Throw Rocks at God til my arm breaks off

The Sick Care system we’ve sown in America is too big to ignore, and it will reap more and more lives becoming more of a systemic weaponry than a livingry.

Anyways here, is a story that depicts succinctly the feeling of inadequacy and the torment of injustices that one would get due to rising costs and demand of a system that pilfers tax deductions by passing the buck onto debt collectors and citizens while people are forced to slave away for job ‘benefits’ to support their family while still making eager sums of monies. Ode to the,

Sick Care system;

My sister died today.
Universal Healthcare would have saved her.
In the end
She didn’t die from kidney failure,
She died from Poverty.

I’ve known my brother in law
Since I was litte,
and I’ve never seen him cry
until today.
I can’t console him.
He won’t Stop.
I’m Helpless.

Marsha’s husband,
Randy Lanier,
Shot himself
this morning.
His grief was unbearable.
They have 2 sons.
Service will be at Higgs Funeral Home

I cannot express
The fucking horror
and sadness
and shock
and anger
and just goddam grief
and confustion
and betrayal I’m feeling
and I can’t

Stop crying
like a fucking pussy
and I’m furious at the universe
and everything in it.
I want to go outside
and throw rocks at god til my arm breaks off

Here is the source,

My condolences,

Often times I wonder what is the joke and where the punchline lays when there is such pain and emotion being brought by such a series of unfortunate events. One so where we feel the despair and forsaken by the thought of any power or let alone the world. What game is worth playing with the youth is robbed of freedom, of their time, and of their breath and of their life?

Is the Divine Comedy a real thing or am I ought fooled into pursuing a Demonic Tragedy?

How ought one break the joke asunder to give a laugh of heartful glee when such a feeling of stochastic dread looms ever so presently and densely upon our hearts and minds. Where then is the laughter? How does the jester jest so surely and make a play or a plight when the mood is too tragic and too soon?

I am not here in this post to make a joke nor a ‘funny’, rather I want to lament and pose the serious question of ethics that all serious fellows should consider seriously. What is so intrinsically and inherently wrong with the system that the shadows of society are trampled over and over and over again and again?

As a Shadow worker that makes light of the dark, I must, at times, reserve my light for much more detached experiences. Yet the darkness doesn’t wait, and only lingers, as we either ignore it as it grows, or in a typical fashion, abuse it. We reap the oats we sow, and the shadows we work with or without will reap their karmic rewards from us in due time.

And for that I apologize for not having a light hearted experience to present to you with the usual cantrips and candor that one might find littered throughout the trash heap of posts I’ve laden here, there, and hitherto.

The reality of things beyond the scope of what I ought to cover and in the usual manner that I do cover, this particular article or piece is something I deemed worthy to note, what a tragic thing. I do so not for entertainment purposes, but rather, to “give the devil it’s due” and define the scope and the very real harrowing realities of death and illness that one faces, to a

Sick Care System

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