Spiritual Sociopathy with a moralistic twist

Alright mother fucker, buckle the fuck up because I’m about to douse your shit in darkness -yet again. The stuff contained here within is full of madness and is akin to a loaded gun equivalent of words, so you bet your sweet ass I’m about to hand you this dangerous thing. Remember, not to poke your eye out, lmao.

So, in order to explain the title, I need to give you a model in which the view the world in or through. It’s a simple lens, interchangeable really, something to perceive reality in a weird way. Idk what the fuck it’s called, but I’mma call it my Fuck-Shit stack in Honor of the Ancient Rhythmic Poet Reggie Watts.

The Fuck-Shit Stack or Stack of Fuck-Shit;

So basically, there is this model that consists of five stacks of various Fucks and various Shits, and it’s got some words and some meaning;


Also note, that Intellectual is able to be substituted for ‘Mental’ and that each word is vaguely describing an aspect of our selves and our lives and the world in which we operate in. It’s a model, a sort of a map to comprehend our multi-dimensional selves.

It’s not really a hierarchy, but each stack affects the other;

The Top down approach is focusing on the spiritual, the internal, and then slowly manifesting it into thoughts, feelings that you feel, activity, and then the creation of objects or art.

For instance, you might be Spiritual and be praying for -god knows reason- to god or whatever and that may manifest Intellectual or Mental thoughts that trickle into that decrepit skull of yours. These thoughts might manifest with Emotions, emotions such as ambition, or desire for longing, or even a great sadness. All of these feelings may result in you taking Physical actions, such as hiring some artists or even channeling your hand to make art. These Physical Actions may produce Material Results and now you’ve got a fucking Fresco or some shit;

The Sistine chapel is a Thing,
So, it can be viewed as a Material Object

Like wise, you can go bottom to top,

You could visit the Sistine Chapel, experience this Material thing, be overwhelmed with a feeling of ‘awe’ and a flurry of other Emotions. All of which you try to Intellectually label with thoughts, and those thoughts may transcend in thinking to create a religious and Spiritual experience. A sort of recursive and reflexive Spiritual-to-Spiritual contact.

Or you can go bottom to top by being a tribesman, find a giant flying bird in the sky drop large boxes. The large boxes are material and contain a lot of food. The food satiates your physical carnal pleasures of hunger, staving off famine, which results in Emotional joy. Thus you intellectually conclude that the big bird in the sky is a god that delivers feasts. So you spiritually worship the big bird in the sky as a God and that’s how you get Cargo Cults.

If you were the pilot donating the large crates of food, you might feel some sort of Material connection with your plane and the food that you gifted to the tribe. This might give you feelings of Power or Authority knowing that you helped people with the tools at your disposal. These Emotions may elevate your Ego and give you down-right-Mental thoughts of self righteousness or feeling holier-than-thou. So much so, that you might even believe in the Cargo Cult’s infatuation with your Tools meaning that You See yourself as they do. A Spiritual GOD- or at least, ‘a god’ to them. This view is Spiritual but, probably, not healthy. lmao.

It’s also to note, that you can totally bypass the stack and that the stack isn’t a linear progression of things. I gave two linear examples of how to go from bottom to top and top to bottom, but in reality, you could just jump stack of Fuck to stack of Shit.

For instance, if you could have a crazy religious and spiritual experience that defies all logic and reason, and in your absence of thought, you are granted a greater ecstasy that is akin to the ideal of ‘bliss’ without having any words to describe the pure heroin-cocaine induced drug. Like I’m talking something that you will Never recreate ever again in your life or even in the next one. Like good fucking luck.

Similarly if you drop a shit ton of drugs to create a BMI of psychedelic proportions, sugar, caffeine, tobacco, or your over-the-counter variety brand of LSD,

These sort of bypass a lot of shit,
like comprehension, logic, and emotions
Exeriences all differ so,
*Results may vary
*Ask your doctor before you use this bla blah blah medical jargon
*side effects may include, thinking that you can fly, punching wall, striping naked, believing in alternate realities, not believing in alternate realities, seeing little crystal peoples, and understand a new form meaning of life.

