America is Mediocrely Racist when it comes to Viruses

Why is it that Americunts love to shit on other countries?

We blame the whole Corona thing on China, and after several rounds of gas lighting, we found out that it likely came from China in a lab.

A lab that was funded by the United States. Not unlike those other bio labs planted and funded in Ukraine.

And not only that, the main story was that people got it from ‘eating bats’.

Yes, a respiratory infection thought to be transmissible airborne was contaminating humans from eating bats.

And people just ate that shit up.

So much so, that they bullied a Chinese Influencer for eating bats. . . A Chinese influencer that ate bats that didn’t die of a virus that allegedly came from eating bats. . . So people sent death threats. . . I’m not making this up, people are really that retarded.

“Oh, those damn chinese opened up Pandora’s box by eating bats” -Americunt

As if your fucking artisan coffee isn’t loaded with bat guano itself.

If you ask me, I’d rather eat bat than bat shit. Just saying.


What’s with the Hong Kong Flu? The original Kung Flu?

We just going to gloss over how racist that is?

We called it the Shanghai Virus and some other shit. This was in the 60s.

What about Aids?

Some so called ‘experts’ believed that aids started from fucking monkeys. Like what the fuck?

And I mean, literally, the common belief was that someone fucked some forbidden pussy and got the monkey aids.

The Aids that was spreading rampant through sexual discourse all around. The aids that was likely bioengineered, allegedly came from another continent fucking Monkeys and somehow landed on US soil. The Aids that was researched and funded by bio labs in the US. Yea, no relation.

Here’s Dave with some commentary;

There was another joke somewhere about ‘removing yourself from the human pussy game’ after fucking with some monkeys. I mean, it sort of makes sense. Once you start fucking monkeys, you probably shouldn’t be fucking humans too.

I get it, Bestiality bad, but to look at all of an ENTIRE continent as a bunch of ‘monkey fuckers’ doesn’t make much sense. Like literally, when Americunts think of Africa, they think blood diamonds, malaria, UNICEF propaganda, poor, and monkey fuckers. Also maybe lions.

Also, What was up with the Monkey Pox?

The media was blaring that alarm like it was the new Covid Variant in 2022.

Then they said it was only transmissible via sex.

Then they said the LGBT and Alphabet Mafia was highly infected and warned against being Homosexual.

And then Children got infected.

The virus that was only transmissible via sex. . .

And then the Media stopped talking about it after hyping it up to be the next pandemic to sell more Pig Pharma Products.

Huh, it’s almost like the media has some sort of interest to paint Chomo’s in a good light because of the strings that are pulled by Paedophilic Elites that have islands to tiddlefuck human innocence and maybe commit blood sacrifices. Where’s the client list?

In Closing,

This was a rant, and I didn’t care to think of any coherent story.

Side note, Europeans also are fucking weird. They fuck sheeps. And American White Girls are some next level kind of stupid, because they fuck dogs. Also, Americans call people in the middle east ‘goat fuckers’, ‘cave dwellers’, and ‘sand niggers’. And I think it’s both racist, ingenious, and charming. Word play.

I just want to call out how racist this is, and it’s disappointing.

So, if you want to be racist, atleast be racist equally. I’m tired of this low hanging fruit of racism, you give racism a bad name. Like, a few google searches and learning of their political history or how they committed war crimes or had war crimes committed onto them would be a better racist joke.

Calling someone a ‘XXX fucker’ is the brain dead equivalent of saying ‘Your mom’.

Like, read a fucking book.

Do Better

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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