Fact Checkers are a joke

Here is an example;

The Fact check site ‘Logically’

This ‘fact checker’ or ‘purveyor of false light’ is saying the claim;

‘Pfizer made a $24.1 billion profit in the third quarter of 2021’

is misleading.

And then the site literally says exactly that;

SO, fact checkers are fucktwats and we should return to shit posting. Because the claim was in fact correct and not at all misleading.

This fact checker site wants to draw conjectures on vaccines or some bullshit. Yea, sure. Whatever. That was not even in the claim that they ‘debunked’ or called ‘misleading’.

In fact, the fact that the fact checker wanted to lead the reader into something else not directly related to the claim itself, was misleading. So the Fact checker was misleading.

But let’s say this was about vaccines,

Since this retarded (in my opinion) fact checker wants to go deep dive into something that wasn’t even in the original claim,

This fact checker says themselves the following;

Meaning that they project an EVEN GREATER profit of $36 Billion for the Comirnaty or whatever the fuck, someone who invented that name should induce self-flagellation because that’s a retarded name by the way.

Anyhow, 60% of the profits were due to vaccines, so Billions of dollars are still being made by this shit.

It’s blatantly clear that any amount of Billions of Dollars being made in Profit for profit in selling the ‘cure’ is obviously the point of the issue. Booster sales are just continued re-selling of shit products, for obviously, more profit.

It’s almost like the Clown Virus was a way for Pharma to pocket a shit ton of cash based on fear and panic. Almost.

Billions of dollars.

What a pretty penny.

Anyways, the take away is;

Boiled down to this meme;

Followed by this song;

In Closing,

I want you to know, that fact checkers are a bane of any existence. Anyone claiming orthodoxy are wrong in some form or another. But it’s even more troubling when you say a claim is misleading, and then IMMEDIATELY in the next sentence claim the claim is true.

Like, what kind of retarded acro-geriatrics are you playing?

Did you get your education from huffing sand?

They even have ‘claim id’; What the fuck clown world is this?

Well, tell them that they can claim their clown certificate, because I’ll award them for being dumb.

It’s a Clown World with a Clown Virus disrupting a Sick Care System because Profit Lives Matters. These Fact Checkers are just glorified shit posters, and a great source of jokes. So don’t take them seriously, like at all.

It’s -how you say- not a safe bet,

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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