You could always pick up the Age-Old Alcohol and get a Nice Johnnie Walker Black label to help Black out in the night, thereby passing the intellectual thing all together, and creating material damage, having other people experience Emotional Damage, all the while your Spiritual Ancestors, spirit guides, angels, and whatever are Shaking their heads thinking ‘This muther fucker’. So, yea, things can jump all over the place and it’s not so linear.

Where was I? oh yea, so you can jump or bypass the stack of Fuck-Shit to get to various parts of it. It’s a thing.

Just as any qualifying Taoist or Sophist can, you can argue black until it’s white and white until it’s black. So the model itself is just that, a simple model to navigate in or with. Not some sort of religious dogma to build as your Religare-binding-back foundation of your life. So don’t get so caught up into thinking that this map is the territory. There’s more to life than silly models, or even this website, you goon.

Each stack sorta explained, sorta;

If you’re on this website expecting explanations and actual advice, then you’re making some riskier bets -really not safe ones-, and that’s coming from Me -I’ve been a sailor without a condom going port to port. What’s the word, unsafe sex? It’s like that but with your bets, unsafe bets, totally not going to pan out in the long run, in an infinite game, or considering Murphy’s law.

Without further derailment, below is an explanation of each stack. Sort of;

Spiritual stuff is about whatever Spiritualism or Metaphysics entails, the stuff of dreams and other-worldly Nether, Aether, Abyssal, Void, Demonic, Heavenly, etc.

Intellectual stuff is the stuff of logic and thoughts. The whole ‘A mind is a terrible thing to waste’ gambit.

Emotional stuff is that heart you have with all those scars you haven’t healed and forgiven because you’ve been lazily neglecting your spiritual practices in forgiveness and grace. Hmmmmm?

Physical stuff is your actions and your body, your physique, what you do, as well as the whole ‘A body is a terrible thing to waste’ thing.

Material stuff is based on materials, matter, things around you, more-so Tools and objects. It’s important that you know that we can objectify people as well as turn them into ‘tools’ while also calling other people a ‘tool’, because that’s important in Sociopathy.

That’s basically what is in, or how we perceive to place things in, each stack. So it’s a sort of two way street, a way for self development or a way for viewing the world in. To which I say, we need the latter for this explanation down below.

We can put goals in each stack.

Alright, so any goal can fit in this stack of Fuck-Shit.

For instance, to increase material wealth, we can get a house, increase our investments, accrue more debt for more degenerate gambles, lease a car, crash it, get a piece of paper saying your a convicted felon because Drinking and Driving in material wealth of leased Bugatti’s and crashing it while being broke as fuck means you’re poor.

Essentially, The Material Stack of Fuck-shit is about ‘things’ or ‘tools’

We could focus on increasing our Intellectual stack, by reading books, entertaining dialogue, arguing against what you believe deadheartedly, playing devil’s advocate, advancing further ideas, connecting various ideas together, and creating works of intelligent art by design.

I personally like arguing conflicting truths and then having these truths split my ego apart like I’m being Drawn and quartered by a horse, you know, ‘in-fours’

How to be intellectually superior than your previous self

You can essentially advance anything in the stack by furthering them with endless minutia of goals and tasks. Just remember -something about balance- and making sure you have a thicc tower or a properly thin spire, or something. If you’re hella fat and not rounded than your tower might collapse or something, IDK man, I’m not here to tell you how to work on your stack of Fuck-Shit.

I’m hear to talk about Sociopaths and shit, this is just filler Arc stuff. You know, all kinds of bad advice, the real advice is down below. Obviously.

Now that we got the boring preface of Fuck-Shit out of the way. . .

Let’s move on to Sociopathy,

There’s many different types, ranging from serial killers, people who fuck with ants, Upper-management, and even God.


I took this definition from Psychology today, and edited it to be more accurate;

You don’t really ‘violate’ trust, instead Sociopaths ‘Leverage‘ it. Trust Me, as a Con-man, it’s all about Leveraging trust. It’s only a violation if you betray that trust.

Hell, some people like being manipulated, and man-handled, some people even get paid for it. Sounds pretty consensual to me.

