It’s a Clown World

Everyone is a clown,

And I’d Dance to that

And let me explain,

Boiled down to the essence, Clowns are people who;

  1. Wear some garb to include makeup,
  2. Perform acts for coigne or ‘entertainment’ (which also generates coigne).

So we ‘Dress for success’ and ‘do the work’ or ‘stay on our grind’ as a way to live life?

What type of cosmic dance is that if we’re all not some way, shape, or form a Performing Geisha?

We wear these masks, pretending to the end, and in the end, the masks ends up wearing us.

Sometime Life imitates art, (Comedic arts being one of them)

1. Wear some garb to include makeup,

We wear make up

Society has allowed us to partake in the concealing of ourselves, and some even revel in it.

From the ULT(R)A high money making mouths of industrial behemoths, plenty of Makeup suppliers definitely enjoy the clown world.

We assign value to these product, to adjacent tutorials, to kits, to selling your Mary-KKKKay and Rick Ashley’s souls in Pink everything. What is this, if not taking value in our suffering. In our accursed ways of concealing our backwards society predicated on lookisms and Skin-Deep beauty?

Do you feel it? The embracing of shallow judgments of character?

How about all the plastic surgery and cosmetic elective body modifications?

People get boob jobs, botox, ass-jobs, Cellulose, Dick surgery, height surgery, insert physical parameter here surgery.

It’s all a bunch of body dysmorphia to grasp control of our Genetic projections, in an effort to become gods. Whether through control or through beauty, an ode to Moral Physiognomy.

You know, Life imitates art, where art originally imitated ideals;

As a side note, I’m actually impressed that people are willing
to go to great lengths to accomplish such feats.
So, for these people I applaud. You know, like Olympians.
But for overall society, we keep chasing vanity in vain.
And to keep in character, people are ALL clowns.

So we turn ideals into a reality in the form of material arts, and then personify their beauty by projecting our outward appearances and ideals onto ourselves. For more beauty. For, dare I say, Perfection?

Sure thing ‘Doctor’ Steinman

We grasp on to this subjective idea of grandeur and self infatuation perpetuated by others and society at large to go down a narcissistic rathole of appearance-one-up-man-ship. Are we not chasing waterfalls to elude ourselves into a delusion to chase unreal and even surreal beauty?

Oh, I forgot, I’m supposed to write jokes and not deep meaningful thoughts. I’m terribly sorry for the break in character. Thanks for the save Gigachad, lmao.

On a side note, how expensive are clown shoes? Like they got to be custom made right?

And that’s a niche market, so someone out there is literally intentionally making clown shoes for clowns as a means to get money to survive. What is that, if not hilarious? Who’s the real clown? Them for making the shoes, or you for enjoying the absurdity?

Speaking of clown shoes;

What is clothing if not a display?

Dress in some colorful garb drabby and all

You know, suits and ties, or maybe a societal sundress

We’ve taken pride in our masks that hide our shame, the clothing, the actual masks, ‘Hashtag’ designer-made™;

I mean what’s the difference?

From this neck piece?
And this?

Then we prance and dance around doing things, making acts, and taking actions.

A conformity into societal standards by peacocking yourself.

And what is make up if not the things we wear on our face? Our beauty routine, and even our expressions.

Our emotions and bouts of stoic display, are all farce, or just that. A Display.

2. Perform acts for coigne or ‘entertainment’
(which also generates coigne).

What is dancing if not a series of motive acts?

We all get paid some coin to wear some form of formidable clothing, to ‘look the part’, and even more so; in order to keep our ‘roles’ we call ‘jobs’ we have to perform our acts. Dance like the puppet, churn like the cog in the machine. You know, live, work, die.

We have to do the things that make the bread. That sustain our perpetuity, for entropic perpetuity, lmao.

How about jobs in actual performing arts?

Wake up Sheeple! are these not a form of clowns?

If someone studies through textbooks of medical literature, take the tests, check the right boxes, and perform under the supervision of an elder. Does that not make one a Doctor? What difference is there from that whole path if not an elaborate and ‘exxtra’ sophisticated charade for the performing arts of a clown?

Clowns perform an act in a thoughtful artistic way. A Doctor simply replicates the acts of those before him from ‘established’ medical practices. What are Comedy and Medicine if not an art? Something to be Practiced?

Becoming a doctor is simply “How to be a clown with extra steps”

Like, have you seen some of the ‘Tik Tok’ videos or even ‘Youtube’ Videos that make people a star?

