Fact Checkers sling the word ‘baseless’ around like it means something

Clowned or ‘whacked’ is another term for assassination.

This is going to go into the details of what are potentially assassinations of political officials. Historically, America and Global Powers have funded, aided, and abetted both foreign military coup and domestic acts of terrorism. That is a known fact.

So, going forward with that known fact, we can atleast suspect that certain world leaders may be targets if they don’t follow a narrative. This of course is a theory.

And a lot of fact checkers (or I like to say, Professional retards), will call this theory ‘baseless’, when it’s grounded in reality and based on facts that are observable. You think the term ‘banana republic’ and ‘proxy wars’ are based off of imagination? You think the Tom Clancy Video Game series that have the player overthrow South African or South American Governments, Regimes, and Drug/War lords is baseless? As if those stories are not grounded or based on something?

Yea, let’s find out, shall we;

This will be the Fact Check article that I will be basing my critiques on. As a side note, someone claiming ‘orthodoxy’ and issuing a title saying ‘baseless’ is biased as fuck. Biased Truth, is not really Objective Truth. And I’m tired of news reporters trying to tell you what and how to think. These guys don’t even buy you dinner first before trying to mind-fuck you. It’s really a lack of courtesy.


The former president of Haiti, Jovenel Moïse, was assassinated by what reports have as four people (maybe more, maybe less). Two Colombians and two Haitian Americans.

And then magically after the assassination, Haiti received their first shipment of doses. . .

Just days after the assassination.

Yet the Fact Checker claims;

That there is a baseless conspiracy to assassinate this person for Covid Related issues. Even though that person is dead. But it’s still baseless even if the fact that he was assassinated was a fact.

The article says; But the claims are ‘false’ or ‘unfounded’ on several points.

What are the several points? Oh yea, not gonna mention it? Cool.

The article makes mention of the former president issuing a night curfew and mask mandate, and how Haiti initially refused the first shipment of doses. So. . .


Oh, get this, about those assassins. Apparently, the US is charging a (Ex) Haitian Senator for it. . . So the US, a separate foreign country, is extraditing Haitian Senators to charge them of a Haitian crime committed in Haiti, a Country that isn’t the US. . .


I’m not sure what the story is, or what’s going on, or who is right. Idk. Call me a little bit Conservative but it just seems like the US legal system shouldn’t extend to other countries? Maybe? Idk. Like that Julian Assange thing? Yea? No?

And the US is all like ‘we get a say in it too’ because allegedly the plan was talked about on Florida;

Allegedly. . .

It just seems sus. Story seems mighty sus;

Even Fed bois in Miami are touting about it

I feel like if anything, this man should be extradited to Haiti and then Haiti’s legal system could deal with him. That just makes a whole lot of sense, especially if we’re trying to follow this ‘rule of law’ nonsense that people speak of. Might sus.


Haiti denies first shipment of doses, the President is assassinated, days later the shipment of doses is accepted, and much later the assassins are being charged by the US on US Soil for something that was alleged to be discussed in the US for a crime that didn’t happen in the US.

I’m going to reveal a secret. Haitians don’t like the US Government. Turns out, the US has been fucking Haiti for the last century and some change. So, yea.

When they lost their president, I could only imagine that they became more skeptical when a new shipment of ‘vaccinations’ was accepted a few days later.

You know, Haiti, the country with 11.45 million people.

A ‘Vaccination’ rate of 2.1%. They seem awfully skeptical about this thing;

And a death toll in the triple digits, which is less than a fraction of 1% of the total population. About 0.000075% of the population.

Maybe the Vaccine skeptic propaganda helped Haiti to avoid getting inoculated with experimental injections resulted in them having a better survival rate. Idk, it’s just a hunch. Maybe it’s “baseless” even if I throw the numbers at your face.

Or maybe the Haitians were built different and they weren’t affected. Whose to say?


Tanzania, John Magufuli.

Their President died of a ‘heart condition’.

And of course, the fact checkers talk about how he was a Covid Skeptic, and said to ‘pray and inhale herbs’ to make the virus go away.

Discounting the fact that modern medicine is synthesized chemicals that could also be injected via aerosols or topological treatments, the Fact Checkers are downplaying this man as a looney person. Typical American Propaganda.