That whole ‘Facts over your Feelings’ is a rational approach to a Sociopathic world view. Just embrace the logic and rational behind not-giving-a-fuck about other people’s feelings when they literally cry over the dumbest shit. It’s like this;

‘Your emotions mean nothing’
‘I’ve Seen what you care about’

Let me tell you, your taste in shit-pop-hop-rip-rap-music, and your desire to simp on Only fans or sell feet pics to ‘harmlessly’ degenerate society into a downward spiral is way way worse than me manipulating several handful of people to create my own bastion of hope called Jones Town 2.0. Trust me, you’re way worse.

Here is a google definition of Sociopathy;

-obviously edited for clarity

To Say that a Sociopath is anti-social, is entirely false. Like you’re telling me the political powers that play this Sociopathic game of Politiqueing don’t interact with people? Don’t socialize? Do you not know what it’s like to be a politician or an Aristocratic Noble from the medieval ages?

‘Socialization’ is just a game of political intrigue with acts and feigns in order to pursue more power or some other mundane carnal desire of materialistic gain. Boring Drab really. Not to mention the idea of formality and civility, really boring stuff to be pretentious pretending on pretenses by putting on ‘airs’ to enact some sort of retarded trap to play and act to engorge yourself in more power in a power-play. Again, boring drab -no really.

Also, Calling things a ‘disorder’ implies that there is an orderly way to do things. In my opinion, that’s subjective and retarded. I think Sociopaths have a greater degree of intellect that can comprehend a higher order of things and are willing to make sacrifices in moral judgements or emotional attachments to be able to do something their mind says, rather than their heart. For better or worse.

Sociopaths don’t necessarily disregard people, they more or less regard them as specific tools with specific uses. The best thing you can do with a tool is to maintain them, keep them from breaking, use the right tool for the right job, and make sure things run smooth. Calibrate tools when they’re astray, and upgrade them when you can. Because tools are good for leverage. As always, the more the merrier.

If you don’t know any managers that don’t have some record or files of their employees, then you lived a good life I guess. Just don’t snoop into the Government’s file on your person, or Facebook or some other Tech Giant. Because they got some meta-data on you.

Sociopaths typically don’t get mad or emotional, so they don’t really get angry at their tools. I mean, would you be dumb enough to curse at a rock? If you’re a sociopath, then you had some degree of calculations into factoring the failure and risk chances of the application of a tool, so why would you be upset? Cursing inanimate objects means that you are indignant and need self-work without grace. Really gross.

That would be retarded. Sociopaths, are not retards. They might be on the spectrum, but who isn’t? We’re all spectrummites, especially if you’ve read this far and agree with about half the things said so far.

This is of course, my projection of my own definition of a sociopath. I just see it as illogical to be upset over tools breaking, like get a new one, jeez.

Sociopathy isn’t innately or intrinsically amoral

It’s just a way to view things -I mean people.

Sorry, I forget some times, hahahaha

See, if a sociopath meets another, the best thing you can get is consensual use of each other. Kind of like sex, which is a form of objectifying the other sex into tools of pleasure, so, in a way a lot of people are Sociopathic in their treatment or maltreatment for the other sex. We call it a ‘dating game’ or ‘courtship’ when really both sides have ulterior motives and desires.

It’s just, when the use becomes ab-use and the using of people becomes non-consensual then it’s bad. amoral. that’s a no-no, like rape but with your soul and ego, your whole psyche and self-perception, you know, your ‘will‘ which is -well, obviously not free if you are being manipulated.

If people voluntarily agree to be submissive tools for pleasure or for the price of minimum wage, then they consent to a litany of things. It’s always good to be mindful of their emotional state, because a happy tool is an efficient tool. Emotions are kind of a litmus test or an early indicator of consent and abuse. A rusty blade needs sharpening, and if your tool starts to crack, best repair it or replace it. That sort of thing.

In fact, I would say that it is ignorant and borderline amoral to not know what the perspective of sociopathy is. I say this because without the knowledge of Sociopathy and their practices, then you can’t partake in spotting traps and tools of sociopaths that are amoral or immoral. I’m also using amoral and immoral here interchangeably, so whatever.

