BBC got some Clown Jokes

Alright, before we start, I need you to know that the Euro-F*** pay for a thing called a TV License, and that is a scam. Ontop of the BBC being a comedy source of American Humor across the pond, I find a recent “opinion?” article of theirs’ quite funny.

So, There is this article;

Why would boosters work, when two doses don’t?

Good question, the right answer is to take that question offline. And by ‘offline’, I mean to never address it, like -ever-. Yet they didn’t use that answer, lmao.

Here is the preamble;

Note that “Two Doses . . . offer almost no protection. . .”

Also note that the ‘Vaccines’ were developed for the first variant of the virus. . . Two Years ago. . .The same formula that is used as boosters.

With that in mind, let’s move on to the next words;

Simply; You get more protection with a third dose. . .

Bigger, Broader, and more memorable!!

Ooooooh, Sciency!

By this logic, we should keep getting boosters/vaccine shots to have SUPER immune system. . . With an old formula that somehow provides more protection against newer strains…

So, we have too much blood in our Vaccine System. We should be getting Vaccinated every day, daily, that’s the new push.

That’s right kids and other medical doctor-quacks, the new standard, will presumably be a daily dose of getting 30+ jabs.

Hell, someone is already beating us to it;

This guy is super immune!

This guy ran a particularly interesting gig, he would pose as other people, and take the ‘clot shot’ for them. Lmao. He made money off of this, until -of course-, he got caught.

But, I mean, by this logic, he has a super immune system. So that’s great, right?

I’ll Concede

I’ll concede that this guy ain’t the expert, nor am I.

This person probably has no idea what he’s talking about.

Which means we’re both at a level playing field.

Meaning that I’m winning in a fair fight.

I mean, he can mention Affinity Maturation, and I can mention Affinity Degradation.

(Affinity maturation is the process whereby the immune system generates antibodies of higher affinities during a response to antigen. Whereas, my personally made up term ‘Affinity Degradation’ is the result of the antigen being produced being so behind the actual response to a new or evolved virus, that it’s all for shit. It’s like building more walls against the Mongol Horde, in place of the virus, and instead they evolved and invented airplanes.)

So, we can both pose theoretical Virology words and sound Sciency.

Point, is, you shouldn’t trust either of us. We both sound retarded and I personally would argue that modern Virology is ass-backwards from a philosophical standpoint. But, that’s just me being a free thinker, or an idiot, if you will.

Don’t worry though,

We went from one shot

to two shots

to boosters every year

to boosters every six months

to Boosters every three months

Good old Ireland

And then in the future;

We’ll have boosters every month

Every Day

Every Hour

Every Second

Every Jiffy

Every Chronon

We’ll have constant Blood Infusion IV drips of Boosters in a jug and carry them around like hunchbacks. Hell, we’ll invent submersible suits that way our body can be submerged in topical fluid of boosters and have constant infusion living like some Quarian looking-ass from Mass Effect.

Regardless, Definitely someone is profiting from all of this. Because Profits Matter, duh.

And heck, we’ll double up so we can get more bang and less buck. You know, take two shots during our one visit. Wait, wat? Nevermind that, just remember, Vaccines are like Condoms, always use more than one at the same time for the best protection. The more the more protected. Obviously. It’s Science. Have Faith in Science.

Personally speaking, I hope this is not the future, but at this rate, we’re upping the frequency to a retarded degree.

Remember, this, is all for your health and ‘safety’.

In Closing

Lmao, the society that ‘cares about killing grandma’ while also publishing opinion tabloids on ‘how senior citizens dying is good for society and pension plans’ is a great joke. This is a clown world.

I’m not even on any side of the aisle when it comes to this, in the grand scheme of things I simply don’t care. It’s a scam, and that’s why I cover it. So-Go ahead and get your 7th shot, remember, at any time you can opt out of the 13th shot, but also, good luck allowing your life decisions to lead down this path. lmao. The more you relinquish freedom, the less you have. That’s like, a fact.

Sure, go ahead, get your thirty seventh Jab this month. You’ll be so Super Safe from any issues whatsoever. There definitely isn’t any adverse side effects to replacing the blood in your system with copious amounts of fluid that is ‘not blood’. Definitely. Nope.

I really dislike talking about the Clown Virus, yet it’s such a big scam that it’s negatively effecting my quality of life. Thus the way I cope, is just to make dank memes and laugh at shitty shit. It’s a sort of Divine Comedic Jest at the world. My, ala Coping mechanism. Coping, Copro, Shit. It’s all a shit post.

I’m going to die, and so is everyone else, that’s arguably a safe bet.

But whether or not you’re going to ‘live’, well, that’s definitely not a safe bet.

(*Also there are diverse theories on death, so technically, not everybody dies.)

No Safe Bets, afterall

Anyways, get the jab, suck dick, or not, whatever, cheers,

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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