Enlightenment is a scam, to sell you more enlightenment

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Look bud, Idk if you’ve been graced by Christ-consciousness or got a dab of Enlightenment, but let me tell you. There’s -like- levels to this shit, and it just goes on. How far up? Idk, like infinity?

Look, point is, as a person who has experienced bliss, probably by accident (lmao), I can tell you, that something unrelated to bliss, enlightenment, is a stark realization that is a scam to rope you into buying more ideas of ascension and higher vibrations.

All for what? More ‘good’ vibes?

Climbing a spiritual-corporate ladder of Vibrations and ascertaining different levels of enlightenment?

Before you know it, you meditate in a half-awake dreamstate in this life-dream, and work towards ascension up a new pyramid scheme ladder.

Here’s somewhat modified dialogue of someone going into the dark light;

“How do I look to you now?”

“Don’t worry about it, I actually came today to say goodbye.”

“I think I am actually going to go to sleep”

“This is different. . . It will be a bit longer this time. Possibly until I die. Possibly forever.”

“My Internal structure has changed once again. My time spent dreaming and yet awake. Being alone and yet not alone. That experience has been a major factor for me.”

“-Not only did I receive a wealth of information, but I became able to pursue multiple lines of thought at once. I’d like to shut out all other information, and work with what I have for a while. That’s why I’ve decided to cease all outward activity”

“True. Well, so I guess I’ll put it like this, I’m going to head in another direction. One slightly different from the ‘waking’ world that you occupy”

“I want you to think of me as nothing more than a dream. That’s the reason why, in the end, I am choosing to say goodbye to you.”

“. . .Ultimately, we can only understand each other on certain points. We humans share the same physical makeup, yet, if we were able to exchange consciousness’, you’d be able to see entire worlds. Hear things beyond imagination. . . Well, It’s time to go, I’m moving on now.”

“I don’t know, a little different, I guess. You look like you, kind of the same. Maybe, I don’t know.”

“huh, what do you mean?”

“Huh, Sleep? But you always sleep, right?”

“Wait, why would you do this, I don’t understand?”

“but. . .”

“You can’t be serious, you’ve always been so curious about everything. What happened to that? There’s still a lot out there that you don’t know. Right?”

“I don’t understand”

. . .

-Parasyte Maxim

You see what I mean,

You go down a rabbit hole of enlightenment and exploring (such) different thought. All in search for more enlightenment or some other thing, like idk immortality or some jazz.

Chasing Waterfalls or White rabbits,
And then Donnie Darko or some shit.

Also, while we’re at it, the search for immortality or the fountain of youth is a scam. Too busy are people looking to extend life rather than actually living it. Much like working a slave job you hate to dream of doing other things but never getting around to doing the thing you want to do. A scam.

Because you sacrifice your life now for the idea of hope that it’ll work out for you to be able to live your life the way you want in the ‘later’. And temporally, that’s a fucking not safe bet to make on your life. A Life Bet.

That’s the whole, work-retire-die thing where people seek enlightenment or retirement or insert *grand idea here* instead of living in the ‘now’. Temporally, this is retarded. But it’s all a scam that we keep gobbling up like our naive asses.

Always thinking the ‘next thing’ will be better, or we’re almost there at the finish line. Instead of living, we end up slaves to a promised future. What an energetic shackle to bear.

Such a scam,

Such is life,

or C’est la vie

Here’s what I recommend,

Get Endarkenment, I just invented it.

Just Despair a whole bunch and live in a finite little boxed small world where everything is viewed as a global catastrophe. Well, at least global to your small world. This is how you box yourself in, and cast very large shadows on things you value way way way too much, for whatever reason.

Any small thing, like the volume being too loud, or your phone battery dying, or McDonalds not having a McRib or whatever. You just need to treat these as common folk would treat Natural Disasters, a Zombie Outbreak, or whatever. Yea, point is, just go bonkers and preach the end of the world, or fantasize about going postal after the slightest inconvenience.

You might even go insane and crazy. Kinda like a Ted crazy. Industrial revolutions and it’s consequences, lmayo.


Because if you’ve experienced any stage of enlightenment, you’d understand that endarkenment is just a lower rung of the spiritual-corporate ladder.

Lmao, I sold you into a new scam,

you’re welcome.

Why go up when you can go down?

Lmao, jokes

Any hoot, I’m not for this world, never was, not in my opinion, at least.

And if you ‘check out’ of this world to join some otherworldly bullshit pyramid scheme of enlightenment, then you leave behind this ‘world’s worldly’ attachments and worries and ability to live ‘this life’ here in ‘this world’.

So, you do you, boo,

Go to sleep, for eternity or whatever;

“highest state” and “close to the state of Buddha” and a “rainbow body”, all these metaphysical attachments are basically equivalent to someone selling you a ‘spiritual Lambo’.

Lmao, Spiritual Lambo. You won’t find that phrase out in the wild. I guess one could say, that’s how you ‘ghost ride the whip’, lmao.

But, again, you do you boo.

In Closing,

I’m joking but also not joking, it’s great,

Ironic, (possibly)

This post is not supposed to mean too much, if anything, but if you were to get some meaning from this, it’s probably realizing the need or urge to live a ‘good’ ‘life’ in the ‘now’ while you’re reading some deranged Lunatic’s (Solartic’s?) Shit Posts on the web. Yea, you just do you boo.

But most importantly, this is a shit post, and I’ve channeled out my consumption to produce this shit-post for your consumption. So you should thank me for regurgitating and recycling trash, back into, none other than, more trash. It’s like the human centipede, but less coprogram of physical nature, and more coprolalia, of the tongue or pen.


You’re Welcome,

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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