If you cannot spot the traps laid in front of you by manipulative non-consensual Sociopaths, then you are contributing to a society that allows these leech-vermin to grow. You’re basically supporting energy-vampire-rapists by not being aware of them. You become akin to like some sort of inert NPC-sheeple being unable to comprehend the evils of some Slick Huckster wrecking your town for minimum wage and other Wage Theft or some other form of abuse and manipulation like a Pimp or Corrupt Cop. I mean, just look at any crises, like the Opioid one, or those stupid fucking Corporation takeovers that drive small sentimental Town’s Personality Mom-N-Pop shops to extinction. How can you be ‘okay’ with this?

If you can’t see evil, then you sort of allow evil to grow by tacit compliance.

Not everyone needs to be a see-er, but to reject these responsibilities that anyone can pick up, is akin to allowing these practices, or more so, the malpractice of sociopathy to fester unchecked.

Which, I mean, if you’re all for evil or moral subjectivism, then sure, I guess that’s cool too. Sorry for assuming your alignment with Good and Evil. I’ll make sure to not assume so much and get your pronouns right. Lmayo.

Where would you place family?

If we reference the legwork that we did with the Stack of Fuck-Shit, we have to ask a pivotal question. When thinking about the various family members that no doubt have different places in our hearts or whatever, we have to think about where we would rank and file them. Where do we categorize our family in our stack of Fuck-Shit?

For reference, I use the term box as a placeholder for ‘stack’ in our Fuck-Shit analogy down below;

Do we put mom and dad in our Emotional Box? Because you love them or something?

Do we put our older brother in the Intellectual box because he’s smart and we’re competing?

Or is someone a gym rat and we put them in the physical box, and we’re competing?

Perhaps it’s our kooky Grandma with her Astrology charts and Gemstones that she adorns everywhere, and is very often shy when it comes to curse words, perhaps we put her in the Spiritual box?

What about your uncle that is chronically drunk at any given day, espouses conspiracies about the gubernment and ubernational oligarchies, all the while believing in a different form of spiritualism? Do we put him in Spiritualism for his madness? Or Intellectual because he’s spitting out facts?

Well, everyone’s family breaks down differently, and you may see each of your family members in many parts of the Stack of Fuck-Shit. I’m here to help you realize that you can boil all of them down into the best Stack of Fuck-Shit; Materials.

That’s right, what better to source everything you need if not by using your family as leverage, as a tool, to get what you want?

It’s easy all you need to do is start seeing people, your family especially, as Tools or Materials or Matter or Materia. It’s sort of an advanced form of Nepotism, the hook ups for people based on skill or ability. Skill and ability is just another way to say ‘How do I use you?’ -Fact.

Seeing People

It’s simple, stop thinking about useless things like their hobby, beliefs, dreams, culture, personality, family, wife, kids, husband, sister, daughter, etc.

Just start seeing people as things that can get you to other things. You know, like a source of income, or a stepping stone.

Turn That face
Into a simple tool
Like a Rock

You should be able to turn someone’s face into that of a tool in a abstract-sense. Like a pawn on a chess board.


Just for the record,
This image of a person was a computer generated image of someone that does not exist,
So if you humanized an unreal person, then you’re failing Sociopathy 101 by making even fake-people out to be real-people.

Which is partially allowing you to fail the Uncanny Valley check of Human Facial recognition, so you are failing your tribe and community. Which you probably don’t have, so the next higher order up is Humanity. So you’re failing Humanity.

You should be ashamed, you’re the monster. Lmayo,

I used this website to get an image of a human like person, lmao; https://thispersondoesnotexist.com/

Finding Spirituality in tools,

Now that we see people as tools, we have to get some spirituality out of it.

People, and you, get attached through your own perspective and self-personification of your tools.

Just like how some Tools People see and bestow a name to their cars with human names and treat them more personified? Or how people buy body pillows of their favorite Celebrity or Anime Character like a deluded cult member?

Which, I mean, I’m a dog person
So I see how one can elevate non-humans above humans.

You know how you can have a memento that carries with it sentimental value? A sort of reminder of the memories and attachments you have? The Emotional connection you feel for being grateful and also having all sorts of other emotions for the existence and use of an item?

The Eyes of a sociopath can determine the value of people, and to be able to further explore that value to it’s nth degree, means that you can make someone as valuable as Life itself. Perhaps make someone exalted to be as valuable as a God or something.

