Perverse Law enforcement is a Scam

I’m talking about Entrapment folks. This article is gonna focus a little more heavy on the FBI side, because it was easier and funnier to make fun of them than regular dirty pigs (Not saying all cops are pigs, but there are pigs and there are dirty ones).

Cops and Law enforcement and other Alphabet soup boys just do really dumb shit to goad people into committing crimes.

Like, wasn’t the whole point to keep the peace? But now we got boys in blue and the govy inciting acts of violence and terror. Now all these boots want to shine like some sort of hero by artificially manufacturing shit scenarios so they can play the good guy. It’s pretty diabolical. It’s also sad and pathetic.

I mean,

What the fuck is bait if not a trap?

If you bait someone, and they get baited, did you not trap them?

Isn’t that entrapment?

What is a bait car?

What is soliciting for sex?

Sting Operations are just that, a trap.

Here’s a personal story,

Me, casually being drunk anywhere and everywhere.

I find a wallet on the ground at the corner of the street,

It has a social security looking card sticking out of it. I was gonna pick it up to return it, but then a voice in my head said “Naw nigga, that’s a trap” because I have undiagnosed schizophrenia (obviously). Then I thought about it some more.

Why would a wallet be by itself on a corner of the street with a social security card stuck out side ways and standing up.

It looked like this;

Wallet standing up,
With a social security card

Yes, they have sting wallets. I actually went home and felt pissed and googled the fuck out of sting wallets to learn more. Turns out, it doesn’t matter if you’re trying to do good or whatever. They will fucking pin you for petty theft and identity theft. You know, a felony.

All to arrest you and make it seem like the streets are being safer while bolstering the slave labor they call the ‘prison economy’. As if slapping a retarded word like ‘economy’ after ‘prison’ makes this not dystopian af.

Thank god, On god, my Schizophrenia Street smarts came into play. Or else I’d be locked up. Like for real. True story.

Like, here’s how stupid it gets

FBI, ATF, and other alphabet boys groom teenagers to commit acts of terrorism.

Like, it’s retarded.

>Organization Established to fight terrorism
>Finds no Terrorism
>Orchestrate an artificial scenario to goad people into a terrorism
>People don’t take the bait
>Get upsetti at the people
>Arrest them anyway

Like, this shit is stupid. It’s so stupid, and the sad part is that it’s true.

More examples,

The FBI entrapment cases are a dime a dozen so I’ll be referencing those.

Based on the picture above, you’re telling me that there were TWO FBI informants, two snitches, willing to do a fuck ton with a group of randos and plot to steal the Declaration – I mean, the Governor of Michigan? And one of these informants drove from Wisconsin to Delaware in aiding and abetting this outrageous plan?

There was more revealed, they even provided funds and took over the group. Several informants and agents were essentially leading this group to do all sorts of bullshit.

Yea, the amount of people around me exercising the first amendment right to speak about violent crimes is a dime a dozen. And how many snitches have reported them for saying shit? That’s right, not one FBI Informant. So this group here had two? They specifically snitched to the FBI and not local law enforcement? They specifically thought that they should stay in this honeypot group to gather more intel to feed it to the Fed Boys?


Maybe there was honestly a plot to do bad without the FBI informants goading them on. Maybe I’m full of shit. Well, there are more examples outside of this heavily FBI influenced group,

So, the family’s troubled child got caught up with some bad friends. The bad friends, are obviously the Fed Bois and similar Glowies. These tardos got a paranoid and schizo jobless NEET Man to try to commit acts of terrorism.

Why would a jobless schizo need communication with Glowies to commit crimes? If you know anything about Schizos, they would just talk to the shadow men, Demiurge, Birds, or the people living in their walls. Ask me how I know.

Real human interaction to commit violent crimes isn’t the type of shit that happens when you are a schizo (or on PCP). Again, ask me how I know.

*Pause*, this is your Article Reminder to take your meds.

What I’m saying is, Fed Bois obviously groomed a guy, and they mentally abused and gaslit your average struggling citizen in this shit-world. Imagine if you were down on your luck, jobless, living with your parents, and also feeling bad about yourself with depression, you know, the big sad. Which really applies to most men seeing how shit society is and how meager a ‘living wage’ is. Then some guys talk to you pretending to be friends and goading you to commit friendly acts of terrorism.

Sounds like the Fed Bois are really putting those tax payer dollars at work.

