The Supreme Title of a Janitor

Warning; This is a Meta Post, you have been warned

This post, is actually quite laden in Satire, but it’s not the subject that is satired. Rather, it’s the society that deems unable to reconcile our words and titles with the truth of what is lain here and from whence past we come from.

What I’m saying is, this is a clown world, and the truth that I speak within this post, is but a falsehood for those that cannot comprehend nor have the capacity or energy to entertain. Truth that is not reconciled becomes a tabled or a discarded thing.


“Beware of unearned wisdom.” – Carl Jung

In Today’s world

We look at janitors as simply custodians that clean up messes.

The Masses are often uneducated to understand that ‘cleaning’ is actually a grand function and meta-narrative for restructuring order from chaos. The Fact of the matter is, Janitors are not only the restorers of order and maintenance of such faith, they are also the custodians that perform custodial duties between unlocking and locking the endless possibilities in the world.

And much like the many Teachings of the Dao, the hand that is unseen and is not praised nor rejected, is the hand that works and does their job well. The Cogs of the machine that we take for granted holding our world, these things we dare not to notice, to shy away our eyes and focus, are the things that keep our world afloat. As the custodians perform serious tasks, they do it tried and true performing a Sisyphean task of holding our modern world, as if each Janitor was an Atlas to shoulder our cleanliness and order.

And don’t get me started about plumbers and electricians. . .

Janitors, of course, have such a hidden ability for many things. Perhaps even more so than our renowned and pro-claimed ‘best’,

If we were to derive the etymological roots of the word ‘Janitor’. Then we may come to know that Janitors have a highly important title;

Janitors were custodians of the gate. They open and closed the gates, the doorways, they locked and shutdown entries and exits.

Much like a Gatekeeper,
the Guard,
The watch, Security, or
Norse Mythic Heimdall

However, Janitors also would be akin to high priests of Janus.

Because Janitor comes from Roman Janua meaning Door, which is related to Janus, a God.


Janus was the god of time, beginnings and endings. Some say he is a god of gates and doors. One of his faces looks back into the past while the other looks into the future. A God, an idea, immortal concept, that was celebrated in Rome,

Janus being the beginning and the end. Sort of plays an ode to the Biblical quote of Revelation 22:13;

“I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.”

A type of being beyond what you would understand in a sort of dualistic strange loop we call time. Speaking of Strange loops,

Strange Loops,

Simply, Time is but a loop onto itself, much like that of Life or reality or our stories.

Thus, Janus is apt and equipt to go both forwards and backwards in time, when all we are doing is living moment to moment. Much like any fourth (or higher) dimensional being that can navigate freely the temporal space, much as we navigate freely the cardinal space;

If you think there’s no such thing as Time Cops,
Then you’re very limited in the realm of infinite possibilities

A portal and a door, then becomes a strangeloop. Much like a window is an access to and from. A window, is but a screen, that allows us to see through and be seen through. Much like the reason and design for a computer having a ‘Windows’ operating software and a ‘Remote View’ protocol.

Much like how a mirror is a reflection and an entry to another sort of realm. A realm beyond that which I bother to scratch the ‘surface’ of.

Something to do with recursivity and reflections that can derive a newfound and even profound (or more so re-founded) ideas and concepts for furthering our self-recycled development.

You know, Strange Loopy

Disclaimer and we re-continue;

I am not a priest of Janus, but I am a sort of priest in my own divine (or Corrigible Unholy) right, and I have had the title of Janitor. So perhaps I can spread a word from Janus,

I would like to give word of advice that will ring true throughout your life here and beyond, (definitely before).

‘Please hold the door’

Holding the door for others is a simple task, that helps conserve energy from entropic decay into the nether. So conserving your energy and time helps to save someone else’s energy and time.

The time and energy it takes for two people to open and close the same door is much more than if one person opens the door for both people to enter and for both people to go through.

Holding doors open for others soon to come, is one of the most noble and highest virtues you can do. Simply holding the door open for others.

You save so much universal energy.

But this doesn’t apply only to literal doors.

It applies to metaphorical doors as well. The doors to higher education. The doors to new opportunities. The Doors to all sorts of ways of thinking and options.

It’s akin to not intentionally burning bridges after crossing, not razing the landscape in a sort of warlike denial of the enemy.

This is especially good advice when you’re not in war. Lol.

Anyways, if you happen to be a psychonaut or interdimensional temporal traveler through many domains, it definitely helps to hold the door open for those behind you.

At the very least, please don’t slam the door on them. Those things behind you.

Or else you’ll be like the Buddha’s Spider Thread Criminal that tried to climb to salvation on a spider’s thread in the depths of hell. But the Criminal kicked those behind him, in fear that their added weight would snap the thread, he did so knowingly condemning them before him, and to also prevent their own ascent. In doing so, the man Doomed everyone else and himself to lay in torment for eternity. For the thread had snapped based on his condemnation for his fellow sufferers, it was not weight of sinners that broke such a thread, but rather the added sin for denying the rescue of others and his own salvation that condemned all into a Pool of Blood.

This is what it means to sort of, Close the door behind you

This above quote is of course, an opinion by someone. It isn’t the full or whole truth, but it is someone’s subjective and interpretive truth.

I dislike the conclusion of generationalism blaming an entire caste of ages for the current predicament, when really it’s a few rotten apples that have allowed the Giant ‘Grunch‘ to usurp our economic faculties and create widespread economic violence. As we fall from moral guidelines and allow the true reign of chaos to sow seeds into society during the endless strangeloop we can consider as an ouroboros;

I personally like the lemniscate (infinity symbol) version, because it also symbolized infinity, and possibly the infinite regressions.


You should probably learn more about subspace highways and interstitial wormholes between point to point contacts to further progress a non-Euclidean understanding of the universe.

I mean, everything is vibrating, so when you start to figure that out when you look at yourself, then perhaps you might unlock what I mean.

In Closing,

I’m not sure Why I wrote this, but I did. Generally I stray away from the occult and other sorts of mystics, because I don’t really care to draw upon revelations for other people or myself in these sorts of work. I’d rather just shit post and make haha memes all day. Hence *gestures at the incredulity of the website*

And I have to say, that this wisdom, is freely granted and given onto you, the reader. As a sort of ode to ‘holding the door open’ for you, all for of course, a limited time. Because who holds the door forever? You look like an asshole if the next person is very far away, as it seems demanding and rude. lmao. But I guess that’s a question for the real gatekeepers and others who have such a strong willed conviction and are not fickle, impulsive, and chaotic like mineself.

There is no safe bet, in this world nor the next. Nor even if you were to bet on a strange loop, for we know not if the beginning is the end, nor if the end is truly the end, nor if the next beginning will even begin.

However, if you are into the idea of energy conservation, a limitless world, and want to better preserve the future interactions. Then the best thing you could do, is to

Hold the door for others.

But, that’s like advice or something and I’m not really a Janus Priest, and as always,

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, Janitorial, or Any Advice

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