What the Fact Checkers fail to mention is,

He got a batch of covid tests, and tested many people and animals. And the tests came back positive. Suggesting that the tests were inaccurate, and that there was a possibility that this whole pandemic thing was a scam. You know, to peddle more drugs that the Tanzanian Government would have to pay for and then subsequently owe more debt to the United States in US Dollars to which the US could then fire up their money printers and ruin the Tanzanian Economy. You know, like how we did it with other African Nations with other forms of debt. . .


And after he tested the goats and animals to be Covid Positive, it made the global governments and people look mighty incompetent. Here you have the President of a Nation raising valid questions and skepticism. This gave a lot of power and credence to the skeptics to be more skeptical about this whole ordeal. Surprisingly, after that, he died of a ‘heart condition’.

Yea, a ‘heart condition’. Sure. Totally natural. Totally not possibly involved with assassination. Maybe it’s just very coincidental timing. . .

But of course, the Fact Checkers don’t want to report that side of the facts. They just want to solicit their biased news and opinions. Call a president of another nation some herb-infused unscientific person, paint them with horns. Typical propaganda.

It’s really elitist to down play another person/nation’s president.


A small African Nation, also had a skeptical President. One that wasn’t following the pandemic restrictions. Per the Fact Checker;

As a small note, the fact checker referred to Nkurunziza as ‘The former soccer player’, which seems largely unrelated or seems possibly to downplay the credibility of the man. He’s the fucking President of the Country, calling him a former Soccer player isn’t really a title that justifies or gives more credibility. (unless they were going for an angle that he was rigging sports bets and wanted sports to keep running. Which the Fact Checkers did not state or imply. So they’re just talking shit at this point.)

It just seems mighty sus that there weren’t harsh imposed pandemic restrictions, and then he died, and then restrictions were increased. Including travel bans and other initiatives.

Seems sus.

(also note, that Burundi’s political office and stability is in a lot of question with the people divided. So the passing of their president is both good and bad depending on whom you talk to. Ethnic and local political issues considered.)

And the last bit of the quote above;

“Although Magufuli and Nkurunziza opposed COVID-19 vaccinations in their countries, they apparently died from heart conditions, not murder, as the posts suggest without evidence.” -Fact Checker

That quote suggests that they weren’t murdered, and that making a suggestion that they were murdered without evidence is not okay.

But at the same time, the fact checker is making the suggestion that they were not murdered, without evidence. They are being hypocritical and not providing evidence that a person did not die of murder or ruling out foul play.

So there’s no evidence saying that these leaders were murdered, and there’s no evidence saying that they weren’t. Sounds like the Fact Checker is being baseless under their use of the word. . .

To also claim ‘baseless’ when there is a reason and base for potentially wanting such assassinations to happen, makes the term ‘baseless’ stupid.

In Closing,

Fact Checkers that puppet and purport false lies with flowery words are the scum of the earth.

The Majority of theories are based on evidence or history. They are grounded on tangible real world events that could have an overarching narrative. That overarching narrative is subject to many interpretations and flaws. But to say anything is ‘baseless’ is to claim that these theories aren’t predicated on thoughts and presuppositions. Which, every theory is based on thoughts and presuppositions.

If we were to call every theory baseless, then even science would be baseless. Health Care would be baseless. Physics would be baseless. Vaccinations and Immunology would be baseless. Wars would be baseless. Rule of Law would be baseless.

You see how retarded “Fact Checkers” sound?

This would mean that Immunology and Viruses are conspiracy theories. We’ve termed Conspiracy theory to mean any theory that goes against the mainstream narrative. Which also include scientific theories that go counter to established theories. I mean, just look at how many Doctors and Scientists were censored during this whole ordeal.

That’s not science, that’s just Fascism.

So, anytime you hear the word ‘baseless’ being applied. A ‘baseless’ rumor critiquing something or some thought. Consider what that something or what that thought was based on. Chances are, it’s based on something.

What sort of things would you have to believe to be true to make a story believable? It’s much like watching a movie, or getting wrapped in the story, whether it’s gossip, a book, or a yellow journalistic media narrative.

So what sort of things would you have to assume to be true for something to be plausible? What are the base-presuppositions?

Also, I’m not a fan of anyone claiming that their word is the truth. So Fact Checkers automatically get negative 10 points in my book.

As you may know, a comedian has to make good jokes grounded in reality or a subconscious understanding of the world. All jokes are pieces of reference, so it’s based. Not Baseless. Even ‘baseless’ and absurdist humor is predicated on an initial framework of reality in order to make jokes. Hence words and systems and meanings of understanding. So everything is Based.

*Not Valid, Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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