GME, more fuel for the fire

The Fire is the passionate flame in the hearts of angry men and women who have been downtrodden and disenfranchised by a corrupt/rigged financial system. It is what it is, but it also is what it will be. Reap the oats we sow, sort of thing.

I say this, and I’ll say this again, the DRS movement is not going to stop any time soon.

There is a limited number of shares, and with the passing days, there is fewer and fewer.

It may be a slow crawl, but it is inevitable.

Game Stop is not a dead brick and mortar store, this allegedly ‘$15’ stock is consistently shooting above $200 and $300 dollars while swinging back and forth between lows around $160 and $180.

If you think this is normal price action,
Then you ain’t seen nothing yet

There is nothing normal going on here, this is a battle ground, a warzone, of financial proportions.

This is History in the making, and it’s a war of attrition, a fight between a shit ton of people and people with very very deep pockets.

But, no matter how many infinite dollars you have, there is only a finite amount of shares.

This is Inevitable. For as long as people keep DRSing, each day is one day closer.

Between now and January 28th, the anniversary of the first fuckening where Brokers stopped Retail from Buying with a “Position Close Only” options, it will be a bumpy ride, I imagine some shit is going to hit the fan and I’m going to be buckled up.

Hell, there’s already more fuckery happening

Apparently Trading 212 is doing a Position Close Only for non-profitable holding. This is recent too, so they’re already at it again,

It’s almost like the brokerages still own your shares and they don’t want you to do business with them if they can’t profit off of ‘your’ shares in their account or street name. What I’m saying is, they want to loan out your shares for money, to profit off of you, and if they can’t do that, they’d rather not have your business at all.

You know, the type of scummy shit that Banks with overdraft fees would play.

Here’s the full convo in case you don’t believe in my Yellow-Cake Journalism;

Don’t worry guys, it’s to “ensure fairness”…”for everyone”.

Point is,

The same Brokerages are profiting off of retail traders,

And it’s scummy shit like this that stokes the fire of a financial (peaceful) revolution that is changing the game.

As a reminder,

I just want to throw a few old nuggets out there to help paint the picture on why people rage buy into GME, simply, they want the game to stop.

Before the Position Close Only thing happened in January, a Specific Hedgefund/Marketmaker loaded up on a shit ton of short positions. It’s like they were banking on no buy pressure, and pulling the rug out from underneath. Almost like they manipulated the market to profit from the fall;

Here’s more from the lawsuit;

You might ask, aren’t these guys innocent though? Well, maybe if they didn’t directly communicate with brokers to make the positions to be Position Close Only;

These people even coordinated to stop Work-arounds from other people finding ways to buy more of a security. This is deliberate market manipulation;

They were watching, and they were playing against their own investors while hurting the entire market of this idiosyncratic risk of a equity.

Citadel was coordinating with Robinhood to do this PCO thing. It wasn’t off the cuff. This shit was staged and planned.

Why would all firms be doing the same thing as putting everything to a Position Close Only?

It’s almost like they’re all in on it, and the market was rigged.

Remember how Citadel opened a lot of Short Positions prior to Position Close Only happening? Yea, it was planned.

Now Apes are taking Shares out of the liquidity and throwing it into the infinity pool via Direct Registration, with the recent GameStop Earnings report detailing over 5 million shares Directly Registered as of October;

It’s only a matter of time before all these Conspiratorial Colluders get their come-up-ance, and that this Game finally Stops.

In Closing,

With How Often I talk about GME, you might want to consider doing your own research if you haven’t. You’ll be missing out. Regardless, there is a pith of rage and depravity in the wake of destruction caused by the parasitic and infectious greed of Wall Street types and Beta males looking for cash flow and injections. Their time will come.

GME Might hit the moon, might not, I’ve got some bones riding on this, but It’s a bet.

And as all bets are, it’s a Not Safe one, lmao.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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