Andrew Tate is Morpheus

This guy;

Yea, I’ve thought about it, and he is basically Morpheus. But it’s more important to say that he is Morpheus in the sense that ‘Morpheus’ is an idea, a character, and more of an archetypal nature. It’s a person that dives back into the matrix to waken others.

Making you see the world the way they see it.

He was able to hack the system and get rich as fuck, then perpetuate his image worldwide using the very system that he has to navigate in somewhat careful manner. Like piloting the ship shitass in the third movie. It’s like piloting the Nebuchadnezzer without aggroing the bots (normies) and the bots (the matrix harvesting robots disguised as corporations and algorithms). Well, he did eventually aggro bots, but he got passed them and virally spread before the bots could close in.

That ship from da matrix,
Imagine that but Bugatti style
-Speaking of which,
What color is your Bugatti?

And judging by the infectious rate of virally infecting everyone’s social media feeds, he is able to navigate it well with his strategy.

Point is, this guy, Andrew Tate, the Top G, Mr.ProducERErer, is making some mighty fine sense.

He understands money like water or energy. Down to the metaphysical substrate of what money is, a form of trust, a currency.

He also understands the system and the matrix. You know, the thing I’ve been talking mad shit about. Turns out, the Matrix, the system, is a big thing. There are many parts. It’s all a scam.

So these petty arguments we fight,

The whole racial issues and gender issues and other social issues are pitting the people against eachother. They are fundamentally stupid arguments that perpetuate a primitive tribal think. Racism and stupid arguments over shit like movies or sports is the type of distraction that keeps people poor. Keeping us poor to buy food and sustenance, essentially making us wage slaves and debt slaves. Student loans, mortgages. Do you even own anything? Really? Is it a government mandate away from using their emergency powers to shut you down? Take your shit away?

Then people think it’s the Poor vs. the Rich. The Haves vs. the Have nots.

Which is another trap, another scam. The problem isn’t the rich, that would be Wealthist, another Wealth-ism trap. The Problem isn’t property rights or capital, it’s not capitalism. That’s just the name you give to the flies around an elephant called the Matrix. It’s a symptom.

Instead, the problem is that you aren’t rich, and that richness doesn’t have to strive from exploitation of others. Being rich allows you to have options to express yourself to be free. Instead of falsely falling into a monotonous routine of trading your hours for meager bread. With money comes power, and with power comes freedom.

The fact is, that society and corporations are invisible giants that indiscriminately manipulate and destroy livelihoods by the thousands all for fun and pleasure to perpetuate secret cults and world views of some old men and women. Corporations make millions and billions of dollars, they have a lot of power and can even strong arm governments into compliance. It’s the evolved version of Merchant guilds.

And the funny thing is, The Government is, itself, a Corporation. Governments have an article of incorporation called a ‘constitution’ and the parallels are basically the same with different terms.

Once men turned their thinking over to machines in the hope that this would set them free. But that only permitted other men with machines to enslave them.” – Frank Herbert’s Dune, Chapter 1

Governments are that machine. They were the proposed solution to Kings while also being the arbitrators between ‘freemen’. Yet Governments are corporations incorporated like a shipping company or a christened vessel. Corporate Brand Loyalty is that machine. The Military Industrial Complex, the War Machine. The Sick Care System. The Indoctrination Machine of so called ‘formal education’.

All of these corporations are machines. Machines are simply made of bits and pieces, cogs and gears churning. Humans are just the cogs. Just hamsters in a wheel or a rat racing through a maze of social constructs,

Big tech is the machine. Edward Snowden and Wikileaks Julian Assange points out that many governments are a part of the machine. So the FBI, CIA, NSA, and other alphabet soup is the machine. Social media is the machine. Cancel culture is a weapon of the machine. Big Pharma, Healthcare, etc.

The Political Circus that dances and jests with Gerry-rigged façade of smoke and mirrors like a budget version of a Venetian Carnival shot in the Bible Belt of America. These systems that people pray to with ballot boxed votes as if they are like some descended God. As if God was nothing but a dream of good government. As if the Nietzsche death of god was an homage to authoritarian tyrannical governments becoming Old testament type of beings.

Robots and Machines don’t have morality. Well, I guess they have a different sense of morality. They are like the -REDACTED-, they don’t see shit in good and evil. They see things as efficient and inefficient. Short term gains for long term losses based on their own calculations. (Like literally every corporate restructure).

They don’t value human life in peculiarity or individuality. Only as a resource.

Nazi Germany is the product of blind compliance, robots and NPCs just eating up the shit from a incorporeal government, blindly obeying the orders of the Matrix.

“Twitter mass banned users using the NPC meme”
The Matrix responds to
dissuading people from being cogs

Sleep walking NPCs will naturally resort to defending the matrix. To attacking the people that wake them up or offer the chance to threaten the state of the system. The Censoring machine.

So it’s not a Rich vs. Poor argument.

Because even the Billionaires aren’t safe. I discussed how the system, the matrix, is actually targeting Billionaires. In my article, I list 5 Billionaires, with a B, that aren’t free or safe or able to do or say what they want.

These billionaires get silenced and have their companies threatened like “pulling a gun to your child’s head”. They were targeted by the Financial Guard, one of the Hydra-robots of the Matrix.

Point is,

It’s not a Racism thing. It’s not a Rich vs. Poor.

Even the Rich are fucked.

It’s the People Vs. the Matrix.

It’s individual sovereignty vs. materialistic enterprise of metaphysical conglomerates.

All else is a watered-down battlefield.

And we can’t just destroy the matrix, because that would(probably) fuck things up way harder. You don’t just nuke the island that you’re on, that’s not a solution.

enjoy the mind fuck.


