re a big farmer that’s been doing a routine, yea Sure.

But typically, a bunch of green horns and non-green-thumbs try to put too much of a good thing.

It’s the dose that makes the poison, and the amount people put is enough to kill plants and make em rot. It fuckes with the nitrate levels, it can also kill bugs and other insects that eat and prey on bugs that eat and prey on plants. So you’re just essentially spraying Agent Orange on your little slice of Vietnam that you call a ‘garden’. Yea, you’Sr fucking with life if you go overboard with anything. That also includes watering your little Zipperhead Flowers too much. Turns out, plants can drown, so stop waterboarding them.

So calm down with that fertilizer shit. Also, when you start using it, you have to keep using it. It’s like juicin’ but for plants instead of gym rats. It’s actually a scam, and you really fuck up the soil because of chemical synergism with pesticides and other bullshit.

It’s also bad for the overall water and ecosystem. But, I mean, whatever.

You do you.

“BCAA are good for you”

In the Healthy world of eating only broccoli, chicken, and rice. There’s some sayings that go around that people eat up.

Things like ‘BCAA are good for you’. They slap that shit on all the pre-workouts, recovery, protein powders, protein bars, and protein anal-beads. Point is, BCAA is actually just some novel marketing gimmick to sell you more shit.

They just slap on a new formula, new name, or some new drug on their bottle and make you think you’re missing out like a dummy. It’s just a sales tactic to make it seem like your life is inadequate.

Because, let’s be honest, if you feel insecure about your lifestyle, then your life is indeed inadequate. Aren’t there like war crimes we should be focusing on? No? Just focus on getting five more grams of protein? Priorities, am I right?

Hey kid, as long as you believe, then you got your magick. Because a placebo is real, and it’s undeniably more effective than not believing. So -again- you do you. Take the Protein analbead suppository pills, max out your glutes, and focus on no other muscles ever.

Eat raw meat -or something

That guy, the “Liver King”

So some dweeb with muscles that was on roids and was trying to get people to eat raw meat like some ‘primal ancestors’. This guy was selling a lifestyle and made up some fake shit about being ‘primal’ and said he got muscles without roids, except he used roids. Lmao. Dweeb.

The thing is, no one actually knows what our ancestors ate. We just assume that we come from ‘evolution’ and that we ‘discovered fire’. We really don’t know shit about fuck.

Like that’s a bold assumption. Isn’t it entirely possible that the world was just invented as is like a few centuries ago? And that people already had gas stoves, truffle oil, and salt? Isn’t it entirely possible that we were genetically shit out of an Alien Test tube and had advanced fine dining well ahead of our current time? But the promethean technology got lost in some bullshit flood because some of us went camping or some shit. Isn’t it possible our ancestors didn’t eat Raw anything?

Earth itself could have been a star seed or another celestially developing plane that was in the process of evolving and embedded some humans through tech or some shit. That Panspermia theory.

Wild possibility, I know. But why would we know that our ancestors ate meat? Why would we assume it to be raw? Couldn’t they just eat like natives? Most natives ferment, acid cook, or flame cook their food. There’s people literally using geothermal heat from the earth by burying their food and allowing decomposition to cook and cure their meats. Like this is still happening today. They don’t just do it for meat, people do it with cabbage and other veggies. Ever ate Kimchi?

People literally cooked without fire, they used fucking dirt. What the fuck are we to assume that our ancestors ate raw shit? Like that’s just primative nu-age think.


We constantly believe that we’re smarter than our ancestors, when they literally had to do shit. the Modern world gives a lot of shit on a silver platter, we’re essentially living better than nobles in recent days, unless you’re in a cobalt mine or some shit. Yet we think we’re smarter just because we can google a few words.

We simply don’t know. We can guess and make up some bullshit, but chances are, we’d be wrong as fuck.

It’s not a safe bet. If you know any probability, statistics, Bayesian reasoning, or risk-analysis, then you’d know this isn’t a safe bet. Too many unknown unknowns to make any guess as to what the known value should be.

I’ve decided to give up,

And googled a bunch of articles to give you more shit that you could read into. here are more misconceptions that you probably sling around. Chances are, they’re probably marketing slogans too.

50 Well-Known “Facts” That Are Actually Just Common Myths

50 Common Misconceptions Debunked | TitleMax

There’s more out there. You want more? Google it.

Just uh, don’t mistake disenchantment for truth. Just because some hob knob online, like me, says something contrary to what you originally thought. That doesn’t make me right, nor anything that I say true. You should discern truth for yourself and not be fed a bunch of marketing slogans down your throat.

You thought some words were true, you learn that they’re a lie. Then you learn some other truth contrary to the old truth. You learn that too is a lie. Yea, so disenchantment is not truth. You’re just believing in possibly another lie.

Chances are, the next lie is probably a marketing slogan for the competitor or some shit.

Or the simplified version;

Can’t escape it.

Point is,

No one really knows what they’re saying anymore and if what they’re saying is true.

But you don’t want to sound like a soyboy being like “SAUCE?:

Fuck, just go based on your personal experiences and speak from your actually lived experience. It’ll work out for a lot of shit that doesn’t matter or isn’t life threatening. Probably.

Also an acceptable answer

My Pops always talked about some shit about ‘early to bed, early to rise, become wealthy, healthy, and wise’ and that just sounds like bullshit.

Ever heard about the early bird getting the worm? Yea, well it’s the second mouse that gets the cheese. Because Mouse Traps.

And there’s a bunch of hopeful MBA’s out there that haven’t experienced life or LSD (same same if you ask me) that are learning about shit like ‘second mover advantage’ in a text book. You know the internet exists, right?

So, for every saying, it’s a generalization, and there’s always some exceptions, if not a whole fuck load of them (the exceptions).

So no one knows shit about fuck. here’s that but in meme format;

Regardless, these Marketing Slogans are provocative, it gets the people going

In Closing,

This is a shit post.

Life and existence is absurd, in the lens of an absurdist. . . Obviously.

We’re well deep into ‘idiocracy’, since (I’d argue) the 1860’s.

But, uh, we forgot the reason why we do what we do. More so, why we say what we say.

Anyways, I’m going to try to befriend a group of geese and then have them commit gang wars with other geese. For research purposes and value entertainment only.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

Post Script,

Due to recent political related bullshit, here’s a few marketing slogans that you’ve heard ushered by friends, family, and Lame Stream Media;

2 weeks to flatten the curve

killing grandma

trust the science

Triple mask

Immunity to Prevention

Prevention to Protection


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