I even covered a fucked up case of the Fed Bois Grooming some 19 year old kid for jihad and also mocking the kid too;

Long story short, you can see this meme and it covers what the FBI did;

Don’t worry, the Jury of the trial convicted the 19 year old with 30 years behind bars and charges of having WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION. Even though the FBI provided all the things and told the kid exactly what to do. Yup, No real weapons, just an impressionable kid being told by the government to commit acts of terrorism. Groomed, no real weapons, being told what to do against their comfort.

Yea, it took some Researcher ten years to realize what I know in about five tiktok videos.

FBI is responsible for financing and hatching more terrorist plots in the United States than any other Terrorist Organization. Let that sink in.

I guess it’s not domestic terrorism if it doesn’t have the certified government Seal of being backed by the FBI. Gotta love that homebrew FBI Brand of terrorism.

This image brought to you by the Power of AI

I mean, I’m just speaking from the cuff when I say this. But FBI agents are probably just kids that like toys. They probably get excited to get extra money and play spy infiltrating ‘white trash’ and other racially charged groups to impress Jihad or whatever on them. Because let’s be honest, under cover makes a pretty penny, and you get quite the immunity from some dumb shit. The whole thing is a scam, but I could see why the Fed bois would want more terrorism and not less. Their existence is incentivized by their utility, so they manufacture more incidents to collect a bigger pay check. It’s not rocket science, it’s typical Systematized rewards with a supplement of Grooming-terrorism 101.

All I’m saying is, If I had immunity to pretend to be something I’m not and do an asswhack of drugs all paid for and funded by Tax payer dollars. I’d fucking do that in a heartbeat. Yea? We doing some meth and mixing shit up? I’m a local celebrity in a small ho-dunk town? Fuck yea. Now let’s talk about terrorism like I’m not the center-glue that’s holding up this new terror cell and anytime anyone wants to back out, I call em out on it and threaten them to stay or else. Obviously because I’m incentivized to keep this charade going, against their will. Daddy needs a new promotion and I’m tired of taking all this Oxy, I want to move to wherever the shrooms and acid is at. Maybe start my own MK Ultra project, yea, it’ll be 2.0.

C’mon. Complete immunity. Think about it. It’s like being a diplomat without all that diplomatic training and not having to worry about international incidents.

And Cops and other govy boys get this. Just ask the ATF and DEA how their undercover operations go when they drug bust eachother.

Here’s how to spot the fed bois.

Because I’m joking but also, they dress so cookie cutter that you’d think they’re the ones that are joking.

Normally they have blue shirts with FBI, boots, hat, and khaki pants.

Like, they’re NPCs at this point, wearing the standard uniform of tan khaki, boots, and sunglasses and a hat. All they do is get rid of the Giant “FBI” on their backs and wear masks. It’s like they all shopped at Alibaba for a bulk order of the same jacket.

I mean, the government’s budget must be tight
To re-wear the same ‘undercover’ outfit every time
-some rando meme from the internet

Here’s a more casual blend but still fed bois;

Not obvious with watches, sunglasses, blue tops, whatever the fuck those shorts are, and that haircut.

You’d think it’s Han Solo Season or some shit;

Basic White Girls starter pack
Looks a lot like Basic White Fed Bois starter pack

I mean, are there any non white non male Fed Bois? Diversity must be pretty slim. What are they, the remnant vestiges of the KKK or am I too close to the truth? (lmao, just did a search, it’s like 80% white male. LMAO).

So it’s actually a part of their playbook to blend into crowds and create incitement or some other bullshit. All of this to drive the crowds and make shit worse. Like leading one rally into another and then starting a riot between two parties of protesters. Typical fed play book.

That implies that the FBI will entrap large groups of people in swathes. To get them to be guilty. It almost sounds like they’re not looking for criminals, but instead are starting crimes, insurrections, and riots to blame it on average American citizens advocating for political change against the powers that be.

Mad Sus.

All of this Shit is memeable;

There’s one too many instances that it’s lodged into a truth in the collective subconscious, and we’re can openly talk shit about this and laugh because enough people already know that it’s true. They believe, hence the memes.

Yes, let’s groom impressionable young teenagers to commit acts of violence, terrorism, or jihad in the name of National Security. And it’s definitely not because there’s a quota of reprimand or something, no way am I just entrapping and imprisoning innocent people to send them to prison for several years just to make a bullshit quota like a regular police officer.

I mean, ngl, some of these memes are lit

I know it’s a little out of season, but this MLK FBI meme is lit af no cap fr fr Ong,

Imagine being honored
by the future lineage progenitors
of your killers
Honk Honk, Clown World alert.