So all you got to do is build the spiritual connection to exalt the tools into ‘relics’ or ‘holy artifacts’ that you treat with reverence and respect. And by ‘the tools’ I mean people. They become priceless objects of affection and spirituality, merely because we learn and explore the facets of their divinity and creation and lineage of origins and their works that ripple in the cosmic tapestry of Life or the Universe and yada-yada Holy shit that I don’t care about.

We can commonly espouse the rhetoric that ‘all life is sacred’ or ‘a human life is irreplaceable’ or something about pricelessness and worth of a human. All the while we live in a caste system of debt slavery and class structures, with or without the labor paradigm issues proposed by Marx. LMAO,

So really, Spiritual Sociopaths have found a new way of intrigue into seeing the Divinity in other people that most people don’t even see, let alone see in themselves. So, in a way, Spiritual Sociopaths are more better in this sort of divine sense. Thus ‘higher order’ and whatnot.

Side note, like electricity that you harness, you have to respect it. Electricity is a tool and very powerful so it can help and kill you. Like any to- I mean, Human, they are monsters in their own right. They can go ape shit and fuck up entire nations of people and kill with a single brush of a pen. So make sure you Respect your Tools, your Humans, to the right degree of their capabilities and keep that shit in check.

Tadah! Spiritual Sociopathy

All you got to do is treat people like tools, Sociopathy; Check.

Then you exalt Tools into the Spiritual realm through idolization, connection, and channeling the divine. Spirituality; Check.

That’s it really.

Best Part is that the ‘moralistic twist’ means that you can now spot morally right or wrong actions of sociopathy, and you can also guide others to be moral or immoral. (You know, depending on your alignment that I’m not going to assume.)

And that this guide of morals can also apply to Spiritual Sociopaths, not just sociopaths. So really, a wealth of information. I want as many Spiritual Sociopaths in the world, Let me, be the Grand Duke of Spiritual Sociopaths and usher a new age of sociopathy. (It’s just chaos, I want more chaos and madness, you’re welcome).

The key part in all of this is consent, gotta get permission, it’s a spiritual free-will sort of thing. Because if you violate someone’s free will, then someone much much much much higher on the order of ‘things’ is going to violate yours. Because by the virtue of you doing wrong onto others, you also tacitly accept and invite others to do wrong onto you. But uh, karma, golden rule or something.

In Closing,

This whole post was basically designed to give you a loaded spiritual gun of sociopathy, it’s somewhat of a perspectivism and idealism practice or some shit. So, uh, don’t poke your eye out.

If you were at all negatively peeved with my distractive writing with haha-memes and sidebar jokes, then you need to also practice grace and patience. Because you obviously are undeserving of my shit-posts if you can’t handle two-cups-one-girl (it’s a remix. . . of shit, like my shit posts are just remixed of thoughts and words strung together, so more shit).

And thus concludes my shit-hot takes from someone who knows nothing of what I’m talking about merely because I’m just a visitor in this realm and I’m just going to channel more of the place called ‘The In-between’. For no reason at all.

Really, Terra, huh? Teran? Tehran? Terran? This fucking world or some shit, smh. If you haven’t noticed by my mad-scrawlings, I’ve suffered from an insane madness, all of which is a part of the chaotic creative writing process, and also because I am self-proclaimed mad, that means I’m not that Mad, so I’m sane. Ha, Madly In-Sane.

Really, Sociopaths get a bad reputation in ‘this’ society. They’re like misunderstood and mislabeled to be of a chaotic or evil alignment which then manifests a negative sentiment or animosity towards a ‘different breed’ of humans. They’re just built different, like Autism, and smart people, and literally every human being. I’m sure in another time without this clinical garden variety label of ‘sociopaths’ we’d call these people something else, like Great Merchants, Great Generals, or even Great Kings.

Honestly Sociopaths are honestly society’s greatest Honest tools in Honestly helping manage the other Dishonest tools. I mean, what is a Human being to Society? What is an ant to an ant colony? What is a blood cell to us, as a human made of trillions of blood cells? what is a thread to the grand meta-tapestry we call life?

Who gives a shit?


Anything I say will corrode into corrigible corrupted dust and fade away in the trash heap of time, so this is all Trash Tier advice, and as such;

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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