Clown Jokes

We got more Clown jokes from a Clown World about this Clown Virus that’s out Clowning around in Clown Town.

So How about that Clown Pass?

Clown Pass, oh, they’re digital Vaccine passes used to get into Ports, airports, and across borders?

Yea, you’re right, they’re totally not the same thing as a passport. Nope, they’re just passes to get through ports. Clowns also make noises too, honk honk.

Don’t worry, the Passports are temporary! (*Valid offer in select countries)

Until they’re not;

Now you need a QR code and Digital Vaccine Passes, glorious technocratic de-evolution;

“Here’s How that will make Travel a lot shittier” -Me

Don’t Worry, The Euro-trash and Euro-poors are doing similar dumb stuff with their Draconian Technology. No such thing as privacy when you have a deadly virus that kills about <10% of the population.

Oh, yea; Did I mention?

This Clown Virus is soooo Deadly

That it’s a Global Pandemic!

That has killed 5.3ish million people!

That’s a whole 681 people per Million people!!!

If you factor in the global population;
That’s like, a BIGGGG Chunk of the 7 billion plus people on the planet!

If I do the maffff, that’s a terrible Global Pandemic of killing about;

0.067 percent of the Whole WORLD


Lmao, jokes.

It’s not like the government will mandate the Vaccine, right?

That’s conspiracy talk;

Well, it was conspiracy talk as of February 2020

Oh, wait;


Looks like the Conspiracy theorist kids are at it again!

Don’t worry, all is well in Ba Sing Se;

Don’t worry, some places are already getting on the wave train for more government surveillance than CCP;

Look at all the great Progressive things we have

By ‘Progressive’, I mean how the Clown Show gets progressively worse. And by ‘great’ I mean, greatly stupid;

Honk Honk

While we’re at it,

Hey, don’t forget a Clot Shot with that Happy meal;

Oh yea, Can I have two Big Macs, hold the onions, a large Dr. Pepper, and a shot of Clot to go? Kid’s size, for the clot shot. Please and thank you.

Don’t worry;

If we fire and lay off our health care employees,

Then we can blame the Unvaccinated for filling up the hospitals

Because we’ll be at maximum capacity after reducing our capacity because we fired our workers.

It’s a Clown fucking world.

On the bright side, people are intentionally trying to destroy humanity for profit. And we’re still living, so I guess we’re naturally tenacious and resilient mother fuckers. So that’s sort of good, I guess.

I also mentioned a bit;

In my Clown Heart article, I crack jokes at Heart problems. Because ‘Clown’ you, that’s why. More importantly, there is a new form of stress afflicting the nation, ‘Post Pandemic Stress Disorder’

But, doesn’t that imply that post-pandemic means that the pandemic is over? Hence ‘post’?

So, is the pandemic over? Can I go back to not wearing a mask as I enter a restaurant, walk five steps, and sit down?

Or do I have to wear a mask, enter a restaurant, walk five steps, sit down, and THEN remove my mask?


I don’t have a laugh track prepared, but enjoy this classic song;

In Closing,

There’s soo much news on this Old Clown Virus, that it’s time consuming to sift through. Literally, too much. I haven’t even talked about the Gulags in Australia/Victoria. Well, Victoria should be more Losertopia with how they’re committing their genocide of ab-originals. Anyways-

Why don’t you go ahead and thank a conspiracy theorist near you?

Turns out, those darn kids- they were right. (again)

Well, if they’re right about one thing, imagine what else they could also be right about. . .

But also don’t, because it’s a clown world and we all have a lease or a ‘life-time’ subscription on this life.

So, yea, until my lease is up, keep taking the Pradaxa for your bloodclot, Ya Star boy, and keep taking your schizo meds.

Blood Clot = Bumbaclot

Stop Stressing, laugh a bit at the mediocrity, and Just Remember, 0.067%. . . Til next time, Bumbaclot!

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice.

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