Tell me medical professionals aren’t clowns;

It’s just the coffin dance meme without the coffin;

Hell, I’d wager (not-safely mind you) that these ‘heroes’ are the whole circus (especially with recent conduct);

our ‘heroes’

Is it a clown world?

Is it?

Why not just get a good camera,

Cake up the makeup, and sell yourself online. You know, for money?

Just like those ‘streamers’ that are living off of Just Five Dollars.

You can only afford Just Five Dollars?

People in actual clown makeup are better people than the previous streamers;

Are you ready for the future?

I mean, you’ve even got E-Clowns;

What is a stream if not a flow of a river of divine comedy channeling its current into your membranes?

What about sports?

You wear some uniform

And perform a dance, an act, a ‘play’

Maybe that’s why we ‘play’ sports.

I mean, what’s the difference here?

From this?
To this?
To this?

How about that world event where we find out the best clowns from each country as some sort of metric for ‘humanity’?

As if running in a circle or achieving a ‘great performance’ is making the world a better place. Human beings are simply performing a dog and pony show of one-upmanship. Global Society is just circle jerking itself (a-gain).

To be ‘pro’ just means that you’re getting paid

So there are amateur clowns (not-paid);

and Professional clowns (paid);

The Street Urchins (not-paid);

and The Royal Jesters (paid);

“Dance now you Overpaid Clown”

How about that War on “Insert Ideology”?

I mean, what are we fighting if not windmills disguised as giants?

How dare we physically engage with ideas using bullets and/or violent measures.

Society is fighting shadows of itself, as if the shadows are real. Oh no, society hurts itself in confusion.

I mean, look at this. Is this not a comedy? The so called ‘war on drugs’?

How about these ‘minor mistakes’ that ruin entire lives?

It’s a good thing ‘No-knock warrants exist’
That way I can get cop’d without me knowing,
It’s like winning the surprise lottery (of death)
especially when I’m in my own apartment eating ice cream.
Hell, you don’t even have to buy a ticket, it’s great.

Do these above efforts not look like this?

A Comedy?

Or how about when the ATF allowed walking their guns to the criminals?

Yea, that was a fantastic idea. Give the ‘bad guys’ guns so that they can commit crimes. Apparently the ATF is totally okay with the consequences. Side note, isn’t that a form of entrapment?

How can you not laugh at how ridiculously stupid this is?

-Source, a good read
This happens after the FBI agents talk a long chat of ideas of grandeur and delusions into the head of an impressionable Teenager
You know, Two adults grooming one Teenager. Definitely sounds righteous.

What’s even more comedic?

The Jury, they convicted the Teenager to 30 years to prison. So this kid got a charge of using a Weapon of Mass Destruction.

All the while, Conspiracy charges are punishable for up to five years. Terrorism charges can result to 20 years with some stipulations. Make it make sense.

You know, the whole “””””reason”””” America premptively invaded Iraq? For possible WMDs.

This kid got charged for 30 years. Maybe Iraq should have had their Leader charged for just 30 years since that’s how we’re evaluating the punishment of using Weapons of Mass Destruction.

All the while the Mosque, that this teenager came, from got Burned down in a “”hate crime””. Awfully suspicious timing, hmmmm.

Regardless of theories, the guy in this ENTIRE STORY (the one that burned the mosque)
to have had materially done any real damage,
Was charged with the good old mental case and some probation

Ha, wanna hear a joke?

The Justice System. Ba dum tsss.

Just, you just

Have to laugh at the futility of it all. The Absurdity. The Struggle. The waste of efforts and time all for naught.

I mean, what is more funnier than a reveal of struggles being a simple misconception?

I say this, because Tragedy and Comedy are two sides of the same coin.

Sure the Death of a Human life is (commonly agreed) as a Tragedy,
But wouldn’t that mean the Life of a Human Death is a Comedy?

Make it make sense.

What about Society?

I mean, what about society?

I’ve mentioned society over and over and over, just scroll above, that is society, the shadows in the mirror. Just take your happy Schizo Med-pills and make the voices go night-night as you slowly fade away. Eb and flow that conscious stream to become a slow halting dream.

“It’s a mad world out there”
-Source of remix

Here’s college or so called ‘higher education’ in this clown world;

How about this picture of our society?

Did you know that the above image is a lie? Apparently people just slapped some text on that image, to spin a narrative of someone cheating, and someone commented below.

