The Game Stop cultists have rekindled their World Wide reach by Directly Registering their shares in their name. All across the world, people are buying this stock and taking it out of the market to slap their name as the real owner of the share. This is no doubt, drying up liquidity, and causing somewhat of a race to the inevitable share exhaustion by reducing the the liquidity which means it’s bad news Bears for the Bears.

The so called Inevitable.

Just like my earlier shit post (in February, just moments after the Shit show of January 28th) detailing it as a global phenomenon;

Is Wall Street Bets unifying the world? Is this World Peace?

This is a global phenomenon;

Everyone is posting their registration forms online with a bit of personal embellishments, making it their very own unique sort of entry. All around the world,

A Slow tick away at the health bar

This is most definitely a cult;

In Closing,

This is just a short blurb to mention that the GME game is indeed still on, and that people are piling into it and slowly they will eventually win.

At least, that’s with the given rate, assuming nothing else changes, this is -well- inevitable.

Also, remember that the Short Sellers literally paid advertisements to announce they closed their short positions. So, uh, if you think Short Sellers are in the game, then we’ll find out when the inevitable occurs.


*Not Valid, Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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