You should not spend 3 months salary on an engagement ring

Because that’s a marketing trick by Diamond companies and related Wedding Industry (“BIG WEDDING”) to get you to spend more money.

You have to consider,

You want to spend a QUARTER of a year’s salary for a ring?

For what?

A Ring?

Is the value of a ring based on it’s price tag? Or do you care about something else than hurting your own finances and taking away from future investments?

You want someone who makes 50k a year to spend 12.5k on a ring?

If they made 1mil a year, you want them to spend 250k on a ring?

A fucking ring?

That’s not even including the wedding ring that you actually wear, or the wedding itself. Oh yea, also think about this, TWO people are getting married at a wedding. So that’s four rings total. Because what? Tradition?

Most Weddings are a scam, and romanticizing them is only making you shill out for some over glorious Big ass wedding. You can be drunk and single and dance on table tops to Benny and the Jets without having to be 27 bride’s maid dresses deep into FOMOing a extravagant wedding in a vain pursuit to fill the lack of meaning in your life.

Sorry, I might of went too deep. Point is, rings are stupid if you’re basing it on price and using ‘programming’ from Advertisement campaigns and similah prop-ag-gander.

In Closing,

Watching soap operas and the following commercials for what ‘tradition’ or ‘customary’ shit is, will only denigrate you into oblivion. You think a ring is going to make your life better? Will it be worth it in the end?


It’s a scam.

A lot of your conditioning based on ‘following what other people are doing’ is not normal. It’s propaganda sold to you and advertised as ‘normal’ to make you spend more money on shit you should reconsider.

Don’t be a bot.

Don’t blindly follow “tradition”.

But most importantly, communicate. Make some agreements, and make a solution that provides a future use for the money and time spent. Learn to be respected by both parties and shit and words and love and stuff.

This is your regular de-programming.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, Love, Wedding, or Any Advice

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