But did you know, that I was lying about lying above? The truth is somewhere in between. Because USAWTF moments hella slaps. I mean, why would someone misspell the first word ‘My’? ‘By Fiancé’?

Whether you believe in the lie or not, you’ve been fooled at least one way. Welcome to the mess of a shit show in discerning truth. It’s a clown world.

Are you feeling sheepish? You know, because you’re a clown?

People out there see themselves as the butt of a joke, yet they embrace it. They turn the clown world upside down by ironically non-ironically becoming clowns to counter the counter-clown world clown culture. Floobs I say.

One can argue that the stereotypical Clowns of today’s world aren’t the real Clowns. Yes, the one wearing white makeup and red noses, they’re the ones that understand the system the best. It’s the audience, the one’s being fooled into thinking they’re not clowns, misbelieving they’re not the fools. Those people are the Real clowns.

It’s Easier to Fool People Than It Is to Convince Them That They Have Been Fooled.” – Mark Twain.

Is a joke still a joke if nobody laughs?

Wait, Isn’t Comedy subjective?

Like Beauty being in the eye of the beholder?

Have you seen Gen Z humor?

This is it, the so called ‘Gen Z’ humor;

It’s like taking a meme, slapping that bad boy in the oven with all the Supreme Toppings
and then over baking it in a high rez filter and slapping a couple joke words
iPood (Basically)

It’s to the point where the Gen Z humor itself is a cosmic horror. I mean, can you even begin to comprehend this?

It’s like a ball of spaghetti yarn Love Craftian shit tangled in so much irony and cringe that it’s beyond reason. The levels of comprehension reach the insanity and the laughter or chuckle you get is one of shock and apprehension from terror of almost unraveling the depravity contained therein.

Look into the void, can you see wayward lost souls?

Gen Z humor

It’s so recursive and self referential, that these works could stand alone to be their own existential crises. I wouldn’t even be surprised if Gen Z jokes became self sentient. That’s the type of monstrosity that we’re dealing with.

Comedy is subjective, culture is changing, thus comedy is changing.

I’d bet (if it wasn’t safe) that someone would doom the entire world ‘for the vibes’ in the near future.

Hell, in 100+ years, this humor in this article would be cringe (probably) and may even be considered too serious. Which I will laugh at in my grave because the thought of someone taking seriously the things said here within is HIGH-larious.

A King is a Serious Fool,

And a Jester takes Fooling Seriously.

Whom more to trust than a king or a fool?

In a Clown world, the world is full of clowns, from top to bottom. From Emporer’s to the Village idiot.

How does that make you feel? How now brown cow? Chocolate Heffer? Is the loony too bin for you?

I would argue that the clown speaks what everyone dares not to say, simply because no one takes the clown seriously. That is why the crazy, those that society deems insane or ‘not-right’ are the true philosophers. They go so far against the grain that they can poke fun of our current sadistic mediocrity. A jolly good laugh at that as well.

The real comedians wield the truth and question the things offensive and oft naught to be. Let alone, to be questioned.

The archetype of the Jester, is butt a fool.

And trust me, this life is a comedy. And for a Comedy, it’s absolutely divine. Lmayo.

And if everyone is a clown, then it’s for sure a;

Clown World

You know,
The Jester that jests on a pile of corpses,
Dancing on graves,
Perhaps is akin to the dark humor,
of those TikTok Dancing Nurses.

I guess,
The only thing we nurse,
Is the clock that tik toks,
Our last and final dance,
Before we exit the stage of life.

In Closing

We’re all a bunch of fucking clowns. Throughout writing this, I didn’t know how I wanted to sequence the pieces of thoughts that came to be. But then I realized, none of the sequencing matters, because death is the punchline and all these jokes end the same.


You know, being a clown just might be the oldest profession in the world.

If not, it definitely is related to the oldest profession in the world.


I’m here for the laughs, “the vibes”; so-to-speak.


AAHHAHAHAAH. . .Descent into madness continues. . .

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, Comedic, or Any Advice

Edit; 7 Aug, 2021;

Added a bit on the cosmetic surgeries and such, to include the barbie references, and the Dr. Steinman scene.

Edit; 8 September, 2021;

Some Clown deleted the Swat video so I’ve opted to upload a high def version courtesy of the internet. So enjoy the uninterrupted-ish stream of shite post.

Update; 9 Cocktober, 2021;

Meme nice, relevant;

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