We need more Selfless Productivity in our lives

Warning; This is a Meta Post, you have been warned

I get that we live in a hyper-consumeristic debt-financed system of oppression and exploitation. Yea, I get that.

But let me pose to you an ethical dilemma more in the form of a statement or a rhetorical question;

When was the last time you produced something other than for yourself or for pay?

When was the last time you contributed goods and services rendered for the betterment of society without pay?

If you don’t produce or do anything without pay, then you are no different from the system that churns people in and out, because your principles only further reinforce the exploitations of people by simply being a person playing the game. Simply playing the game, helps the game, which is the exploitative system, sort of justify its own self and existence to perpetuate itself.

And that’s not a Capitalism-Bad statement, because that sort of talk about “-isms” is down-right retarded since people don’t understand the vagary meanings of such bold sloganically-dead-words. You’ll just end up in an argumentative circle jerk of why Iphones exist or something about the concept of free will, which is also a scam.

What I’m trying to get you to understand is,

When you eat food, you gotta shit once in a while.

When you drink, you gotta piss.

You can’t consume all the time, you gotta produce a nice firm shit post, or some other medium of goods and services rendered.

And if you only produce goods and services when you’re on the clock at your wagie job, then you’ve tied value-production to Money. A big mistake where you’ll measure your happiness with Dollar Fucking Bill$. Which will only leads you to having a really shitty life where you take the ‘time off’ to only sleep, depress, moan, complain, or endlessly consume content crafted out by shitty mainstream sources or artisanal shit posters such as myself.

Is that truly the life you want to live?


If all you do is consoom;

A stochastic meem of rarefracted reflection of our selves

You won’t even be a connoisseur of your own consumption.

It’s a bunch of Mindless Self Indulgence, Low-Brow shit.

One youtube video-click and Seven hours gone, in the blink of an eye.

Chasing some sort of meaning, feeling, or some other abstract thing.

Sometimes I let matches burn down to my fingertips just to feel something, anything.” -Spider-Man Noir

To be acutely aware of your own consumptions, to be mindful of them, this is part of the religious and sacred practices of monks, priests, gurus, high-brow people, etc.

There’s a reason why fasting and limiting consumption of Food and other material is -like- a reminder in almost all religions.

Hell, I had this one desert trip where I had to go do this thing for several days and nights, let me tell you about it. proceeds not to tell you about it

Point is, we need mindful awareness and entertainment of our materialistic and informational consumptions. And if one were to limit our consumptions, then perhaps we can produce something truly remarkable.

Less consooming, means more producing. . . ish, yeah.

But you can’t always produce,

Because nothing exists in a vacuum and without reflection, we would be boldly venturing to the periphery of darkness, madness, and insanity.

If you didn’t have something to consume, then you won’t have a reference. A sort of comparative anchor, or a ‘totem’ that would attach you with the reality that you enjoyed contending with, or hope to be able to return to.


I mean, just think about not consuming food or water, you’d down right die (probably). So we can’t just quit consumption cold turkey. That’s a really not safe bet.

The real path forward is much like an earth worm that eats the poop of others.

We have to consume other peoples’ shit posts, (probably people of the past, and dead actors), and then integrate our own experiences to create a shit post for the future shit-post-assimilator-Eaters. This thereby adds value to ourselves from our integration and reconciliation, while also passing the torch/baton to future (de)generations to anthropomorphically study our (and their) ancestor’s shit post with a unique perspective.

“Absorb what is useful. Discard what is not. Add what is uniquely your own.” ― Bruce Lee

And sometimes, like an earth worm, we might eat our own shit. When we create something, we can reflect on our own creation, becoming more than what we once were through our own reflection.

This is why ‘having a kid’ is a new level of growth and development for most people. It’s because they feel like “I/We made This”, while also reflecting on their upcoming and upbringing. Thereby parents vicariously put their wishes, hopes, and dreams to their little un’s. At least, for the most part.

-Parenting in Dog form

Also, if we endlessly produce, we would have too much shit to filter. But in theory, the shit fades away like the sands of time and return to dust, so shitposting is a shotgun to the temporal wind-stream of time. Us casting a million shit posts, if only for a single one to survive and be found by some glorified grave robber (archeologists) in some odd future. yada yada.

The World,

The World has already a bunch of shit posters, I learned this after reading the one-way-temporal dia-logue (mono-logue?) conversations between philosophers in each new age reciting the works of other dead philosophers.

Essentially, Humanity became some forum where we have some philoso-cunts post some shit work and progressively as we continue our block-chain tech called ‘history’ do we degenerate even more so to invent ourselves new realities using newer tools, or words, or whatever the fuck.

As the Famous Reginald Watts would say, “It’s a stack of Fuck Shit

-Literally Life

That is the world we live in, a bunch of chaos streams and stagnant solidified order in modicum amounts clashing with eachother in a circle jerk of method and madness. The whole yin and the yang and the things that we ought to care about are still ever so persistent in permeating the entirety of our livelihoods.

When will you add to the canvas the patchwork stitch of life in all of it’s ebs and flows?

When will you shitpost?

Words are but an ephemeral smoke, lasting only in vibrations before fading to nothingness oncemore. much like our lives, and our existences are a small piece, in the long standing tradition of suffering. Yet, in our melancholy sadness in the long dark depression between valleys of inevitable despair, we find solace in the small hearth camp fires, with other lost and wayward souls.

So won’t you stay a while, and shit post some more?

Before our journey splits us again, to toil through the long dark under a black sun;

Gather around the campfire,
To sing this campfire song.

The world is already one big shitpost, so when are you going to start posting in it?

In Closing,

I’m basically trying to say is, you need to start shit posting yourself with others and collaborate in this world if you truly want to ‘live’ and feel ‘life’ to survive.

I’m mainly doing this because if you don’t have a hope or will to live, then death is not going to rob you of much. Which would upset me, because the thought of death not meaning much, would just take the wind out of my sails. I want to build you up, so that way there’s more to break down. It’s like enjoying destruction, you gotta build before you destroy. I’m just hyper promoting construction and self development to help accelerate an inevitable collapse.

All of which, is not a safe bet, mind you.

Also, looking for shit posters if you happen to think you can spot some scams or make some Gambling-esque related life posts;

You can start your Coprolalia adventure by sending an email to nosafebets@gmail.com
Death threats are much appreciated and legally backed ones are even better!

As always,

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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