While I’m at it with FBI jokes, just know that you can always be thankful to your Family, friends, God, and your FBI Handler for watching over you,

So many

Memable stuff


whether it’s five eyes or eleven, so many memes

Some of the memes and texts are of real stuff;

Sad story on Ruby Ridge

Some are just warnings;

I mean, these memes are too many

Also there’s cool comics like this one by Tatsuya Ishida;

I mean, It’s known that the government at large keeps tabs on us. NSA and all them alphabet bois. Edward Snowden showed that truth, and then the government took it’s time to come out of the closet before admitting it. Well, they took their time so they could pass a few laws pardoning the Corporations that aided and abetted the Government’s malfeasance.

So when people make memes of the law enforcement, the same law enforcement that has historically protected factories and Employers, ya know, the ‘new masters’, then it makes memes like this really hit home;

Memes aren’t just pictures, sometimes they’re a running joke. It’s next-gen memeology. But that’s too large of a conversation on the philosophy and theory of language to talk about in this shit article. Instead, here is another meme, possibly real, but real enough to be believable thus being grounded in enough truth to be funny;

With 40k+ likes of reaffirmation
Because it’s a joke or a meme, but enough people agree
Hard Tax payer dollars (possibly) at work.

There was even a person to use an AI bot to generate a 4 chan template about Fed bois, and here is the result;

Even baby-proto-general-AI know that the Fed bois are backwards as fuck. What is this, Waco?

A Copy Pasta on Waco,

Because you should know if you don’t.

The most egregious case of “what-the-fuck government?” in history. The standalone paramount case why you should not trust the gubernment and why people are libertarians, armed, and ACAB (all cops are bad/bastards) exists.

Basically, there was a community doing their own shit. Fed bois wanted to earn some merits and accused the group of doing illegal shit. The Sherriff of the town knew the community and the people, and wanted to talk things like humans. Fed Bois didn’t want that, they called in the tanks and weapons, came armed, and had a stand off resulting in shooting women and children and burning a building with people still inside.

IF YOU don’t know the full story, I highly recommend you read it,

Here’s a long message board with more deets;

This incident is a big wake up for anyone who doesn’t know how evil ANY government is. The government is made with humans following some NPC bot policies. Do you really trust humans who forsake their humanity?

Turns out, NWA was on to something with one of their songs;


Are all agents and federalis and that just shit?

Probably not.

I’m not here to question the morals of people or men in uniform or even the legalities of laws that are made up in some land we call America as if it is it’s own continent. Like, technically Canada is America, and so is Mexico and the other fifty or so made up Latin Countries on Turtle Island of Amaruca.

Point is, I’m just shit posting on how Entrapment in all forms is a scam.

It’s basically people generating problems to clean up so they can justify that they are doing good. You know, instead of fixing the existing problems that are already there.

This pathetic cosmic drama is a bunch of jazz where we apply bandaid fixes and reinvent the wheel over and over again;

It’s really the Ouroboros of us, if you ask me.

In Closing,

Most law enforcement is a scam.

Like why the fuck is it that you can’t call these guys for help? If you think you can call the police for help or when there is an issue, than you must be white or rich. Like, forreal.

But you could get easily arrested for being baited by the guys that are supposed to help? Like they don’t want to get kittens from a tree, but they’ll easily arrest someone for walking the wrong way. Literally Jay Walking is a thing.

Let me ask you this, do you feel safer engaging or interacting with these ‘peace keepers’? Or do you feel like you’re being scrutinized because they can nitpick an uncodified set of laws made in black magic illegible to the common man yet jokingly call it ‘common law’? Turns out, it’s not so common, nor is it really ‘law’.

When you drive, do you look for cops and feel nervous even when you didn’t do anything wrong? Turns out,

“Bandits in blue are still bandits even if you call em by a different name” -Shakespeare probably

It’s perverse and it’s a scam.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice


John McAffee didn’t kill himself, and he has said many factual things;

he even got a tattoo, to help reassure people that he won’t kill himself;

I guess that’s what happens when truth bringers fly too close to the sun. Like a good old Icarus, we be burnin’ a fat one, man. R.I.P. to a real one;

Stay safe out there. Law enforcement are looking for people to break crimes, so much so that they’ll even make you break the crimes. Fuck they’ll pay you to get started, it’s like an SBA loan.

Post Post Script,

SO them Twitter files came out.

And it appear the same FBI that was involved in January 6th incident, was also the same FBI working with Twitter and giving them information about future events. Which may or may not be related to January 6. The same January 6 that the FBI was in on.

Idk what that means, but perhaps there’s an implication that the FBI were in ‘The know’ about that whole ordeal.

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