The Matrix is real.

The Matrix is immoral in the sense that it does not have morals (or it doesn’t share our ‘human’ morals. Which also ranges and is subjective depending on a multiplicity of factors). The Matrix is neither good nor bad. It is a machine. Humans are not valued in the Matrix, for as long as there are enough humans to perpetuate the matrix. Enough grease to keep the wheels spinning. Work. Retire. Die.

We humans don’t give a shit about excess grease or napkins or food, as long as we have enough. That’s the matrix, but humans are the napkins. Objectified cattle without individual rights, sovereignty, or ‘free will’.

This is literally the current state of affairs.

And Top G, Andrew Tate, is Morpheus.

Andrew Tate is Archetypally representative of Morpheus and he propagates through the system to become social media famous. Because he’s actively spreading a message that the Lame Media is trying to cover up with hot takes about gender roles. Because somehow, Western Society has regressed so far left that mentioning the idea of Gender roles is Misogynistic and sexist. I personally don’t give a fuck (See Gandhi or Mother Teresa). I care more about the Matrix, the system that is fucking over both Male and Females. Wake the fuck up.

I’m team Human, bitch.

Also. Mr. Tate, is not the only Morpheus out there. There’s good voices that have good information about this system. They all have their own views and are seeking a specific path and a direction. So, take that bit of advice in stride.

Morpheus is more of an archetype presenting the chance to break the chains to a slave. And you can either remain asleep or wake up, either or, the choice is yours.

Common W

In Closing,

Andrew Tate is Morpheus. And we have to evaluate the future coexistence of Humans and these Invisible Grunge of Giants.

You may not recognize the system or corporations as humans. You may even objectify it and them. Yet the laws see Corporations as persons too, because corporations had to fight for their rights. As we had to fight for ours.

Corporations are living and sentient, with or without your permission. That may be a concept too advanced for your mind to comprehend. So play with that thought for a while. It’s a swarm organism, a hive mind. Just as your trillions of cells make up ‘you‘, thousands of humans make up ‘them‘.

And again, I will reiterate. The Goal is not to blow up or destroy the Matrix, the community of Machines. That’s bad for everyone. Even the Matrix. Even the Humans.

As cool as zeroeing debt sounds,
There are tiers of wrongness and injustice from doing so.
Debt forgiveness on the other hand, is much better than blowing up credit depositories.

The goal, in my opinion. Is some sort of peace treaty compromise that is amiable to all parties. To robots, batteries, and even free people. If tragedies exist, then as the way of the Dao, so does the opposite exist. There is a world where everyone is in a win-win scenario. We just have to seek it.

“May God have mercy on man and machine”

Just, uh. We gotta make sure we don’t fall into depravity and become the virus like Agent Smith. These Morpheus’ could go down the dark path, like any cult leader, they can create a virus of ideas and ideology resulting in a threat to the system.

So two big things for the Matrix; seek peace, and don’t become Agent Smith.

And I’m strictly speaking in our 3rd or 4th dimension here. We have a bit of ways before we can discuss the Fifth, sixth, etc. Dimensions.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, Matrix, Dimensional, or Any Advice


I’m very keen on how to spot scams.

With that being said, I’mma join Hustler’s University. I’m not saying you should or shouldn’t. I’ve seen enough and read enough to give it a shot for fifty bones.

I mean, if you can make more than you spend by joining, it’s not really a scam.

So, I’mma try that shit. Probably move up the ranks. keep shit posting some more. You know, the usual.

If you’ve read any of my discussions on Time-Space and Space-Time, then you’ll know I’m not retarded. So I’m saying this from an unbiased view point, Hustlers University looks like a good deal for a low price for the rate of retention. Not saying that you should, however I’m just being real with you. I’mma do it.

And Coffeezilla and Hasan and all them other breadtubbers are wrong as fuck. (plus they lie about joining and then call it ‘sarcasm’ when caught in the lie. All while shilling that HU is a MLM.) I highly doubt HU is an MLM, unless they decide to close their doors and jack up the price. But closing their doors would be counter MLM. Big X to doubt.

What ever. Point is, this doesn’t sound like someone is selling bad pussy.

But as always- There are

No Safe Bets

Post Post Script,

An update January 2023,

I’ve swiped some pharmacy keys and got a padded room for you I just need you in a white jacket- oh, sorry wrong person. Point is, I need to share with you a story by a very Influential Chinese Writer, Lu Xun.

“Suppose there were an iron house without windows which is impossible to destroy. Inside are many sound sleepers who, in a short while, will suffocate to death. But because they will die in a deep sleep, they won’t feel the suffering of death. Now if you shout loudly, rousing some of the comparatively light sleepers, and causing these unfortunate few to experience the suffering of irrevocable death, do you think you’ve don them a favor?”

“But if a few people are aroused, you can’t say absolutely that there is no hope of destroying that iron house”

-The Paradigm of the Iron House: Shouting and Silence by Lu Xun

But waking people up that are sound asleep, are you doing them any favors or making them suffer? Offering the red pill, -is that helping to free people. . . or allowing them to suffer more? The curse of knowledge, as they say, ignorance is bliss.

The mystics throughout time have their own opinion and agendas, they advocate for various degrees of peace and war. Who is right? Who knows. Even the intellectuals reach a form of mental enlightenment that can rival that of a spiritual one, and they hold the same key with a different veneer.

“. . . Every revolutionary opinion draws part of its strength from a secret conviction that nothing can be changed.” -George Orwell, The Road to Wigan Pier

Should you have hope? or not?

A better question is; How would you like to live? With hope, or not?

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